Before you look at these photos of people I met in Boston, remember that I keep reminding you how Friday Night Photos is about me taking pictures of things other than food so I can practice photography. Well, the big lesson in these shots from BlogHer Boston is about changing the white balance on the camera so you don’t have to fix it when you’re editing. I never think my photos of people look as good as the people look in real life, but hopefully you’ll still enjoy seeing them. The lovelier-in-real-life ladies above are Nika from Nika’s Culinaria, Lydia from The Perfect Pantry, and Sarah from Sarah’s Cucina Bella, who were my fellow panelists from Social Media Can Save Dinner. (If you click that link you can read how the session was skillfully liveblogged by Andrea from Library Techtonics.)

Of course the ladies insisted I get in the picture with Nika and Sarah too, and I’m posting it just to show I’m a reasonably good sport because I hate the way the braces make my teeth look yellow in this photo. (My braces are gold, which has both good and bad aspects.) We were having fun though, which I hope you can tell from the smiles. (Thanks to Lydia who took this photo and also generously invited me to stay with her and see the real-live Perfect Pantry, which is how I ended up going to Boston in the first place!)

I met a lot of interesting women, most of whom I didn’t manage to take pictures of, but I did sneak in this shot of Maris from In Good Taste, who’d written to me before we went to Boston to arrange to meet up with the food bloggers. She was another impressive live-blogger (scroll to the end for links to her live blogging posts from several session.)

My day started at 6:00 A.M (that’s 4:00 A.M. Utah time) and I was definitely looking rather frazzled and faded by 6:00 P.M. when I got this picture taken with the gorgeous SassyMonkey, BlogHer’s book editor, author of Sassymonkey Reads, and the person who’s single-handedly responsible for the fact that I was reading this book on the plane coming to Boston! In the background between our two heads you can barely see my new friend Cora from Cora Cooks, who is not only nice, she’s funny! Talking to Cora and enjoying some of the amazing food at the reception is Renee from Crumbs.

Last photo, but certainly not least, the three gorgeous women who started the organization that’s responsible for putting together the BlogHer conferences and running, which I’m so proud to be a part of. Equally as brilliant as they are beautiful are (left to right) Jory des Jardins, Elisa Camahort Page, and Lisa Stone.

(There are lots of other bloggers I met or who’ve written about BlogHer Boston, and no doubt there are people I’ve missed in the list of links below. If you were there and I missed you, please leave a comment and I’ll add your link.)

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