One remarkable thing about the internet is the way it has joined people from around the world into huge communities based on their interests. That’s certainly been true in the food blogging world, and it was reflected in this week’s participants who were eager to show off their herbs, veggies, plants, or flowers.

Weekend Herb Blogging started off this week with a very interesting post which I received on Thursday. Vijay from the Indian blog My Dhaba was excited about blogging about herbs, and presented a fascinating look at an herb I was completely unfamiliar with, drumstick leaves. In the recipe for Drumstick Leaves Fried With Eggs, the photography was spectacular, and Vijay gives great instructions for how to make the dish, that is if you can find the drumstick leaves! My best guess would be a relative of thyme, but I could be way off on this. By the way, My Dhaba is very worth visiting if you are at all interested in Indian cooking, or just for the photography and the wonderful collection of links to other Indian Food Blogs.

Then from Australia, Clare of Eat Stuff was able to pause the celebration for Kiri’s birthday long enough to share a picture of her baby carrots just starting to peek up. Kiri is the star of Weekend Cat Blogging over at Clare’s and she turned one this weekend, so celebrating has been the order of the day. Seeing those carrots starting to grow for the summer season in Australia is a reminder of how big our world is, since it’s turning colder and colder where I am.

Next it is the U.S.A. where Susan (aka Farmgirl) shows us her beautiful Greek Oregano growing in Missouri. The oregano photo features a spectacular terracotta planter that I was coveting as soon as I saw it. Farmgirl Fare is a fun blog which features a daily farm photo as well as interesting features involving farm animals needing names. I believe a couple of sheep ended up with the names Becks and Posh as an honorable mention in the recent competition, but this may only be a rumor.

In Ohio, by way of India, Indira from Mahanandi shows us some lovely Green Chilli (Mirchi, Mirapa Kaayula) which she got at her local market for $1.00. Nearly every week for the weekend herb, veggie, plant, or flower blogging Indira has managed to show us a unique ingredient. She includes a link to a way to prepare the chillis in a deep fried recipe that looks wonderful. Mahanandi is a great source for authentic Indian recipes.

Last, but I hope not least, I featured Simon and Garfunkel and rosemary in this weekend’s Herb Blogging, along with a recipe for my signature dish, Rosemary Mustard Grilled Chicken.

If anyone responds after I post this I will add those links later. Stick around next weekend to see what kind of herbs, veggies, plants, or flowers we will blog about next.

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