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Food Bloggers Meet at Blogher 2006

Can you tell how excited I was about attending Blogher and getting to meet some of my favorite food bloggers in person? Normally I don’t like having my photo on the blog all that much, but this picture by my great friend Elise of Simply Recipes really captured how I felt about the Blogher Conference in San Jose, truly a wonderful experience. So many brilliant women bloggers, and such an opportunity to learn about blogging from people with a lot more experience and expertise. A highlight of the conference for me was meeting so many great food bloggers, some of whom I’d “met” online, and others who were completely new to me. Every food blogger I met was completely friendly and charming, causing me to reflect on how fun it is to connect with people who share your passions. I only hope that a lot more food bloggers can attend next year!

I ended up being the keeper of the list of foodbloggers who attended, so I’m recording it here, along with some links to other people writing about the conference.

Thanks to Elise for sharing this photo of the food bloggers group. There were so many people that some didn’t make it in the photo! Hopefully the list is complete, but if I missed anyone, send me an e-mail. In no particular order, other than the order they signed my notebook, here are the food bloggers who attended the “birds of a feather” meet-up on Saturday morning:

  • Fatemah from Gastronomie, who blogs about restaurants in San Francisco.
  • Shuna from Eggbeater, a real chef, also in the San Francisco area
  • Pim from Chez Pim, world traveler and great food writer, also in San Francisco.
  • Kat from Kungfoodie, also from San Francisco, who has a blog with impressive videos.
  • Nicole from Bakingsheet and also a contributor of fabulous food pieces to Slashfood, from L.A.
  • Christine from Nothing-New to Eat? who has some great looking recipes on her site.
  • Erin from Erin’s Kitchen, who blogs about eating local and explores all things food from L.A.
  • The charming blogging icon Meg, who writes Megnut from New York City.
  • Known to me only as TW, who writes a fun blog called Retro Food from Florida.
  • Kimberly from Seattle, who writes a blog called Music and Cats in which she talks about food.
  • Melissa who writes a blog called Domesticana, about food and other things domestic.
  • Kendall from Vigilante Web who doesn’t blog about food but likes to cook.
  • Chockylit from Cupcake Bakeshop, who creates yummy looking baked goods.
  • Helen Jane from HelenJane, who loves to cook and live in the California wine country.
  • Anne Marie who writes a fun blog called This Mama Cooks from Frederick, Colorado.
  • My Blogher Friend Suebob, who writes Snackish from Southern California.
  • The amazing and generous Elise, who writes Simply Recipes from Sacramento.
  • James who writes AboyneJames and lives and cooks in the U.K.
  • Lauren who blogs about life in general at The Adnostic, but is interested in cooking.
  • Eat Local icon Jen who blogs at Life Begins at 30 and Bay Area Bites in San Francisco.
  • Stacie at Schmoopy has a new food blog coming soon!
  • And, for those who are copying the list, I’m Kalyn from Kalyn’s Kitchen in Salt Lake City.
There were a few other people who only gave me their e-mail, so if they want to send me their web address I’ll be happy to add it here. If you’re interested in reading more about the food blogger meet-up, as well as seeing more individual photos, Elise has a great Blogher write-up at Simply Recipes. On Slashfood, Nicole wrote about the food at Blogher, and a wrap-up of Blogher and tips for starting a food blog. Then on her personal blog, Bakingsheet, Nicole gives her impressions of Blogher. And though she couldn’t attend the conference, Bea at La Tartine Gourmand has a blogher connection.

There’s a lot of other Blogher coverage on the web, but here are three more interesting things you might want to read if you’re curious about the conference:

What Robert Scoble learned from Blogher. (Yes, that is the famous Robert Scoble. I actually got to shake his hand.)

Blogher founder Lisa Stone about the panel discussion that ended the conference with Arianna Huffington, Grace Davis, Caroline Little, and Mena Trott. For me, this was a huge highlight of the conference, and I even got a picture of me with Arianna!

