The vines that grow along my garden fence are beautiful in the fall.

In the mornings I have a little window of opportunity for taking garden photos before the sun starts to peek over the east fence and the garden has too many light and dark spots to get a good photo. This morning I barely made it out in time, but I’m glad I managed to get one shot of the beautiful Fall color on the vines that grow along my garden fence. Truth is, I don’t especially like those vines, but they do redeem themselves every fall. It’s getting pretty cold here, but every year I always have a hard time completely saying goodbye to the garden.

Here’s a closer shot of those beautiful Autumn colors on the vines. The vines creep over from the neighbor’s yard, and I have no idea what kind of vines they are but I suspect they might be weeds!

I’ve been pulling out the plants but haven’t done this first bed yet, and there’s mostly just a mess here now. There are a few volunteer tomatillos on the ground and one Buttercup squash hanging around in the middle. I got maybe 10 Buttercup squash total, but not sure I would devote so much space to them again.

I’ve completely pulled out the beans, cucumbers, and bell pepper plants, but couldn’t bear to pull out these Japanese eggplants that each had several fruits on them. I watch the weather every night and when we’re going to have a freeze I’ll have to cut the eggplants off and call it good, but for now I’m nursing them along.

I pulled out the onions and the Red Russian Kale, but the Swiss Chard and Curly Green Kale is still growing like crazy. Last week I made something really good with kale that I’ll be posting this weekend!

And in the farthest west bed at the bottom of this photo, the squash plants are completely gone.

I guess the tall fence around my yard keeps it at least a little bit warm because I’m still getting some ripe tomatoes, although the plants are starting to look scraggly and a bit sickly. I usually keep going with the tomatoes as long as there’s the remotest possibility that they’ll ripen!

And the Green Zebra plants are still loaded with tomatoes, although they’re even slower to ripen than the red tomatoes at this time of year. Next year I want to replace one Green Zebra with a Lemon Boy tomato; I missed having yellow tomatoes this year.

Other than the basil, which I trimmed quite vigorously and used to make one final batch of Basil Pesto with Lemon, all my herbs are still healthy and happy. It’s time to freeze some fresh herbs for winter though. That’s on my project list for the weekend! I think I’ll do one more garden update for this year, where I’ll record the things I want to remember for next year’s garden, but I doubt there will be many more garden photos to share.

Use the category for GARDEN UPDATES to see all my garden photos through the years.

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