This post will teach you How to Peel and Cut Up a Butternut Squash. And while I don’t judge if you buy pricey pre-cut butternut squash cubes, the freshly peeled and cut squash is so much more flavorful!

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I think roasted butternut squash is one of the best things about autumn. That’s why, if you live in the U.S., you’ll see those bags of already peeled and cut butternut squash start to appear in stores at this time every year. In the past, I’ve confessed to buying pre-cut squash myself, even though I knew it couldn’t possibly be as good as freshly cut squash. And every year, I’ll splurge a bit on carbs and make a few of my favorite butternut squash recipes.

But the days when I’d pay premium prices for pre-cut squash changed when I discovered the Really Big Squash variety and started growing my own butternut squash. Now I had to master the slightly tricky process of cutting them up, and with practice I’ve gotten pretty good at it.

If you’ve been a bit daunted by trying to cut up a hefty squash, here are some tips for How to Peel and Cut Up a Butternut Squash that can help you save money and get that garden-fresh squash flavor. And you can use Butternut Squash Recipes for ideas for using that squash after you cut it up!

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Steps for How to Peel and Cut Up a Butternut Squash:

  1. If you’re buying your squash in the store, you’ll may get one that’s shaped a bit differently than this, since most butternut has a thin neck with a bulb-shaped end where the seeds are. But whatever variety of butternut you have, start by cutting off the stem and blossom end of the squash.
  2. Next cut the squash in half so you can scrape the seeds out. You’ll need a bit of muscle on the knife to cut through the squash. If it’s a particularly big squash you might want to cut it into quarters.
  3. Feel around in your silverware drawer and get the most pointed and sharp spoon you can find to scrape out the seeds. Grapefruit spoons are great for this if you have them. Try to scrape off all the stringy material that’s around the seeds.
  4. The inside of the squash should look really clean when you’re finished scraping the seeds out.
  5. Now comes the part that’s nearly impossible to do with a knife. Using a sharp vegetable peeler (affiliate link) peel away the skin in long strips. I’m not too compulsive about removing every bit of those green stripes that are just under the skin, but if they bother you, just peel until they’re completely gone.
  6. Once all the squash pieces are peeled, cut into strips the width you want them for what you’re making with the squash. For roasted squash, I try to make pieces that are slightly over an inch square.
  7. Then turn the strips the other way and cut again to make pieces. Now that was really not so hard, was it? And here are some recipes ideas for ways to use those butternut squash cubes.
  8. Use the butternut squash cubes to make something tasty!

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