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Kalyn’s Top Ten Low-Carb (South Beach Diet Phase One) Snacks

Here are my Top Ten Low-Carb or South Beach Diet Phase One Snacks, because snacks are such an important part of a healthy eating plan! Use the Diet-Type Index to find more low-carb or South Beach Diet Phase One recipes like.

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Kalyn's Top Ten Low-Carb (South Beach Diet Phase One) Snacks found on KalynsKitchen.com

Back in the early days of the blog I shared why I love the South Beach Diet, along with a story about a guy who lost 240 pounds on South Beach. Now flash forward quite a few years and I’m not following South Beach as strictly as I was, but I’m still committed to the idea of a carb-conscious (mostly low-carb) eating plan. And if you’re trying to stick with South Beach Phase One or another low-carb eating plan snacks can really help you stay on track, so I thought I’d share some of my favorites for anyone who needs snack ideas.

All these snacks are things I eat regularly when I need something quick to eat, and most of these are things you’ll always find in my fridge or pantry. (Brand name products shown were purchased by me and merely represent the brand I happened to have on hand. I haven’t been compensated to show any products here.)

Kalyn's Top Ten Low-Carb (South Beach Diet Phase One) Snacks found on KalynsKitchen.com

Sugar Snap Peas are great to eat plain, or enjoy them with some kind of veggie dip. When you haven’t had sugar for a while, these taste like candy! And despite the word sugar in the name, they’re really low in carbs. I buy these at Costco, and they’re something I always have in the fridge. (They’re good cooked as well!)

Kalyn's Top Ten Low-Carb (South Beach Diet Phase One) Snacks found on KalynsKitchen.comNuts are definitely one of my favorite low-carb snacks. If you’re following South Beach, the books say to count them out, but I say who has time to count nuts? I use a 1/4 cup measuring cup and measure them out into little baggies. (Please don’t report me to the diet police, but this is the snack I’m most likely to eat too much of.)

Kalyn's Top Ten Low-Carb (South Beach Diet Phase One) Snacks found on KalynsKitchen.com

I love sweet mini-peppers like this, which come in red, yellow, or orange. I eat these plain, or you can cut them in half lengthwise and use as a scoop for veggie dip. If you want to get a little fancier, make Southwestern Ranch Dip with Sweet Mini-Pepper Scoops!

Kalyn's Top Ten Low-Carb (South Beach Diet Phase One) Snacks found on KalynsKitchen.comEdamame is another one of my favorites, and I buy the frozen pre-cooked edamame at Costco (are you sensing the Costco theme here?) Edamame Hummus is another tasty idea that you might like if you can find it where you live. I love that stuffed into celery.

Kalyn's Top Ten Low-Carb (South Beach Diet Phase One) Snacks found on KalynsKitchen.com

After I discovered a single-serving guacamole that I loved, I started making these Easy Cucumber Guacamole Appetizer Bites. Or just cut a cucumber in strips and dip up the guacamole if you want an easier version!

Kalyn's Top Ten Low-Carb (South Beach Diet Phase One) Snacks found on KalynsKitchen.com

Perfect Hard-Cooked Eggs are always great for a snack, or make them into Deviled Eggs if you have a bit more time. I love, love, love deviled eggs and have a lot of deviled egg recipes on the blog.

Kalyn's Top Ten Low-Carb (South Beach Diet Phase One) Snacks found on KalynsKitchen.com

I love Ranch dip, and From-Scratch Diet-Friendly Ranch Style Dip with Greek Yogurt or Grandma Denny’s From-Scratch Ranch-Style Vegetable Dip is something you’ll always find in my fridge!

Kalyn's Top Ten Low-Carb (South Beach Diet Phase One) Snacks found on KalynsKitchen.comCheese is a perfect low-carb snack and buying these pre-packaged cheese sticks is a good way to exercise portion control. I get these at Costco in big packages.

Kalyn's Top Ten Low-Carb (South Beach Diet Phase One) Snacks found on KalynsKitchen.com

Celery stuffed with peanut butter is a great low-carb snack when you use my favorite low-sugar peanut butter. (And I love celery so much, I have a whole post with Tasty and Low-Carb Snack Ideas with Celery.)

