(This is an old recipe that has been archived on the site. I am leaving the printer-friendly recipe here so people who have enjoyed the recipe can still find it. If you’d like to cook salmon in the Air Fryer, this idea for salmon with mustard-herb sauce was made into an amazing Air Fryer Salmon Recipe.)

(Makes 2 servings, recipe adapted from Beyond Salmon)

2 salmon filets, preferably with skin (I used wild Sockeye salmon from Costco)
1 tsp. olive oil
1 tsp. fish rub (I used Pride of Szeged fish rub, but use your favorite seasoning blend for fish
2 T light sour cream (not fat free)
1 T mayo (use full-fat mayo made from soybean oil)
2 tsp. Dijon mustard (or more, to taste)
2 tsp. white wine (or use 1 tsp. lemon juice mixed with 1 tsp. water)
1 tsp. very finely chopped fresh mint
1 tsp. very finely chopped fresh parsley
(Optional: next time I might add 1 tsp. finely chopped green onion)

Preheat the broiler (450 F) and wrap broiling pan with foil for easier cleaning if desired. Rub salmon filets with olive oil and fish rub, and let fish come to room temperature.Put salmon under the broiler about four inches away from heat, and cook about six minutes per inch of thickness for salmon to be cooked medium. Start to check after about four minutes and when fish is starting to flake, but still looks slightly translucent, it’s done. It will continue to cook when it’s out of the oven. (If the top is getting too brown, move your broiler rack down one level. I cooked mine too long, next time I’ll be more careful.)

While fish is broiling, chop herbs and whisk together sauce ingredients. Let salmon rest five minutes, then serve with sauce spooned over.

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