Birthday PostcardsJust one photo this week, but a heartwarming story to go with it. If you follow me on Twitter, or if you saw the comments on my birthday post of Sixty Things I’ve Learned in Sixty Years, then you heard about this. Yes, it was my sixtieth birthday, and my sister Valerie and her incredibly cute kids surprised me with sixty postcards in the mail telling “Sixty Things We Love About Aunt Kalyn.”

I figured a surprise this good deserves some official recognition on the blog, so above are the postcards which must have taken hours and hours to write. Thanks Val and kids; I loved the postcards! Hopefully these kids will be staying at my house for a day or two over the Christmas holidays, and we’ll have some fun times.

I am grateful to have such a wonderful family. On my fiftieth birthday my sister Laurel organized everyone and they sent me 50 roses, also a pretty great birthday surprise!

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