Kalyn's Top Ten Low-Carb (South Beach Diet Phase One) Snacks found on KalynsKitchen.com

Finally, grape or cherry tomatoes are a snack that’s seasonal for many people, but thanks to Costco I splurge all winter on tomatoes (but only if they smell like tomatoes, otherwise don’t waste your money.) If it’s summer, fresh tomatoes with my favorite rosemary salt is about as good as it gets for a snack. Or make Greek Yogurt and Tahini Dip for Tomatoes and Cucumbers if you have a little more time!

If you have a favorite low-carb snack that’s not mentioned here, I’d love to hear about it in the comments!

Kalyn's Top Ten Low-Carb (South Beach Diet Phase One) Snacks found on KalynsKitchen.com

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88 comments on “Kalyn’s Top Ten Low-Carb (South Beach Diet Phase One) Snacks”

  1. Look for the cherry tomatoes with the brand name “Cherubs”. Those little rascals should be labeled “Warning, may be habit forming”. They aren’t cheap but once you’ve tasted them the others simply don’t rate. And ditto about sugar snaps — good as a snack, in salads, in stir fries and as a side.

  2. There is a huge recipe category for breakfasts in the left sidebar.

  3. Just started SB and am looking forward to results on the scale. Hopefully lower. Lots of challenges but i think breakfast most difficult-. Any suvgesti

  4. In the latest book (SBD Supercharged) it says "Milk 1% or fat free" is allowed up to 2 cups per day.

  5. I have been reading over and over and I cannot figure out if 1% milk is okay on phase 1 for stuff like coffee and adding into soups.

  6. According to google they are made from dried green peas, and since green peas are not allowed I doubt that Wasabi Peas would be either.

  7. Hi Kalyn,

    Do you think wasabi peas are a good South Beach snack for Phase 1?

  8. Sooz, thanks for sharing that tip and also the info about Greek Yogurt. I do buy Fage Greek yogurt at Costco where it's very reasonable compared to buying it elsewhere.

  9. I also put sugar free jelly into unsweetened yogurt to add flavor.

    The lowest sugar Greek yogurt (and most affordable) is from Costco. The Kirkland brand is lower in sugar than my former favorite.


  10. I don't know of another brand of yogurt that's quite as low in sugar as the Kroger CarbMaster yogurt, but I would just check labels and use the one with the lowest sugar content you can find.

  11. Kalyn, I love your site! I have yet to try a recipe that isn't delicious!

    I have just started Phase 2, and am looking for a good yogurt option – so many of the flavored yogurts are sweetened with sugar. I don't have a Kroger nearby to get the CarbMaster. Is there another brand of yogurt that you know of that would be okay on Phase 2? I do have a Costco nearby, Shaw's, and Hannaford's. Thanks!

  12. Carlisha, I can't say for sure, but all the books allow no sugar added fudgesicles for phase one, which I'm thinking would be similar to low-fat sugar-free ice cream. I noticed that the lastest book (South Beach Diet Supercharged) says limit sweet treats to 75-100 calories per day, so that might help.

  13. This is my second try on South Beach and I learned a lot the first time around. Like not having ice cream was ultimately my down fall!! This time, I've done a lot of research but can't find an answer to this question. Maybe someone can help me!

    My local grocery store (Publix) sells low fat no sugar added icecream that is sweetened with Splenda. It does say it has 6 grams of sugar (4 grams of sugar alcohol) per 1/2 cup serving but even after googling the ingredients, the only "sugar" is splenda. Is this ok to eat a 1/2 cup serving at night? If I can eat this, I might make it all the way through this time. =)

  14. I've found several greek-style yogurts that are no sugar, nonfat. Add a little agave and some vanilla and it makes for a nice snack in phase I. I know agave hasn't been decided, but I don't use artificial sweetners, so mainly avoid the sweets all together. Craving is diminishing and so is the weight.

  15. We tried the cannon plain sugar free yogurt and put a tsp of sugar free suckers jelly
    It is incred!
    Also. Suckers crunchy natural sugar free PB, once stirred great and kept in the refrigerator is phenom
    W all this, we are not having issues at all. It's our first time on sBeach

  16. Courtney, I think the plain yogurt with Stevia sounds good. And I haven't been that attentive today. Sorry I have been a little slow to respond; I'm cleaning out my dad's house with my siblings today and for the next couple of days so I'm pretty distracted from the blog.

