Bee BalmI love to wander out in the garden with my everyday camera and take photos, and I’ve already shown you some of the early flowers that bloom in my yard. Now it’s nearly midsummer, and there’s a whole different crop of flowers to photograph! First up, this lovely spiky bloom called Bee Balm, a plant that’s actually a herb, and one of my very favorite flowers.

Along the west side of my front yard is a border of Yarrow, and here’s a flower head that’s only half in bloom.

More yarrow, and this one is a little farther along!

And another clump of yarrow. I love this plant, although I hate the smell.

Every summer garden has to have Shasta Daisies, which I have in my backyard and also in the front of the house.

Here’s a slightly different color of Bee Balm; I have the two colors side-by-side, which is really pretty.

Along my front porch I have a big patch of these Lilies, mixed in with Shasta Daisies and Bee Balm. (I took this photo when the sun was too bright, but these Lilies are gorgeous!)

Here’s another shot of the Lilies, which are also one of my favorite flowers.

And finally, I think this spiky purple flower is really a weed, but I can’t bring myself to pull them out!

You can see more about the vegetables, herbs, and flowers I’m growing by using the label 2010 Garden Updates. If you have flowers, what’s blooming right now in your yard?

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