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In Which Biggles Teaches Kalyn (via the internet) How to Adjust her Stove Burners and Kalyn is Eternally Grateful

One of the most fun things about writing a food blog is getting to “meet” so many other bloggers and the friendships that develop. When I published the photos of my kitchen, I started corresponding with Biggles, gourmet barbecue chef, fellow antique stove owner, and author of the great blog Meathenge. Biggles encouraged me to shell out the cash to get my oven thermostat replaced and shared his own adventures in oven refurbishing, complete with happy ending and smaller price tag than I was anticipating.

Somewhere in this corresponding by e-mail and comments left on other blogs, Biggles mentioned that he had adjusted the burners on his antique stove so they roared into flames when he turned the burner on. I lamented that my stove had one wimpy burner, which coincidentally happened to be the burner most often used, closest to the counter. (At least it would have been most often used if it wasn’t so wimpy. As it was, it was barely enough to sustain a simmer.) Biggles promised to send instructions in how to adjust the burner, and I started thinking about who I could rope into doing it for me, not being particularly mechanically inclined.
Then yesterday Biggles sent me an e-mail telling me to check out his blog. I rushed his site, and lo and behond, there were detailed instructions on how to adjust the burners on old stoves like mine. The photos were fantastic, and the instructions were so good that, even though I didn’t have a wrench such as he specified for the job, I was able to adjust the burners myself following his instructions. (And me a mere woman and all. . . .)
Flames roared out. I was deleriously happy and promised to nominate Biggles for “The Food Blogger Who Has Most Improved My Life” if such a meme ever got started.
Seriously Biggles, if you ever make it to Salt Lake I promise to wine you and dine you like nothing you ever imagined was possible in the state of Utah. And now, to document this achievement for posterity, I present my newly roaring burners. Pretty impressive huh?

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    2 Comments on “In Which Biggles Teaches Kalyn (via the internet) How to Adjust her Stove Burners and Kalyn is Eternally Grateful”

  1. Hey, check you out! YOU GO !!! Congratulations and sorry I didn’t stop by earlier. Been a busy week and finally got a chance to sit down. Well, sort of. I prepped and got a rack of nice pork spare ribs in the smoker already, yeah.
    Thanks for the offer for a visit. I have a funny story about Utah. Many moons ago I was driving along hwy 80, at least I think it was 80, on my way to Idaho. I was supposed to make a left turn somewhere and head UP. But I missed it and was nearing Salt Lake City at a high rate of speed. I only found out because the radio stations were telling me so. It took me 2.5 hours out of my journey, but I have to say, Salt Lake is gorgeous! Love those crazy mountain ranges.
    You’re most certainly welcome for the instruction and hope all goes at least as well in the future. Take care and happy cooking!