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San Francisco Memories and Lots of Food, but Not Enough Photos!

Last summer I went to San Francisco with my two gorgeous friends Mary and Jacque where we had so much fun we vowed we’d go every year. So this past weekend Mary and I returned to San Francisco to visit Jacque again. It was a great weekend of eating, drinking, shopping, meeting food bloggers, eating, drinking, shopping, watching parades, eating, drinking, shopping, and seeing the city. You get the idea: there was a lot of eating, drinking, and shopping!

I wish I had a lot more pictures, but on the second day of the trip I was looking at photos on my camera when my brain went on autopilot and I accidentally erased two days worth of pictures. At home I visited my local camera store, and would have gladly paid the $39 for image recovery, but when I found out it would take 2-3 weeks, I decided to give up on the lost photos and just tell you about the trip. I realize a picture is worth a thousand words, but I’ll try to be brief.

San Francisco is such a unique city, and what a wonderful place for food lovers. I was really looking forward to meeting a few other bloggers while I was there. We arrived on Friday and we made a mad dash from the airport, managing to meet David for a few minutes before lots of people arrived at Fog City News wanting his autograph. That night we had a good dinner at Blowfish, where I took lots of photos of artfully arranged sushi, but you’ll have to use your imagination for that.

The next morning we headed down to the Ferry Building, where the plan was to hang out for a while with some food bloggers, and then head to lunch at Yank Sing with anyone who could make it. Before I met the others, I ran into David again, and enjoyed meeting his sisters who live in the city.

The appointed meeting spot was in front of Cowgirl Creamery at 10:30, and pretty soon there was Amy, Sam, CookieCrumb and Cranky, Sean, Christine, Anita and Cameron, and even SF Mike who I never really did properly meet, plus myself of course, all standing there gabbing away about food, mutual blogger friends and San Francisco restaurants, while Mary and Jacque stood there with their mouths open that so many people had shown up to meet me.

We wandered around the Farmer’s Market, and it was fun watching Sam do her shopping for the week, with a cool insulated container on wheels, as Christine, Amy, CookieCrumb, Cranky, and I explored the various food offerings. I got some of the famous beans and even got introduced to the bean man himself, as well as David Kinch from Manresa. (Oh yes, I was taking photos of all of this, including the bloggers, all of which vanished in a moment of brain on autopilot. Sigh again.)

Then it was off to Yank Sing, where Christine, CookieCrumb, Cranky, and I somehow missed hooking up with Ed and Faith, (partly due to my stupidity in giving the restaurant my home number so when they tried to call it went straight to voicemail. Duh.) I was so upset when I got the message and realized we’d missed them.

If you’ve never had the chance to meet other someone in person after you’ve liked them online, I can tell you from this weekend and past experiences that it’s just the most fun you can imagine. Everyone I met in San Francisco was great, and I hope I can have dinner with all of them when I go there again.

Now, here are a few pictures I took after the photo-deleting mishap, so you can see at least some of what we ate. After all, this is a food blog.

Appetizer of edamame with sesame oil and sesame seeds from Butterfly, a lovely restaurant where the chef is a friend of Jacque’s. We had a great dinner there.

Perfectly-cooked filet mignon with chanterelles and port-thyme reduction from Butterfly.

Another perfect dish of sauteed Scallops, English pea and lemon risotto and crispy leeks, also from Butterfly.

Crescenza cheese stuffed foccacia with Chanterelles from Rose Pistola, where we had a lovely lunch on our last day in town.

Antipasti of grilled octopus with white beans, arugula, shaved fennel and lemon from Rose Pistola. Truly outstanding.

Last, but not least was this heirloom tomato and buffalo mozarella caprese salad, also from Rose Pistola, and just as delicious as the other choices we had here.

Despite a few camera mishaps and the bad luck in missing Ed and Faith, it was a wonderful weekend in San Francisco again this year. We’ll definitely be back again for more eating, drinking, and shopping in the city by the bay.
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    18 Comments on “San Francisco Memories and Lots of Food, but Not Enough Photos!”