  17. I love plain yogurt with a stevia packet in it! Sweetens it perfectly! I'm very glad I found your blog, it's wonderful! Thank you!!! And I love how prompt you are at replying to everyone, I've never experienced such tentativeness on a blog, ever! :0)

  18. Thank you so much for this!! I just started South Beach and I'm in college with a meal plan so my options are extremely limited but these are all super easy to get my hands on in our dining hall. Hopefully I'll be able to get past the first day this time. 🙂


  19. Glad you like the snacks.

    As for Crystal Light, I believe strongly that everyone should make their own decisions about what to eat/not eat. So if you don't want aspartame, don't drink Crystal Light, but let others make their own decision about it as well.

  20. Thanks so much for the snack suggestions….it is night and that is when I tend to go to the "ito" food…i will try the celery/pb snack you suggested.
    btw, I believe Crystal Light as aspartame so I won't be using it.

  21. etAnother snack idea is to use really good ricotta cheese and stir in some mocha/ java syrup…of course sugar free and stir it all up, Oh, it is sooo good. Tastes like a taramisu desert!

  22. Yes, the yogurt I show here does have artificial sweetener. If I wanted to avoid artificual sweetener in yogurt, I'd use Madhava blueberry or raspberry flavored agave nectar. I think that would taste great mixed into yogurt, and it's a natural product. It's not sugar free, but it does have a much lower glycemic index than white sugar.

  23. Hi! I just came across your blog and love the tips..Question do the yogurts you eat have artificial sweeteners in them? I'd love to find low calorie foods that don't contain these chemicals (I get instant headaches and bloating along with nausea) but can't seem to find anything…If you can suggest something that you came across that would be great! Thanks!

  24. You're welcome, happy snacking!

  25. Thanks for the snack ideas. I am out and about tomorrow and was concerned about getting hungry

  26. Oh my gosh! I always forget about celery and peanut butter! Seriously one of the yummiest snacks and it totally takes care of my sugar fix. Thanks for the recommendation on chunky. I prefer creamy, except for with CELERY!!!

  27. Thanks for the yogurt tip for breakfast; I do have a lot of people ask me about breakfasts that don't include eggs.

  28. Thanks for all the great snack reminders! I also want to add to the yogurt discussion – I absolutely CANNOT do eggs very often and when I do I make deviled eggs. My favorite breakfast now is some plain, nonfat yogurt with a packet of sweetner, a few sliced almonds, and a sprinkle of crystal light powder (wild strawberry is my fav!). It will taste just like fruited yogurt and the crunch from the almonds is quite satisfying!

  29. hey.. thanks for the information, it helps me a lot 🙂

  30. I can't see any reason you couldn't eat that.

  31. hey thanks guys alot for all the ideas. I just found something myself. I just started SBD myself and am finding it very challenging since I am a sugar-addict. I am craving brownies so bad. Is it okay to eat my one serving of sugar-free peanut butter with a half teaspoon of cocoa and a sprinkle of splenda?

  32. Thanks for all your tips. I was so happy to come across your blog. I will use if for inspiration and guidance when I start back on the beach tomorrow.


  33. Anonymous, thanks for sharing the ideas for peanut butter, they sound interesting to me.

  34. Hey, I want to add to the yogurt discussion – If you take nonfat plain yogurt and add a teaspoon or so of peanut butter and mix it in it can taste really sweet. Maybe everybody will think this is weird but I like it. Also, plain, non-fat yogurt with a spoonful of unsweetened cocoa, a little vanilla and a little splenda or stevia (don't overdo on this as will go bitter) can be great too.

  35. Suzanne, glad to hear the blog has been helpful. If you type "kid friendly" into the search bar, you'll find the recipes I've mentioned that I think are kid-friendly, plus a few that people have commented on as being kid-friendly.

  36. Hi Kalyn! Your blog is amazing. I have been making your recipes for months now and have yet to find one that isn't delicious. I am starting on Phase 1 again to lose the last 15 pounds after a 45 pound loss a few years ago. My 17 year-old son wants to lose weight as well, but wants me to make more kid-friendly recipes. Any suggestions?

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