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Remembering My Mother on Mother’s Day

Since it’s Mother’s Day in many parts of the world, today I’m thinking about my mother who died in 1998. She was a remarkable woman, consistently generous and loving in a way that few people are able to manage, and incredibly creative and talented as well. I’m sure I’ll never stop missing her. And now that I’ve lived long enough to understand what a tough job it is to be a parent, I realize I really won the lottery in the parents department.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there, and for everyone reading this, if your mother is still alive, call her right now and tell her how much you appreciate all those motherly things she did for you.

(Thanks to my sister Laurel for the photo. After my mother died, Laurel scanned years and years of slides to create a set of CDs with all our family photos.)

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    8 Comments on “Remembering My Mother on Mother’s Day”

  1. You look so much like your Mum!

  2. Thanks everyone for the nice comments. I do hope my mom is proud of me, but even more than that I hope she knows how much I love her and miss her every day.

  3. Kalyn, beautiful! I better stop now before I start crying.

  4. Aw, you guys!!! What lovely thoughts.

  5. I miss her everyday as well. She was amazing. And it’s no coincidence for Kalyn that many of my memories of Mom were in the kitchen. I remember when she was cleaning a Pheasant and I made her do a complete pheasant anatomy course for me while she prepared it for cooking. She didn’t mind at all. She was such a gift. I love you Mom.

  6. A lovely tribute to your mum, Kalyn!
    I don’t have any kids myself, but we paid a visit to K’s and my mom, my two grandmothers and took flowers to K’s grandmother’s grave. I also called my godmother, so I’ve done my daughterly duties:)

  7. Kalyn,

    Your mom sounds like a wonderful person. She would be very proud of you. It seems you and I both won the lottery in the mom department:)

  8. I feel very lucky to have lived long enough to appreciate at least most/many (hopefully) of the things my mother was and did before she died.
    Happy Mother’s Day …
    Yep, I’ll always miss her.