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Friday Night Photos: September Sunflowers

SunflowersFriday night photos is just a feature to remind me to share pictures I’m taking to practice using my camera, and this time I was shooting sunflowers growing in my yard. Even though sunflowers start appearing well before September, I’ll always associate them with the month school starts.

Most years I cut some and take them to school so we can paint sunflowers. It’s the perfect elementary school art project, because kids love to paint, and just about every kid can paint something that looks a lot like a sunflower.

Personally I think sunflowers are pretty photogenic even when they’re past their prime and losing their petals.

I also like the stark look of this sunflower head with only a few very straggly petals barely hanging on. Anyone else like the look of sunflowers, and are there sunflowers growing where you live?

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    19 Comments on “Friday Night Photos: September Sunflowers”

  1. Katrina, what a nice sunflower memory.

  2. I’m a little late responding to last week’s Friday photos, but the sunflowers are beautiful. I live in Kansas (though my husband and I are from Utah) and Kansas IS the sunflower state. They are everywhere you look right now, lining the freeways, etc. It’s a sight to see!
    When I was growing up, my mom planted the huge kind and we did dry the seeds, homegrown sunflower seeds. They were good. She planted them such that they grew 5-6 feet tall in an almost complete circle and my little sister played in it like it was a fort. Fun times.

  3. What lovely sunflowers and I love the light. I really must grow some next year – they seem to grow like weeds!

  4. Wonderful images! I stayed in the countryside in France where we were surrounded by fields of sunflowers. I loved watching them turn throughout the day to face the sun.

  5. I love these pictures. There is lovel light in them, and sunflowers are such magical subject. I am enjoying this series where you share your photos. I wish I was this organized.

  6. We’ve got scraggly-looking wild ones growing along the freeways all over California. In a wierd way, they’re my favorites.

  7. Great shot!! I just love sunflowers!

  8. Pam, sunflowers are ridiculously easy to grow. All the sunflowers in these photos were volunteers this year. Plant them from seeds and they will come back year after year.

  9. I love sunflowers. Are they hard to grow?

  10. Your pictures turned out great!

  11. I LOVE sunflowers, too, and I LOVE your photo. Beautiful!


  12. sunflowers are my absolute favorite. I have not yet succeeded in growing them, but their beauty inspires me. thanks for the lovely photos!

  13. The chipmunks eat them faster than I can plant them. Wish I could grow them. I’ve tried starting them in pots on the porch and planting them right before blooming, but then I find the plants mowed over the next morning.

    I do love them though, especially those HUGE ones that droop because they’re so heavy.

  14. Contrary to what a Dallas city back yard should grow we’ve planted giant sunflowers in a narrow bed along one side of our back yard for about 12 years now. They are the best show ever. I also really appreciate Hashi’s: brash bold optimism, always facing the sun.
    Your’s are really beautiful here Kalyn!

  15. Susan thanks! The subject matter was what made the photos look good more than my photography skills, but I’m having fun trying out camera settings that I don’t use too often for food. I haven’t ever tried drying the seeds. Most of these sun flowers have small seeds even though the plants are enormous.

    Lydia, how interesting. I know that the heads can get enormous on the giant sunflowers. All these sunflowers (and many more that I didn’t photograph) are volunteers in my yard this year!

  16. Lovely! I met an artist some years ago who carved the dried seed heads of sunflowers into the most amazing patterns. I’ve never seen anyone else do that.

  17. You did a great job with those photos. They are really lovely! Do you keep the seeds for toasting?

  18. Hashi, what a great description.

  19. I LOVE sunflowers. They are my favourite! I love their brash bold optimism, always facing the sun.