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Roasted Asparagus Wrapped in Ham (Video)

Roasted Asparagus Wrapped in Ham is a delicious treat that would be lovely any time you need a special appetizer, and it’s low-carb, Keto, low-glycemic, gluten-free, and dairy-free. Use Asparagus Recipes to find more recipes like this one.

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Watch the video to see if you’d like to make Roasted Asparagus Wrapped In Ham!

Roasted Asparagus Wrapped in Ham found on KalynsKitchen.com

It’s a sure sign of Spring when recipes featuring asparagus start popping up on the food blogs. Both of the markets where I shop regularly are selling low-priced asparagus, so I’ve been having fun experimenting with it lately. I’ve seen recipes using asparagus paired with prosciutto or bacon, but I thought I’d try asparagus roasted with lean ham, and it was a winner.The smoked and slightly browned ham paired wonderfully with the barely roasted asparagus, and Roasted Asparagus Wrapped in Ham is something that would make a nice addition to a menu for Easter brunch or lunch.

Roasted Asparagus Wrapped in Ham found on KalynsKitchen.com

I made this twice, and it’s definitely best with asparagus spears that are a bit thicker. Cut off the woody ends of the asparagus, making the pieces all the same size. For this recipe packaged ham (where the pieces are all the same size) will work best. Roll a piece of ham around each asparagus spear, securing it with a toothpick. Spray the baking sheet with non-stick spray before you put the asparagus on. I staggered the pieces on the baking sheet so it wouldn’t be too hard to turn them.Roast the spears 8-10 minutes on the first side, until the ham is barely starting to get browned. Then turn and roast 5-7 minutes more, until the asparagus is barely tender-crisp and the ham is lightly browned on both sides. Serve hot.

Roasted Asparagus Wrapped in Ham found on KalynsKitchen.com

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Roasted Asparagus Wrapped in Ham

Roasted Asparagus Wrapped in Ham is a delicious treat for lunch or holiday brunch!


  • 1 lb. thick asparagus spears, woody ends trimmed
  • 1 lb. smoked ham (packaged ham that’s cut into same-size pieces will work best)


  1. Preheat oven to 400F/205C.
  2. Spray a baking sheet with non-stick spray. (If you have two or more baking sheets, and room in the oven, you can cook all the wrapped asparagus at once.)
  3. Trim the woody ends of asparagus spears, making all pieces the same size.
  4. Roll a piece of ham around each piece of asparagus, securing with a toothpick inserted horizontally so the piece of asparagus will lay flat on the baking sheet.
  5. Lay asparagus on the sprayed baking sheet, staggering the pieces so you’ll be able to turn them.
  6. Roast asparagus for 8-10 minutes on the first side, or until the ham is lightly browned.
  7. Turn asparagus pieces over and roast 5-7 minutes more on the second side, until asparagus is barely tender-crisp and ham is lightly browned on both sides.
  8. Repeat with more asparagus pieces if you’re only using one baking sheet.
  9. Serve hot, with mustard dipping sauce on the side if desired.


Recipe created by Kalyn.

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Low-Carb Diet / Low-Glycemic Diet / South Beach Diet Suggestions:
This Roasted Asparagus Wrapped in Ham is low-carb, Keto, low-glycemic, and South Beach Diet friendly, and it’s also Paleo if you use ham that doesn’t have added sugar or honey.

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34 comments on “Roasted Asparagus Wrapped in Ham (Video)”

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  3. Sam, my pleasure! Hope you all enjoy it.

  4. This would be a perfect appetizer to take to Thanksgiving at my diabetic BIL's house. Thanks.

  5. Teresa, so glad you liked it, and I love the idea of adding a little Dijon!

  6. My hubbie and I are back on phase one and I needed something special for a football game appetizer…made this but added a little spread of dijon mustard on the ham before rolling it up. The husband was surprised that he could be that impressed with a such an appetizer for a football afternoon. we both really enjoyed it! Teresa in Texas

  7. CJ, ham and asparagus has to be a perfect combo! Your version sounds good too.

  8. Wow. Deja vu. I made something similar this week! Cooked the asparagus until tender crisp. Chilled, then rolled in thins slices of proscuitto (a big treat), spread with a little light boursin spread and come thinly sliced fresh basil. It's one of my favorite things, warm or chilled. Sometimes i use soft goat cheese or neufetchel with fresh herbs added.

    Who doesn't love ham, right?

  9. Paula, that sounds good!

  10. I LOVE this Kalyn. Thanks for the idea. Since I don't do South Beach, I may wrap it in a tortilla with a little honey mustard. Yum!

  11. Suann, I think this will be great on the grill!

  12. Saw this pop up on FB. Thinking of Easter Dinner & our love for roasted asparagus knew this would be good. I will probably brush the asparagus with EVOO mixed with a touch of liquid smoke then cook on our gas grill. I know it will be a hit! Thanks for the great ideas!

  13. Gorgeous side dish/appetizer. Perfect for Spring!

  14. I've had asparagus wrapped in prociutto but not with ham! looks very tasty!

  15. It won't be long and we will be getting asparagus from the garden. I will give this recipe a try, it sounds great!

  16. I just made asparagus for the first time this season, and of course, I overcooked it. By the time I get my technique back, the best pick of the season is usually over …

  17. The saltiness of the ham with the asparagus would make a great combination! I love this idea for a quick appetizer.

  18. Yum, Kalyn! I made grilled prosciutto wrapped asparagus last week and blanched it before wrapping it. I would have like the prosciutto to have been sliced a little thinner for my taste. Next time I'm going to add a little spice, too.

    I always send people your way when they want to know a simple way to get gluten-free. Good, simple, clean food is best.

  19. I love, love LOVE roasted asparagus.

    I know it's not as healthful, but I like to spread a little softened goat cheese and some thinly sliced fresh basil on top ot the ham before wrapping and grilling or roasting. It makes me shiver with delight just to think of them.

  20. One of the best things about spring is asparagus. We had some for dinner last night. I can never get enough. Great recipe.

  21. reminds me of my elvis asparagus… same recipe, just bacon instead of ham and I sprinkle brown sugar on em… Elvis would have loved em

  22. I don't think this recipe would be good with canned or frozen asparagus, since they're already cooked.

  23. Do I need to use fresh asparagus?

  24. Love this idea. We often have ham around more than prosciutti but that does taste good too.

  25. I love it that other people are chiming in with more ways to adapt this recipe! Keep them coming.

  26. Asparagus is one of my fav. foods, it really goes well with ham/bacon. I'd bake some when they are in season.

  27. Easy and quick! I bet this would be tasty with a honey-mustard sauce.

  28. Hi Kalyn – just discovered your blog — looks great!

    The asparagus in this recipe is making me jealous. Here in the Northeast asparagus in the farmers markets is still about a month away. In the meantime I'll have some vicariously through your post. Yum!

  29. I have been making pickled asparagus and wrapping it in Spec (from Costco) for appetizers.

  30. Try using a sprinkling of parmesan on the ham before rolling it.

  31. Thank you for posting this recipe. I love asparagus but I have never thought about roasting it with ham. I usually just steam it and then serve with some sauce. This roasted asparagus looks absolutely delicious. It looks like a great starter. I'll definitely give it a try.

  32. What an awesome appetizer! They look adorable too, thanks!

  33. I love this….I'm gonna do it..

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