  1. Kalyn,

    Thank you for bringing the salad and the tomato and basil plate. Mostly, I love the basil you left in my freezer. Finally, Nick and Ken say thank you for the steaks. Ken is cooking them now. I hope I didn’t post twice



  2. Katie, I don’t think I’ve ever met another blogger I didn’t like. They’re all just so much fun. I’d love to meet you. (Maybe I’ll have to come to Europe soon!)

    Katerina, yes I do pretty much eat whatever I want (within reason!) when I’m on vacation. (South Beach Dieters, don’t go on vacation when you’re on phase one!)

    EMWK, didn’t know you were from SF. I just love it there.

    Amy, soooo fun.

    Sean, I loved Butterfly. There’s one in Salt Lake too. A bit pricey for me, but great for a special occasion. I do want to hear the story.

    Sher, I can always take more photos next year (although I was *very* upset at the time!) It was great; hope you can come next year.

    Sam, I do hope to come back sooner this time. Maybe the Fancy Food Show this winter? Yes, that was beautiful lettuce wasn’t it. (And you’re lovely, of course you didn’t break the camera.)

    David, I bought five types of beans, which was as many as I dared! I thought Steve (the bean man) was just adorable.

  3. I loved the bean man too! Am lugging back a few pounds of those beauties…glad you found him and, of course, the gal-pals at Cowgirl Creamery.

  4. I think its my fault you lost the pictures – I probably broke the camera!

    Seriously though – I was planning to ask you for a picture of the lettuce for a post I am writing – but it looks like it wa snot meant to be.

    You’ll just have to come back again sooner than later.

  5. I’m sorry you lost those photos. That’s happened to me recently. But, the ones you posted are wonderful! It was great to see them. The people and the food looked perfect! :):)

  6. Fantastic to meet you, if only briefly. Glad you enjoyed Butterfly. Oddly, tho I work just a couple blocks from it, I haven’t been since they moved to that location. I used to love the original on Mission Street. Remind me to tell you the Coyote Ugly girls story from there.

  7. I love SF, the city and the food. Sounds like you had a great trip! It must have been so fun to meet fellow food bloggers.

  8. Glad you are back with a bunch of beautiful pics! Didn’t know how much I MISSED San Francisco til I read your post…:)

  9. Looks like fun! I take it you were a little easier on your diet when you are on vacation? The way it should be 🙂

  10. What a wonderful trip! How fun to meet so many bloggers in person – and to see old friends.
    Bummer about your camera.
    But from the ones I can see it looks like you had a great, fun trip…sigh…I’m so far away…

  11. Anh, wish you could go there too! It’s such a fun city.

    CookieCrumb, so great meeting you too! We will have other meetings, I’m sure of it.

    Tanna, yes, someday we will meet. Yes, Mary and Jacque are a lot of fun!

    Kelly, SF is an amazing city for food lovers; you must go there.

    Meeta, thanks. I would love to meet you too; hopefully someday.

    DD, according to Wikipedia, buffalo mozarella is made from water buffalo milk. Very interesting. I can’t say that I realized that either.

    Peter, good attitude, and I will definitely go back.

  12. I still rave about my trip to SF and I’ll be back! As for your photo mishap, look on the brightside…it gives you an excuse to go back to SF and re-take those lost shots.

    Also, you have to go to Napa and/or Sonoma.

  13. Oooh nice!!! You got me hungry now!!! 😛

    Something which I didn’t know was that the Buffalo Mozarella (in the last pic) is actually made of Buffalo milk?!?! Weird, hey?
    I don’t know who is either brave enough, or crazy enough, to milk a buffalo. Anyhoo, I’m glad that’s not MY job 😛

  14. Sorry to hear about the pics Kalyn. But it really looks like you all had a great time. All three of you look so gorgeous. So does the food. I hope one day I get to meet some of my fave blogger buddies too. I imagine all the fun we’d have.

  15. I’ve never been to SF, but seeing what kind of culinary offerings they have, I might have to make the drive.

  16. Online friends are really fun when they become real life friends! Sorry about the photos.
    I do enjoy meeting foodies and one day it will be our time where ever that maybe!
    Those girls look like some fun times!

  17. Ohhhh. Very nice pix. I hope you can recover your other “lost” ones.
    So great to meet you!!!

  18. Glad you had a good trip Kalyn… I wish I could go there! Big fun and good food! 🙂