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Welcome to Kalyn’s Kitchen

Welcome to my new blog of South Beach Diet friendly recipes. After a few months of sending recipe ideas to my friends by e-mail, I decided it would be nice to use a blog to post the recipes rather than sending an e-mail each time. 

Thanks to my great brother Rand (the creative genius in the family) for creating a great blog for our family and giving me the idea for this one.

The South Beach diet has been amazingly successful for me. I haven’t followed the diet 100%, but I have tried to stick to the South Beach principles for most of my meals. However, if you’re not a South Beach convert, the recipes you will find here will be great for any kind of diet that recommends decreasing carbs and increasing protein foods.

I think my diet is very healthy, and also quite varied. I love what I’m eating and know I can eat this way for the rest of my life. I say, if there are things you simply must eat once in a while (for me it’s popcorn at the movies) then eat those things, but eliminate some other things you don’t savor quite so much. It all balances out. And if you follow the diet, you will loose weight, especially around the waist. I promise.

I hope you like the recipes. Please leave me comments when you visit the blog, and if you want to send me some of your great recipes to share, send them to kalynskitchen@comcast.net.

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    7 Comments on “Welcome to Kalyn’s Kitchen”

  1. I can not figure out how to print out a recipe from your site.   I looking for a printable format & I’m wondering if have a recipe box I can save my favorite recipes on your page.

    • There is not a recipe box feature on the site.

      I switched my blog to WordPress last year and I’m still in the process of changing recipes to that format. So recipes that have been switched (where the actual recipe appears in a box inside the post) have a “Print” button that’s in that section of the post; you just click to print. Older recipes or those that haven’t yet been switched have a Printer Friendly link directly below the recipe that opens to a page with just the recipe, usually on one page. To print that you use the print function on your computer (usually File/Print).

      Hope that helps. I have three people working on switching the recipes to the new format, but with over 2,000 recipes on the site it is taking us quite a while!

  2. Congratulations on your blogiversary! It’s fun to look back and read first posts. I’m not sure I got any comments on mine for a long time!

  3. Thanks Georgette. And thanks for your great recipes too.

  4. Kalyn; Love the recipes. When I need something I just look it up on your blog. Love the addition of the photos.

  5. Kalyn: I posted a long comment but it went somewhere into cyberspace.
    Hope it works this time.
    You are truly moving forward. This is the best incarnation yet.
    From Lake Powell delicious suppers to friends suppers in your home to garden produce in your backyard to parties with your soups to e-mail lists of your recipes, and now
    your Blog. It’s you! Fabulous!
    Thanks for sharing these with us.
    Your friend, Wanda.

  6. I’m so happy your recipes are in the blogosphere.
    Thanks to you for finding, experimenting with, and sharing so many great recipes!
    Yum. Yum. Yum.
    Much love