Thai Kermit EggplantThe garden production has slowed, but I’m still getting veggies every few days, and some of my plants are barely starting to produce, like these Thai Kermit Eggplants, which I definitely planted where there wasn’t enough sun. This is my first time growing these, and the photos I find online all show green eggplants, so I’m wondering if I’ve wasted the ones that turned yellow.

If anyone knows anything about this type of eggplant, please enlighten me in the comments!

I’m still nursing along the tomatoes I started from the seeds that Nate sent me, and the three surviving plants are loaded with tomatoes, but only a couple have ripened. I love the look of this tomato, which I think is a Beauty King, (but I’m not sure, since my plant markers peeled off the seed trays!) I’ve also had a couple of Berkeley Tie Dye tomatoes, but I ate them before I thought about pictures.

This Asian Eggplant was also planted in the spot where there’s not enough sun, and this is only the second eggplant I’ve harvested from two plants. (I’ve decided that shady strip of soil is the perfect place to build a shed, since nothing grows well there.)

The bell peppers are also planted in that same spot that’s too shady, and from three pepper plants, these three are the only peppers I’ve harvested. I’ve never had great luck growing peppers, but I think moving them into the main garden spot where there’s a lot more sun will help. (Any tips for next year from someone who grows them successfully?)

And here’s an update on my experiment preserving fresh basil in a jar of water on the counter. If you missed that post, use that link to see the basil after 10 days. This basil has now been in the water for 26 days! You can see some sprigs are no longer with us, and I’ve cut off some leaves to use them, but quite a bit of the basil is still green and fragrant. Frankly I’m both amazed and mad at myself for not trying this trick years earlier.

How is the garden at your house? If you’re still harvesting, let us know in the comments what your garden is still producing.

You can see other updates from my garden through the years by using Garden Updates.

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