(This Black Bean Mango Salad is a recipe from the early days of the blog that has been removed from my site. These Days if I wanted a salad that had mango, I would probably make Laurel’s Jicama Salad instead. I am keeping this printer-friendly recipe here in case anyone was a fan of this recipe and still wants to find it.)

(Makes about 4 servings, recipe created by Kalyn.)

1 can black beans, rinsed well and drained
1 avocado, peeled and diced into 1 inch pieces
1 mango, peeled and diced into 1 inch pieces
2 T minced red onion (can also use shallots or sliced green onion)
1/4 cup thinly sliced mint leaves (you could use cilantro if you don’t have mint)
1 T + 1 T fresh-squeezed lime juice
1 tsp. white balsamic vinegar (or rice vinegar)
1/4 tsp. ground cumin
1/4 tsp. chile powder (chile powder is a blend of mild chiles, but any mild ground chile will work)
salt to taste (I used just a pinch of salt)
2 T good-quality olive oil

Drain the black beans into a colander placed in the sink, rinse beans with cold water until no more foam appears, then let beans drain while you prep other ingredients. (Sometimes I pat them dry with a paper towel if they still seem wet.)

Peel the avocado and dice into 1 inch pieces, then put in plastic bowl. Toss avocado with 1 T fresh-squeezed lime juice.

Peel and cut up the mango and dice into 1 inch pieces. Add mangoes to the bowl with the avocado. Add drained black beans and stir very gently to combine. (Don’t stir too much or the avocado will get mashed on to the other ingredients.)

Chop red onion into small dice. Wash mint (or cilantro) leaves and spin dry with salad spinner or dry with paper towels. Slice mint leaves into thin slices until you have 1/4 cup (or chop the leaves if using cilantro.) Gently stir the chopped red onion and mint or cilantro into the salad mixture.

In a small dish, stir together the 1 T lime juice, white balsamic vinegar (or rice vinegar), ground cumin, chile powder, and salt to taste. Whisk in the olive oil, one tablespoon at a time. Pour the dressing over the salad ingredients and gently stir to combine.

This salad will keep for a few hours at room temperature, but it’s best served the day you make it.

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