I’ve been trying to take lots of photos to practice my photography, and on Friday nights I share some of them with Kalyn’s Kitchen readers; hopefully entertaining even if they aren’t always that technically good. This week I gave an update on my vegetable garden, but the photos tonight are some I took a few weeks ago of the flowers in my front yard. This spiky pink flower is Bee Balm, one of my favorite flowers, but actually an herb that supposedly has a flavor similar to oregano. I haven’t tasted it, but I love this flower and have several colors of it.

On the west side of my front yard there’s a flower border with Yarrow, Bee Balm, and Mountain Sage growing in a row.

If you stand on my front steps and look to the left, you’ll see this row of lillies and daisies. There’s also a few other types of flowers growing here in front of the porch, but they’re overshadowed by the lilies and daisies!

Here’s a closer view of the lilies, which I planted about four years ago when I decided to splurge on some new perennials. They’ve been lovely every year.

Finally, another view of the Yarrow, which is a flower I love even though I really hate the smell. When the blooms fade, I have to force myself to prune them so they’ll bloom again in the fall.

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