I’m interrupting my break to let you know that today is my brother Rand’s birthday. If you laughed on my birthday when he posted a picture of me in high school, now it’s time to get back at him, even though seriously, he’s about the greatest brother you could ever hope for. Here are some classic shots of Rand, and best wishes for a very happy birthday!
A *very* old photo, and the now famous shot of
Rand in an old-style bikini and glasses, about age 3.
This was Rand when he was still Randy,
age 6 and the birthday king for the day.
Rand in elementary school, campaigning for school president.
Notice he had those great copy-writing skills at a young age.

Rand in high school looking like quite a hunk.
Have a great day Rand! I love you.

P.S. For those who don’t know, Rand gives me constant design and technical help on Kalyn’s Kitchen. Not to mention that he generously donated two fabulous prizes for A Menu for Hope. I’m so thankful to have a multi-talented and generous brother like Rand.

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