English DailyIf you follow my Garden Updates, you know how much I love growing vegetables and herbs, but I do love growing flowers too. For a few years now I’ve been investing in a few more perennials every year, with a goal of having flowers from spring to fall! I’m not there yet, but my flower beds are looking a bit better every year. This gorgeous hot pink flower is called English Daisy, one of the earliest flowers that pops out along the edge of my vegetable garden, and one of the first perennials I bought when I decided to start investing in them.

English Daisies also come in this lighter shade of pink. I found white ones as well when I was googling them, but mine are all pink.

A new perennial I bought this year is this Penstemon, a native Utah plant that thrives in the hot sun.

One of the first flowers I enjoy every year is the flowers that appear on the chives in the herb garden. I hear they are good to eat, but I haven’t been able to bring myself to cut them off yet!

This is a large bushy plant with nice little purple flowers. I got the original cutting for this from my sister Pam a few years ago, and if she’ll remind me what it’s called I will come back and edit! (Thank you to Lin from Texas who reminded me that this plant is Comfrey, good for making herbal tea as well as a nice flowering bush. I had a few more of these, but they didn’t survive the house renovations!)

Last, but not least, as much as I love my garden flowers, there’s nothing better than beautiful flowers delivered from a good friend on a day she knows they will be meaningful to you.

I still have a few more spots where I could squeeze in more flowers, so if you have any favorite perennials that will survive the Utah winters, I’d love to hear about them in the comments!

(You can use the label 2010 Garden Updates if you want to see what else is growing in my garden this year.)

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