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Friday Night Photos: Wyoming Road Trip and Pinedale Wyoming

Last week was the annual Denny Family Campout and I drove to Wyoming for the weekend. I have a lot to learn about photographing scenery in bright sunlight, and should have read this about filters before I took these pictures! Still, maybe readers who haven’t seen this part of the U.S. might like seeing it. The picture above is an example of the layered rock formation and coloring that’s common all over Utah. This was on U.S. 40, just before entering Wyoming.

I got a kick out of this abandoned retro gas station in a small Wyoming town. Sorry, didn’t remember to write down exactly where it was.

I wasn’t sure what camera settings to use to capture the dust from this herd of sheep as the sheepherder drove them along, but it was really quite a sight.

I had to drive into Pinedale because I was staying in a hotel and just “camping” during the day, and I saw this herd of cattle painted on the side of a restaurant. Yep, we are in Wyoming now!

In case anyone wants to buy some real estate in Pinedale, here’s the office for Wild Horse Realty. It really is a beautiful area, but very cold in the winter!

On the way to the campground where most of the family was, there were beautiful wild flowers like this all along the road. Next Friday I’ll show you a few shots from the actual campout, including camp food and a moose on the loose.

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    8 Comments on “Friday Night Photos: Wyoming Road Trip and Pinedale Wyoming”

  1. I love the fact that you only “camped during the day”! Thanks for the photos of Wyoming, I’ve never been there.

  2. Gorgeous pictures. I’ve never been to that part of USA and would like to see the area. It seems to me the flowering plant you caught an image of is a kind of Lupine. I searched internet and found that there is a Utah variety of Lupine. (I live in TX and our state flower is the Bluebonnet – another Lupine). Lupines are in the Pea family.

  3. Last time I was in Utah and Wyoming was with my college geology club…. Thanks for the reminders!

  4. I’ve been to both coasts, but never spent time in the middle. thanks for taking me on a mini trip with your pics!

  5. Thanks Kalyn. I’ve never even been to the US, let alone this bit! It’s great to see a little bit of where you are in the world.

  6. Stunning scenery. We live in Northern Ontario and it’s pretty wild here, but in a very different way….but we have moose too!

  7. There are so many parts of this wide country that I am totally clueless about, and Wyoming is one of them. So keep those photos coming. Love the one of the old gas station.

  8. thanks for a wonderful tour, dear kalyn. hope you had a great time.