Green Zebra TomatoesIt’s been nearly a month since I posted my last garden update, and truly this entire gardening season my mind has been on other things. But happily the plants have mostly thrived (even after a few sprinkling system mishaps) and now it’s happy time when the garden is producing gorgeous produce.

Above is my new favorite Green Zebra tomato, and I featured this plant last time too, but I couldn’t resist showing how they’re producing big clumps of tomatoes. I love the flavor of this tomato, and it’s one I’ll be growing every year from now on.

My other favorite tomato is this heirloom Brandywine, which got seriously miffed when I decided to add a path to the house renovation project, and it had to be uprooted and planted in a new spot in the garden. I wasn’t sure it would survive, but now it’s finally getting some tomatoes, and I’ve even had a few ripe ones. Brandywines are a very flavorful pink or purple fleshed tomato, and they can get as big as a pound, so they’re great for tomato sandwiches where one slice can cover the bread.

I’ve had an amazing crop of spaghetti squash this year, and I have a couple of them on my counter letting the skins harden for winter. If you’re growing spaghetti squash, be sure to pick a few when they’re very small and cook the spaghetti squash as a summer squash. They’re delicious both young or old.

This is my first year growing purple cabbage, and I cheated and bought them as young seedlings, but I’m having fun watching them grow. Something is eating the lower leaves, but the cabbage doesn’t seem worried, and it’s starting to form a head.

I have Japanese Eggplant this year, and also these Black Beauty Eggplants. I’ve picked a few of the long, skinny Japanese ones, but these are still too small. I’m looking forward to having Spicy Grilled Eggplant soon.

This is the glorious patch of basil that I mostly planted from seed. I’ve trimmed it twice, (once when I made Pistou,) and it’s ready for another trim. If you haven’t tried growing basil from seeds, I highly recommend it!

I moved these chives into my herb bed, and now the chives are getting a few flowers, so I guess they’ve adapted to their new home. Chives are a plant I didn’t appreciate for a long time, but the last few years, I’ve been using them a lot.

I also have a huge abundance of tarragon again (at the end of this herb bed) even though I vigorously trimmed the tarragon about 6 weeks ago. (Friends who live nearby, come and get some herbs!)

In one of those gardening mysteries, the type of squash I love most (center) is the very smallest plant. Not sure why the 8-Ball Zucchini is so much smaller than the yellow squash or the ordinary zucchini plant, but I have been trying to nurture it.

All is not lost though, because I do have a few 8-Ball Zucchini coming every day or so. When the weather gets a bit cooler, I love to use these to make Stuffed Zucchini.

Last but not least, there is an abundant crop of tomatillos on the volunteer plants that came up where I planted tomatillos last year. I pulled out at least 20 plants, and I’ve also vigorously trimmed the ones that were left (because they were shading the cucumbers) but the tomatillos are continuing to produce!

(Links to websites selling plants are merely for information about the type of plant, and are not meant to be an endorsement of any particular site or purveyor. You can see all my garden updates using the link for Garden Updates.)

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