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Friday Night Photos: Signs of School

Friday nights is when I share photos I’m taking to try to improve my photography skills, although this week the photos are really just for fun. Monday morning I’ll be resuming my double identity of Ms. Denny by day and Kalyn in the kitchen by night, so I thought some of my blogging friends might like a peek into my third grade classroom. I had to edit so it didn’t show the students’ names, but imagine a bulletin board with this sign surrounded by whimsical stars, and that’s the entrance to my room.

The front whiteboard is all ready with the days assignments, and if you look at the abbreviations we use on our planner sheets (NTW = not this week and NT = not today) you can see I’m preparing these kids for their future of texting and Twitter.

How to reduce glare is definitely a photography skill I need to practice, but this sign is something I refer to a lot during the year, and it does get the message across to parents as well as students!

Anyone who’s been a teacher knows that with every privilege comes rules if you’re going to maintain order with a big class of 8 year olds. This year I have 25 students, and I bought water bottles which are waiting on their desks for the first day of school. (Thank you to the Utah State Legislature for the $285 of teacher supply money which permits me to buy those kinds of things!)

Our entire district uses the Peacebuilders program for elementary school, and every morning the kids say the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag, followed by this peacebuilder pledge.

Again cropped so the kids names don’t show, but this shows my classroom money system. Kids start the week with $5 in class money. If they break rules they have to pay a fine and kids who lose assignments, pencils, or other supplies have to pay for new ones. On Friday they get whatever money is left in the pocket. (Just like real life, some kids run out of money before Friday while others end the year with big bank accounts.)

Friday afternoon they get to spend their money in the “class store” or they can use it to buy Bear Cub Awards to spend at the school store. Kids take turns “working” in the store as cashier, which is a popular job.

Finally, one of the surest signs that this is a Utah classroom is the fact that there is no air conditioning, despite temperatures often in the 90’s when school starts in the fall and ends in the spring. I have four fans in the room, and am hoping for reasonably cool weather for next week!
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    22 Comments on “Friday Night Photos: Signs of School”

  1. Thanks for a peek to your life at school… I love reading about it 😉 Your photos are lovely … I think the glare can be reduced by using a polarizing filter if you’re using a dslr … or by standing sideways or not firing your flash hehe

  2. That’s so cool to get a sneak peek at your day job!!