Toby Bloomberg from Diva Marketing blog has a great collection of links from the men at Blogher.

Next summer Blogher is in Chicago,and Blogher Business is in New York City in March. I will definitely be there.

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    20 Comments on “Food Bloggers Meet at Blogher 2006”

  1. Ditto .. it was a delight to give you a hug; you made me feel like I was still a part of the ‘food bloggers’ thanks 🙂

  2. What fun and what a great pic Elise took! (I’d love to see the one with Arianna — how cool is that?) I keep telling Chopper I want to visit Chicago again some day — I stopped there years ago on a cross-country drive to Boston and loved it — so maybe next Blogher will be the time!

  3. Kalyn, Nice to see you 🙂

  4. Great list! Thank you!

  5. thanks for the write up Kalyn. I’m with ya on the getting back into the kitchen–especially now that I have some new-to-me foodbloggers to look to for inspiration!

  6. Hey, I am cross commenting with some of you!! I tried to leave comments on all the blogs that accept comments to let people know the list is posted, but I had trouble on a few. I hope everyone finds it who is interested.

    Now, I must cook, photograph and post something before I lost all my food blogger credentials completely.

  7. Hi Kalyn,

    What a great recap! It was wonderful meeting you and all the amazing food bloggers. Looking forward to reading all the food blogs. I wrote a post on the direction my food blog is going. Already looking forward to next years BlogHer.

  8. Thank you for this Recap’. It should be so interesting ; I would have loved to join you. I’m going away again to help in the restaurant (where I can’t get ADSL), but I come back at the end of august. Be sure I’ll look deeply at the Blogher’s site. And of course, I will join again the WHB weekly meet (that I miss). Send me the link to your tabouli if you want me to add it to the virtual picnic (before the 3rd of august). Anyway, have a good summer, enjoy gardening, and see you in september. Best wishes.

  9. Congratulations for the success of your get-together! At least now there are real people behind the icons and nicknames. Heehee!

    Wish we have one locally as well. 🙂

  10. Looks like you all had a great time, I hope to be “physically” there next year! Thanks for letting us have a peak at your reunion there!

  11. Wow! What a great looking bunch! So many attended. Looks to me, you all had a fabulous time!

  12. Well Sam, we are so incredibly impressed by your commitment to the 24hour blogging fundraiser. I don’t know how you did it!

  13. well – like someone asked me during my blogathon “Which US city do you want to visit and why?”, I answered “Chicago”, so maybe I will have to give it a try next year, if I can somehow go on the cheap. I am green with envy now, reading all the blogher posts!

  14. Allison, it was lovely meeting you. Take care of those cute little boys.

    Paz, love to see you next year, but I was wrong, apparently Blogher Business is in New York in March, and Blogher 07 is in Chicago next summer. Sorry about that.

  15. Nice to read that the event was wonderful. And you do look excited! East Coast next year? Hmmm…


  16. Hi Kalyn – it was an absolute pleasure to meet you at Blogher. I enjoyed sharing a meal with the food bloggers! That is really a beautiful photo.

    Take care,

  17. Teri, the dinner was so fun. I’m also hoping we can meet again. I’m adding your blog to my rss reader.

    Melissa, (not Melinda) will fix it here and on Blogher site too.

    Nic, thanks. It was fun writing them up because I had to visit all the blogs to get the links.

  18. Wonderful post, Kalyn. Thank you so much for writing up all the food bloggers (and other bloggers) who got together with us on Saturday!

  19. Kalyn, thanks so much for putting this list of food bloggers together. There were just too many names to remember (of people and especially their blogs!). I can’t wait to check out all of these in more detail, including yours.

    BTW- My name is Melissa, not Melinda. I’m sure my handwriting was the culprit on that one! 🙂

  20. Kalyn – It was great to meet you, and so many other women who are blogging their passions (and their politics). Sharing a meal at Gombei was a great way to wrap up the conference. Hope we meet again in cyberspace or otherwise. Until then, keep yourself well and eat well!