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Friday Night Photos: A New Stove at Chez Kalyn Part Two (Tile, Hood, Pan Racks, and Hardware)

Kalyn's New Thermador StoveIn A New Stove at Chez Kalyn, Part One, I shared details about the features that made me choose the Thermador Pro Harmony 36″ Gas Range for my new stove. Now I want to show what a gorgeous job my contractors have done with the stove installation. I completely love this stove and how it looks in my kitchen. Here’s a view of the stove now that the tile, hood, pan racks, and new hardware are all installed. If you want to see the steps to getting to this finished result, keep reading.

This tile detail was already there in the backsplash behind my kitchen counters, and I had two of those blue and white Mexican tiles I wanted to incorporate into some kind of design to tie in the new tile work with the rest of the kitchen.

I chose the terra cotta and blue glass tiles to make a strip on either side of the stove, and Spencer and Ben used the Mexican tiles to make a medallion right above the stove. I loved how this turned out!

I was worried about losing the original pan rack that was above my antique stove because the stove hood had to go in that space, but Spencer and Ben designed this solution, where the pan rack fits up into the molding and the pans hang down above the stove hood. It also helps hide the hood vent that goes up to the roof, so it was a perfect solution. (You can’t tell in this photo, but we’re still waiting for hooks that have been ordered to match the new chrome bar; most of these are the brass hooks from the old brass pan racks.)

There’s also a matching chrome pan rack above the window that’s left of the stove. (Still waiting for chrome hooks for this one too. The chrome hooks are a little longer, which will make it even easier for me to reach the pans.)

Of course any type of renovating sets off a chain reaction, and once I got this beautiful stainless steel stove I had to change the hardware on my drawers and cabinets which were brass. I chose these fun new handles.

And here’s a final wider view showing the corner of the kitchen where I spend so much time coming up with recipes for the blog! You can also see the hall that leads to my office and the well-lit studio corner where I take the step-by-step photos. I think my fantastic contractors have turned this part of the house into the perfect blogging kitchen and office, and believe me I feel very blessed to have a kitchen and office that’s just perfect for the way I want to use it.

Contractors for my House Renovations and this Stove Installation:
Spencer Young and Ben Eldridge
STL Services Inc.
Lehi, Utah

Where I Got the Stove:
I bought my stove at Appliance Discount Center in Bountiful, Utah, where Jeff was very helpful.

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    40 Comments on “Friday Night Photos: A New Stove at Chez Kalyn Part Two (Tile, Hood, Pan Racks, and Hardware)”

  1. I have a different house now, but I am renting this house with the stove and no complaints. I don't use the oven a lot, but I don't remember having those kinds of problems with it when I lived there.

  2. Hi there. Your kitchen is lovely! I just got this exact same range as a gift for Christmas. I was shocked and thrilled! I absolutely love the cooktop. However, after using the oven a few times, I am pretty concerned. I was not told how loud the cooling fan would be at the back of the range. Every time the oven is on, it sounds like a loud hood fan is on. This is quite problematic, as we have a smaller kitchen. Also, the cooling fan pumps a lot of hot air out into the kitchen, and it raises the temperature of the house. Have you experienced these same issues? Any thoughts? And after three years, how is your range? Any performance issues? I sure appreciate your time.

  3. I'm surely swooning, that's one great looking piece of equipment.

  4. What a great set up. The stove looks classic, with the lovely tile. I like the look of the pot rack, too. I'm still trying to figure out the best way to keep the pots and pans handy in my kitchen.

  5. wow oh wow… good for you!

    Great all the way around

  6. WOW…you are going to have so much fun cooking in that bad boy. I'm happy for you.

  7. Hi Kalyn,

    Nice finishing touches to your new kitchen! I need a stove like yours!!


  8. Thanks! The vintage stove is still on my back covered deck, and I'm going to sell it, probably on KSL.com!

  9. It is absolutely beautiful! I'm so excited for you. What did you do with your vintage stove?!

  10. Thanks again to everyone for all the nice comments. I'm posting a lot of these comments from my iPhone so I don't reply that often, but I do read every comment and enjoy them all.

  11. It's lovely, I adore the tiles! Thanks for spending so much time to give us these great recipes!

  12. Looking at your photo gives me an idea on how to solve a problem. My utensil crock is too full; notice you have several. I will start looking at GoodWill, etc for another one.

  13. Wow! That is one handsome stove. The tile and the pot rack really tie it all together. Gorgeous! May you cook many delicious dishes with this stove- for years to come.

  14. very, very nice! everything!


  15. Nicely done!

  16. It is beautiful, Kalyn. The most important thing is that you love it so much!! Happy cooking!

  17. It is so practical, I love it!

  18. After seeing your new stove area in progress, I love how it all turned out. And I love your enthusiasm for something new in your kitchen. Looks great.

  19. It looks beautiful! I've never seen such a gorgeous stove, and the tile work makes the work area really sparkle – great, great job to all, and Happy New Stove Day!