Summer Means Basil Vinaigrette and Grilled Halibut with Basil Vinaigrette
Grilled Halibut with Basil Vinaigrette, and it must be summer because I already have Basil Vinaigrette in the fridge!

It’s feeling like summer, and recently I wanted to make some Basil Vinaigrette, which made me realize how much I’m seriously missing the garden from my old house.  Last year I tried growing a few vegetables and herbs on the deck and in the kitchen window, but even though they started out well, the plants on the deck didn’t produce much and keeping herbs watered in a sunny kitchen window turned out to be a challenge.  So last week I decided that while I plan for my future greenhouse (hopefully next year!) I just had to plant some things outside.  I do have parsley, several types of sage, French tarragon, thyme, and Greek Oregano by the front walk, but I was missing a few of my favorite herbs, so I got some visiting nephews to carry up the containers I’d used on the deck and planted a row of big pots by the front porch.  Now I have pots filled with basil (x2), rosemary, flat parsley, dill, and mint, and can happily cook with herbs all summer long!  And I’ve already got Basil Vinaigrette in the fridge, so life is good at Chez Kalyn.

But every frustrated gardener needs a few tomato plants, so even though every single neighbor has told me that the deer will just eat the tomatoes, I had to plant some!  I bought about eight tomato plants, and everywhere there was enough space among the flowers in sunny spots, I stuck in a tomato plant.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I’ll get just a few tomatoes!

Now, here are a few more things I’ve been thinking about   . . .

This video about the right way to use aluminum foil left me with my mouth hanging open.   I immediately went to the kitchen to check my roll of foil, and sure enough, I’ve been doing it wrong all these years.

From New York Times contributor and essayist Bill Hayes, a good collection of thoughts about getting yourself moving a bit more in 50 Reasons to Exercise Now, Not Later.   (Found via this excellent post about how exercise can lessen the impacts of aging at Time Goes By.)

Photo from

Like many others who admired her, I was sad at the loss of Maya Angelou at the age of 86.  I thought Parade Magazine really captured a lot of what made people love her so much in this list of Maya Angelou’s Most Inspiring Quotes.

If you’re a fan of The West Wing or The Newsroom, I highly recommend the Danish political TV series Borgen.  (This captivating show is another thing I learned about from my friend Lydia.)  The series only lasted three years so I’m trying to be very disciplined and only watch one show per night, but truthfully I’d like to just sit down and watch it for hours.

Photo of cooked millet from Hip Pressure Cooking.

Hip Pressure Cooking says Millet is the new Quinoa, and that post offers tips for cooking this interesting seed (that’s eaten as a grain) in the pressure cooker.

And finally from (and what a name for a website) here’s a list of The Top 25 Cities You Should Visit in your Lifetime.  I definitely need to get traveling, and I love the pick for number one!

(You can use the label Things I’m Thinking About to see more round-ups like this one.)  What have you been thinking about lately?  Please share in the comments, and if you’re spotted something especially interesting online, links are welcome.

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