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Sugar-Free Jelled Ricotta Pudding: A South Beach Diet Phase One Dessert from a Reader!

This Sugar-Free Jelled Ricotta Pudding is a South Beach Diet Phase One Dessert from a reader and if you’re strictly watching carbs you might like it for a simple treat! Use Dessert Recipes for more recipes like this one.

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Jelled Ricotta Pudding

I’m aware that many people read my blog who aren’t dieters, but I do get a fair amount of e-mail from readers who are using the original South Beach Diet to lose some weight. This recipe for Sugar-Free Jelled Ricotta Pudding that’s a South Beach Diet Phase One dessert came to me from Janet, a garden writer and photographer from Toronto who told me that she and her husband had recently started South Beach.

Janet said they did miss having something a little sweet after dinner, so she’d been experimenting with phase one desserts. She’d been surprised how good the sugar-free Jello tasted, and she’d also tried the phase one ricotta creme desserts in the original South Beach Diet Book (affiliate link).  Combining those ideas, she mixed low-fat ricotta cheese with sugar-free jello and came up with a dessert she thought was pretty good.

When I tried Janet’s creation, I was surprised how good it tasted for a completely sugar-free, phase one dessert, even with the slightly gritty texture of the ricotta cheese. You can use any flavor of Jello that appeals to you, but I made her layered pudding using raspberry Jello in the photo above.

I’ve now decided the only hard part of this dessert is finding the different flavors of sugar-free Jello to try it with, since my store only seems to carry two flavors. Janet said she wouldn’t mind if I posted the recipe, and I thought this might be a welcome treat for any South Beach Dieters who are doing phase one. And Janet reports she has since gone on to more sugar-free Jello experiments, including replacing the ricotta with low-fat plain yogurt and adding fruit for a layered phase two dessert.

Jelled Ricotta Pudding

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Sugar-Free Jelled Ricotta Pudding: A South Beach Diet Phase One Dessert from a Reader!

You might like this Sugar-Free Jelled Ricotta Pudding for a simple treat!


  • 1 pkg sugar-free Jello, any flavor that appeals to you (this recipe is for 4-serving size package, double it for larger box of Jello.)
  • 1 cup boiling water
  • 2/3 cup ricotta cheese
  • 1/2 cup cold water


  1. Put ricotta cheese into bowl and stir with fork or whisk until it’s slightly softened.
  2. Have four glass dishes (slightly over 1/2 cup each) ready on counter to pour the hot Jello mixture into.
  3. Put powdered Jello from package into large glass measuring cup, pour in boiling water and whisk for 1-2 minutes, until all Jello is dissolved in the water.
  4. Stir in ricotta, then cold water and mix together.
  5. Pour into glass bowls and place in refrigerator to set.
  6. I waited about 2 hours until the mixture was partly firm, then covered it with cling wrap.
  7. Serve cold, from individual dishes.


Recipe shared by Janet Davis and tested by Kalyn.

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    45 Comments on “Sugar-Free Jelled Ricotta Pudding: A South Beach Diet Phase One Dessert from a Reader!”

  1. I know this is an old post because I have been making it on and off for years now, but just wanted to thank you so much for offering low or no-sugar desserts. This one is a lifesaver. I recently tried it with sugar-free lemon jello and think this is my favorite flavor of all.

  2. It was really good!!! looks like it floated to the top (because of my changes) a teeny tiny bit instead of sinking, but i barely even noticed it only by color rather then from just eating it! I was wondering if you could do the same concept using different liquids, like teas or coffee with flavors like raspberry, etc…seems like i will be doing a lot of experimentation when i get the time!

  3. Amanda, that about sums up what I thought too!

  4. I just made this with raspberry jello and it's certainly the most flavorful of the 20 or so phase one desserts I've tried. The ricotta fell to the bottom, like another poster stated, but I just stirred it up and called it a day. I'll be making this again with the orange flavor. Thanks for the recipe!