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Five Fun Things on Friday and My Family Rocks!

Thanks to Sara, Kate, and Val for the nieces and nephews rocks for my new magnet board!
It’s been a while since I’ve done a post about fun things on Friday, but if you read about this week’s fun things I think you’ll agree they’re all worth sharing!  Keep reading to hear more about why my family rocks, and other fun things!

Fun Thing #1:  My Family Rocks!

Here’s the story about the nieces and nephews rocks you see in the top photo.  In 2009 I did some house renovations and created a wonderful office.  It took me a long time to decide what I wanted on the wall above my desk, but I finally had my contractor come back and make a giant magnet board that completely matches the room.  Then for Christmas my nieces Sara and Kate, with help from my sister Val, surprised me with a complete set of rocks with the names of all my nieces and nephews and great-nieces and great-nephews.   How completely cool is that?  Be sure to notice the very top group of three rocks that says “Aunt Kalyn Rocks!”  The rocks are on a cookie sheet in the photo, but they’re now on the magnet board and I’m working on getting a photo of each person. 
Fun Thing #2:  Frog Leap Test!
A few weeks ago my friend Sandy from Reno sent me this completely addictive FROG LEAP TEST in an e-mail.  Supposedly this is a second grade computer test in China, but whatever the origin of the test, I promise it will keep you entertained for quite a while.  Even once you figure out the trick, you’ll still go back and try it over and over, just to make sure you can really do it!
Fun Thing #3:  Get Off Your SoFAS!
This week the USDA released new dietary guidelines, including a recommendation for people to get off their SoFas!  No, it’s not a recommendation for more exercise; SoFAS stands for Solid Fats and Added Sugars.   I loved the new guidelines, including the LESS and MORE chart, and I couldn’t help notice how much the new guidelines support the South Beach Diet way of eating! (Via Web MD)

Fun Thing #4:  Super Bowl Food to Match Your Team
Personally I feel like I should wear a sign that says “I’m just here for the food” when I attend a Super Bowl party, but if you’re someone who really cares about your team, you might want to make food that shows just which team you’re cheering for.   In my latest post at BlogHer.com I ask Pittsburgh vs. Green Bay – Which Team Has the Best Food?  Take a look and let me know what you think.
Fun Thing #5:  Ice Can Be Beautiful!
I hope people who have been suffering in the winter weather don’t hate me for this one, but I was captivated by this video of Frazil Ice in Yosemite.  True, I hate this stuff when it’s on the windshield of my car, but I think I’d love to go to Yosemite and see this in person. (Via Sue Bob on Twitter.)
Now it’s your turn to share!  What fun things have you seen this week when you’ve been clicking around the web?  Please share in the comments and let us in on the fun!    If you need just a little more Friday Fun, you can use the label for Five Fun Things on Friday to see fun things I’ve shared on other Fridays!
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    15 Comments on “Five Fun Things on Friday and My Family Rocks!”

  1. Johanna, I have 39 nieces and nephews and 49 great nieces and nephews, and a few are even missing on the rocks (their rocks are coming from my sister!) I still have quite a few nieces and nephews who aren't married so who knows how many we will end up with!

  2. those magnets are such a lovely way to remember important people in your life – what a thoughtful present and what a big family

  3. Bev I have heard about people starting with phase two but haven't tried it myself.

  4. Love your header-so pretty and cute. I also think the rocks are a great idea-neat.

    I am reading the South Beach Diet Book and thinking of giving it a go-sure hate to give up fruit for phase 1.

  5. Thanks Sandie! The cabbage salad will be coming soon!

  6. I love these kind of round-up posts—always a little something for everyone. Looking forward to your new cabbage recipe!

  7. Thanks Elle. I think they do like me a lot (I try hard to be a good aunt!)

    The veggie hearts are the new header for February (we are changing the veggies once a month.) My brother Rand does the headers.

    Will have to think about foods that aren't sugary but still Valentine's day appropriate, good idea!

  8. The rocks are beautiful – your nieces must really love you to make this great gift.

    I also love the new heart veggies! are they for Valentine's day? maybe you can do a post on non-sugary romantic foodqedible gifts.

  9. BTW Mary, don't feel too bad. It took me hours to figure it out!

  10. Lydia and Karina, thanks. I'm taking my sister Val and her kids to the Utah Jazz game tonight (it's their Christmas present) so that should be a lot of fun!

    Amira, aren't the rocks fun? I am loving them. I'm still playing the frog game at least a few times every day or so, just to remind myself that I can do it!

    Janet, just checked it out and love it. Here is a link to Google Art Project for others who want to go check it out.

    Mary, I don't want to give it away here, but e-mail me and I will tell you the trick. (kalynskitchen-AT-comcast-DOT-net)

  11. This post is just great, thanks so much. Now, before I lose what little mind I have left, how do you move those darn frogs? I have tried everything I can think of and have had no success. Obviously, I am not smarter than a second grader!!!!!!!!! Mary

  12. I read about a great new site called googleartproject.com. It lets you tour the worlds great museums and study the paintings digitally. I just took a quick peek becaue I was busy but it looks like a great free way to spend a rainy afternoon.

  13. I love the rocks! I think I might make some for myself!

    Also had a lot of fun playing the FROG game LOL it is amazing how simple it is but it still takes a while to figure it out ha ha ha

  14. Those rocks are too cute! Have a rockin' weekend, Kalyn. 🙂

  15. Your nieces definitely rock! It will be such fun to get a photo of everyone to go with their rock.