It’s been a while since I’ve posted a garden update, so let me start by saying I’m thrilled beyond words with the raised beds which are allowing me to grow things like the gorgeous romaine lettuce above. Not only that, I’m doing maybe 25% as much weeding as I used to, so things are pretty happy in the garden around here.

Here’s a view from the other end of the bed which has the lettuce and the plants you can see are French Breakfast radishes, rainbow carrots and red kale. I’m about ready to start eating the kale, and wondering if it will grow back like chard does if you trim the leaves.


One of my pepper plants has this big pepper which is kind of a strange shape but almost big enough to pick. I have learned from experience that if you pick peppers too small, the skin is thin and they’re not that great, so I’m waiting a little longer.


I have Black Beauty and white eggplants, and both types have a lot of flowers on them, but no eggplants spotted yet.

My favorite 8-ball Zucchini has already produced several squashes, and as you can see, there are a bunch more coming. I love this shape for grilled Zucchini.

I planted spagetti squash along the side of one of the beds, and there’s a tiny little spagetti squash coming. If you have spagetti squash in your garden, you might want to try young spagetti squash cooked like a summer squash. I really missed this last year.


I like the type of yellow squash called straightneck squash best, and there’s a tiny one just starting to appear.
This is a volunteer tomato, growing in the same spot as I had lemon boy tomatoes last year, so I’m hoping that’s what it is. I decided to put a cage around it and give it some love, since I don’t have any lemon boys this year.


This is my biggest tomato, and the plant cage is about as big around as a lollipop stick to help you put it into perspective. This is a Celebrity tomato, a hybrid that grows consistently well in Utah.


My tomatillo plants have tons of flowers, but no tomatillo spottings yet. The plant has grown way above the top of the cage!


This basil that I planted from seeds is doing really well, and I’ve already been snipping basil leaves from the basil plants I bought.


Finally, the herbs are overgrowing the boxes, just as I predicted they would, and the curly and flat parsley are both huge and bushy like this. I used a bunch of this parsley plus some cilantro recently to make Chimichurri sauce and found myself wondering how that sauce would keep in the freezer!

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