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Five Fun Things on Friday

I love posting Friday Night Photos, especially when there are new things to share, but when the photos don’t inspire me I’m going to start sharing other fun things I’ve come across during the week. Since there seems to be some sort of unwritten rule that these types of blog features must have titles with alliteration, I’m calling this Five Fun Things on Friday. Keep reading to see five things I thought were fun this week.

Fun Thing #1: A Meatloaf Hand for Halloween Dinner

I’ve seen some pretty creative Halloween foods, but the Meatloaf Hand at Not Martha has to be one of the most gruesome things you could put on the menu for Halloween dinner. If you have boys in the family, I’m guessing they’d love making this. (If meat isn’t your thing, you might prefer the Witch’s Fingers Pretzel Rolls at A Fridge Full of Food!)

Fun Thing #2: Web Site Story

This video link arrived in my inbox from my blogging friend Lydia from The Perfect Pantry, and I promise if you’ve ever seen West Side Story, you will roar with laughter at this Web Site Story. Lydia got this from her charming husband Ted, who is definitely one of the most fun guys I know. (Another fun thing related to Lydia, I’m sharing my pantry photos at her blog today as part of her series on Other People’s Pantries. If you want to see what’s in the pantry at my house, go check it out!)

Fun Thing #3: Salad in a Jar

For years I’ve been a fan of the FoodSaver machine that vacuum packs food in plastic bags, and I use my Foodsaver all the time to extend the shelf life of things like meat or cheese. Now I find out I could be using it to make lettuce last longer too. Romaine at Salad in a Jar can show you how it’s done!

Fun Thing #4: Product Review Round-Up

They say nothing is as powerful as an idea whose time has come, and with more and more bloggers reviewing products, the brilliant Grace Davis has realized that the time has come for Product Review Round-Up, a site that indexes reviews written by bloggers. Check it out to see what products bloggers are giving a thumbs up (or not!)

Fun Thing #5: The Right Way to Eat Sushi

A reader named Jerry send me a link to this fun cartoon snippet about The Right Way to Eat Sushi. Even if you eat sushi all the time, I’m guessing you might pick up a few tips.

Have you come across anything interesting this week? We could all use more fun in our lives, so if you discovered something fun this week, please share with a link in the comments.    If you need just a little more Friday Fun, you can use the label for Five Fun Things on Friday to see fun things I’ve shared on other Fridays!

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16 comments on “Five Fun Things on Friday”

  1. this is a great idea – I love these round ups – have you seen the great halloween food that Not Quite Nigella does at http://www.notquitenigella.com/ – she had a great party round up last year and it looks like there will be another this year

  2. Five Fun Things on Friday. A great way to end the week, Kalyn. So here are my delightful fives:
    1 – Eating with Zest: Eating a most delicious half of papaya with fresh lime on it
    2 – Out of the Mouths of Babes Going on Eighteen: Hearing my 3 year old grandson say, I just want to explore ! (instead of whining at being contained for a bit at the doctors office)
    3 – Painting Stripes: While scrambling to find just the right color for my newly built master bedroom suite, finding that most paint stores/departments will sell you a little container of paint for just 3 bucks….my wall now has many stripes of hues awaiting my decision.
    4 – Surprise Visit: An old acquaintance living in Europe has just asked to Friend me on FaceBook.
    5 – A Treat on Tuesday: Licking the spoon of the best gelato in my town; after almost a week in the freezer; still tastes superb.

  3. Kalyn, what a great idea! Fridays are for celebrating the end of the work week, and what better way than with a few tidbits to make us smile? Thanks for Five Fun Things — I'm looking forward to five more.

  4. Thanks for the meatloaf hand! I had been hearing about it, but hadn't found it yet.

    Also, your pantry is wonderfully organized!!!!

  5. Johanna, thanks for sharing, so many fun ideas for Halloween!

    Hi Wands, love your photo, and what a great list. I need to see that cute grandson again.

    Lydia, I think it will be fun, thanks!

    Pam isn't that meatloaf hand something! As for the pantry, I'm an organizing freak! What can I say?

  6. Thanks for including my witch's fingers, Kalyn! Man, that meat hand is awesomely disgusting. I so want to try it next year! LOL

  7. That hand totally grossed me out, therefore my 13 year old son should love it!

  8. I loved the Five Fun Things feature.

    Thanks and have a wonderful weekend Kalyn.
    BTE- That's a mighty tidy pantry yo've got there.

    Out kitchen is tiny, so I've built pantry storage in the basement. (some snap together shelving) Not as handy as the kitchen, but I could not live without one.

  9. I saw that meatloaf hand this week tol – soooo fun!

    I found a fun Buddha's Hand Citron this week that I've been pretending is a monster claw. I wrote about it on my blog – check it out if you've never seen one: http://fruitmaven.com/2009/10/buddhas-hand-citron/

  10. LOVE the Web Site Story video — thanks for the laughs!

  11. Thanks for linking to my Salad in a Jar blog. If you try it, I think you will enjoy the convenience not to mention the fresh tasting lettuce you will have for days and days. Makes it easy to eat lots of salad.

  12. I'm glad to know that you use a FoodSaver. I've thought and though about it but never made the commitment. It's just my husband and I and he travels quite often, sometimes last minute. Balancing the grocery shopping can be tricky.

    I might have to invest in one of these – I store almost everything in glass jars. I didn't know you could vacuum seal them with a FoodSaver.

  13. "… there seems to be some sort of unwritten rule that these types of blog features must have titles with alliteration"

    Alliteration Always Appears Artificial!

    Rigid Rules Regularly Ruin Readers' Resolve!

    Dietary Directions Depress Desperate Dieters!

  14. Glenna, you're welcome!

    Italian Dish, I'm guessing it's geared to the 13 year old boy in all of us!

    CJ, thanks! And I do try to keep the pantry organized (although it may not always look *quite* so organized when I'm not taking photos!

    Becky, that is fun. I've never seen those in real life.

    Jana, isn't it a scream. I'm usually not that amused by those sorts of things, but I laughed and laughed!

    Romaine, not sure I know where my jar attachment is (sigh), but I do love the idea. My FoodSaver is about to give out on me (20+ years) so when I have to get a new one I'll try it.

    Amy I've been planning forever to make FoodSaver a Kalyn's Kitchen Picks choice. Only thing that has stopped me is that my model is so old, they look completely different now.

    Jim, your thoughts on alliteration duly noted! 🙂

  15. I love this! It must be a nice change of pace to write this .

  16. Maris, it was fun! I find good things all the time, so it's nice to have a way to share them.

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