Every month has it’s own most-eaten foods, but in March I’m thinking about cabbage and St. Patrick’s Day food!

St. Patrick’s Day is only a week away, and if you like the idea of cooking corned beef to celebrate on March 17, there’s a great collection of Slow Cooker Corned Beef From Food Bloggers at my slow cooker site, including the delicious-looking Slow Cooker Corned Beef with Horseradish-Mustard Sauce (pictured above) from my friend Lydia.

My late father was partly Irish, and towards the end of his life I used to enjoy making an Irish-American dinner every year for St. Patrick’s Day.  I say Irish-American, because for the most part the foods Americans eat on St. Patrick’s Day aren’t really Irish, did you know that?  But my dad certainly didn’t care if the food was authentic, and he loved the corned beef dinners I’d make for him every year.

Not all my siblings love corned beef and other Irish-American foods the way my dad did, but this year it just so happens I’m going to have visiting family members in town on March 17, so I’m going to have a St. Patrick’s dinner.  Of course I’ll make my Corned Beef with Veggies and Horseradish Sauce, something I made every year for dad.

Now here are a few more Irish American Foods I’m thinking about this week . . . 

One of my favorite green foods for St. Paddy’s Day is this Roasted Cabbage with Lemon.  My dad could barely tolerate most vegetables, but I did get him to eat this with his corned beef.

If you like it spicy, I’ve also got Roasted Cabbage with Lime and Sriracha.

This Colcannon from Simply Recipes (pictured above) is a traditional St. Patrick’s Day menu item that’s authentically Irish.  I’m not sure I could have won my dad over to this combination of potatoes + kale, but personally I’d love to try a lower-carb version (with cauliflower + kale).  That’s an idea that’s definitely not Irish though!

You could also leave out the kale and make the traditional Irish potato dish called Champ from Never Enough Thyme, or maybe Katie’s Irish Mash from Turntable Kitchen.

Another thing I always made for my dad was this 100% Whole Wheat Brown Irish Soda Bread.

For a sweeter version, how about Breakfast Irish Soda Bread from Recipe Girl?

And if you’d like a gluten-free or grain free version, Elana’s Pantry has Gluten-Free and Grain-Free Irish Soda Bread.

And you do need butter on soda bread like this, but according to The Kitchn, Irish butter may not always be best.

And let’s not forget the kids (who may or may not have gotten pinched at school that day); what’s the history behind that silly tradition of pinching people who don’t wear green?

This Green Mac and Cheese from Weelicious might be a hit if you want healthy green foods with vegetables that your kids might eat.

An Edible Mosaic has a very green Healthy Mint-Flavored Shamrock Shake (shown above) and Skinnytaste has a Skinny(er) Shamrock Shake.

If you’re having a St. Paddy’s Day party you’ll need a green dessert; Barbara Bakes has St. Patrick’s Day Rice Krispie Treats  and Picky Palate has Lucky Green Velvet Baby Cakes.

And finally, holidays aren’t just about the food, so Good Life Eat has St. Patrick’s Day Picture Books for Kids and here are some St. Patrick’s Day Fun Facts.

That’s all for this time, but you can use the label Things I’m Thinking About to see more round-ups of Tuesday thoughts like this one. What have you been thinking about this week? If you saw something fun or inspiring, please share in the comments.

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