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A Block Party on My Street (Friday Food Porn)

I live in a great Salt Lake City neighborhood where we close off the street once in a while for a block party. For some reason, I’ve been away the last couple of years, but last Saturday I was there with my new camera, snapping some food porn. I took the camera home when it got dark, so I missed some tasty offerings that arrived late, but here’s some of the food we shared.

Great pork tamales, with very tasty Pico de Gallo on the side.

I took hummus, Sun-dried Tomato Pesto, and whole wheat pita bread. I also took made Black Bean and Pepper Salad with Cilantro and Lime, but apparently didn’t take a picture of it.
Layered Mexican dip which was very good.

Homemade guacamole, with chips on the side for dipping.

A neighbor who lives at the end of the block wins the food-styling award for this layered Mexican dip.
Spicy deviled eggs were tasty and quite a hit.

My neighbor across the street had quite an assortment
of interesting things cooking on his grill.

More grilled goodies, including some sausage for me.

Of course this great party was happening on the weekend. Now it’s time to get busy if you’re going to be doing some Weekend Herb Blogging (which doesn’t even have be done on the weekend, according to the official rules.) WHB is off traveling this week, visiting Milan, Italy, where Piperita of The Kitchen Pantry is the host. Send your links to peppermintpatt AT gmail DOT com by 3:00 on Sunday, Utah time, if you want her to include you in the recap which will be posted sometime Monday. Be sure to link to The Kitchen Pantry and include the words Weekend Herb Blogging somewhere in your post.

In two more weeks it will be the one year anniversary of Weekend Herb Blogging. If you’re a food blogger who’d like to participate, be thinking about what you’d choose for your very favorite herb. That’s what we’ll be asking bloggers to post about during the week of September 25 – October 1. Then we’ll tabulate the results to see what the very favorite herb will be. (Readers who aren’t bloggers will be able to participate by leaving their vote in a comment.) What do you think will end up being the very favorite herb?

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20 comments on “A Block Party on My Street (Friday Food Porn)”

  1. I think basil, although it really depends on how you define herb. If you allow things like onions and garlic, they might give basil a run for the money. Have you given any thought to making it multiple choice, or at least putting some boundaries around people’s choices?

  2. I used to love block parties when I lived in the US! But to my surprise the Germans are also always in for a bit of fun and games and my neighborhood also had a street party in the summer. Unfortunately I was away :-(! But looking at all the food from your party I think I just might have missed out on something.

    Looks great Kalyn and I love being a part of such events even if it only virtually and gets me drooling. thanks for sharing!

    And congrats on the camera.

  3. I wish we had block parties around here, but with all the elderly people in the neighborhood, it probably wouldn’t be much fun.

  4. I can’t help wondering what sort of fare my neighbors would contribute if we did this! Wisonsin food is pretty heavy and hearty, but it is evolving (slowly).

  5. Everything looks delish, especially the first Mexican Layered Dip and the Deviled Eggs – yum!

  6. i remember we had a block party once when i was young. it was so much fun!

    i think the number one herb will probably be basil. it’s very versatile and pops up all over the place!

    favourite herbs usually depend on favourite types of cuisine. i’m personally leaning toward coriander these days – which i know is one of your weaknesses too!

  7. *mops at the corner of my mouth with a tissue*

    If this is food porn, it’s definetely X-Rated – looks like a veritable feast for the tastebuds!

  8. Gattina, the Mexican dip was great. My sister makes a good version of this.

    Crystal and Ryan, homemade tamales are wonderful.

    Mandira, will work on posting the Mexican dip recipe. Never thought about that before. Everyone here makes it.

    Lydia, we’re lucky that the people on this block seem to actually like each other!

    Helen, my camera is a Canon Rebel EOS Digital XT. I love the camera!

    Maria, very fun to have you visiting the blog. (Everyone else, Maria is my neighbor who is a potential food blogger, in my opinion.)

    Christine, I like the idea of a ridge party. Can’t wait to see what you’ll be cooking. Something good I bet.

    Peabody, I can imagine that real tamales are hard to come by in Seattle.

    Karina, you should be able to get great tamales in New Mexico. My sister-in-law from Las Cruces makes good ones!

  9. What fun! [And now I am craving tamales bigtime].

  10. Oh, I miss tamales. Ever since we moved from Phoenix to Seattle no one knows how to make them up here.

  11. Sounds like you had a great party and good food. I’m hosting a neighborhood potluck this weekend. We call it a ridge party because, although we live more than a stone’s throw from eachother (up to 2 miles), it’s all on the same ridge.

  12. Our neighborhood is famous:) Your hummus and pesto were very tasty! I can’t wait to try the recipe.

  13. Hi Kalyn,

    Love the pictures! What camera did you get.


  14. You are so lucky to live in a place with blocks — and with block parties! We do lots of potluck out here in the rural part of Rhode Island, but it’s more with friends than by geography. Keep the block party tradition alive — it’s a rare thing.

  15. Everything looks so good. The Mexican layered dip looks especially enticing… recipe for that forthcoming?
    Thanks for sharing Kalyn.

  16. Ok, now that I fixed the date I realized what happened. When I save my photos I put the draft a month ahead (so I don’t “lose” the drafts. I guess I forgot to change it. DUH.

  17. hereandthere, Thanks! Blogger is going crazy on me.

  18. Block party – how cool. No one comes out of there houses in my neighborhood (boo!).

    I love the tamales. Never made them before, but I’d love to.


  19. Hey, did you see that the date for this posting is Oct. 15th?

  20. oh everything looked so delicious! Yeah, I’m eyeing for that Mexican dip!

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