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Things I’m Thinking About on (2-25-2014)

If you need more fun in your life, I highly recommend getting a Mini!

In December I promised to start sharing things I’m thinking about, and then in January I got distracted by Daily Phase One Recipes and now it’s been two months since I’ve shared one of these posts.   Happily it was a good two months with lots of holiday celebrating at Chez Kalyn, and the best present ever arrived on December 31 when I got my new Mini Cooper!  I’ve never cared much about cars, and for years I loved my Toyotas, but when I moved I needed a car that could get up the hill in the snow.  I picked the AWD Mini Cooper Countryman that’s slightly bigger than the regular Mini (and thankfully not quite so low to the ground), and this is hands-down the most fun car I’ve ever owned!  And I’ve had the personal license plate for a while, but I think it looks even better on this car.  (If you live in Utah and are considering a Mini I had great service from Tyson Call at Mini of Murray.  And I’m sure some of you are wondering, so just for the record, Tyson and Mini of Murray have no idea that I’m giving them a little shout-out here.)

Here are a few more things I’ve been thinking about lately.

Sometimes you see an ad that really says more about life than it does about the product, and I think this Coke ad really captures the joy of being a parent.  (Warning, whether you’re a parent or not, this will probably make you cry!

Whether or not you know any families with dads in the military, Dad in a Box is another one that will probably make you cry!

You young folks who are reading me, trust me that they’re right about most of the 37 Things You’ll Regret When You’re Old!  (I almost said “young whippersnappers” but I decided that would really make me sound old!)

Avoiding sugar seems almost impossible in our sugar-saturated culture, but The Healthy Apple has good tips on How to Follow a Sugar-Free Lifestyle.

I talk a lot about my enormous family, and now my talented nephew Travis has documented them in a video about the Denny Family Superbowl Party, a yearly event always hosted by my brother Mark and his wife Lisa.  And it may be hard to believe, but actually less than half the family members were there!

I’m having fun experimenting with my new Cuisinart Electric Pressure Cooker, and my friend Barbara’s site Pressure Cooking Today has been a great help.  Check it out if you have one of these handy gadgets!

Finally, if you need a good laugh, check out these Honest Company Slogans!  Several of these made me laugh out loud!

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    20 Comments on “Things I’m Thinking About on (2-25-2014)”

  1. Ann, I think you definitely should get a Mini! Tell him I said so.

  2. Kalyn,

    Love the new car! My little story for you… so I always think the silverware you have in pictures are fun and I had to have my own… and I found some inexpensive at a tag sale…. hubby thinks I'm a little odd..(fun silverware?!) but hey, so I tell him Kalyn (yes you are mentioned often) got a fun car… you know what that means… I need a fun car! After all you are my inspiration for the fun silverware – car only makes sense right? LOL And, l you certainly are an inspiration for great food too!

  3. Thanks Shirley. I never thought I'd buy a brown car, but I love it!

  4. Your car is adorable, Kalyn, and it coordinates with your house so well! I'm not usually a fan of brown cars, but it's the perfect color for yours. 🙂

    I haven't check out all the other links yet, but you're right on the Honest Slogans one. Hysterical! Can't wait to share a few with Mr. GFE. Hehe.

    Thanks for sharing this series, Kalyn!


  5. Andrew, thanks so much for that kind feedback. And fellow cole slaw fanatic here!

    Jeanette, it's such a fun car! My great nieces and nephews love riding in it.

  6. My friend has one of these cars and loves it. It's so fun to ride in. I'd love to get one of these when I'm an empty nester to zip around in.

  7. Kalyn,
    I have, from time to time, picked up on various food blogs. I have never found one from which I save and use so many recipes… and enjoyed them… as I have from your blog. Since you are just taking a moment to just share thoughts, I thought it would be nice moment to just say "Thank you."


    PS… I'm a cole slaw fanatic. Nice collection you posted yesterday.

  8. Karen, me too; I am having so much fun driving it.

  9. It's so shiny! Love it!

  10. Barbara, my pleasure. I am loving your pressure cooker site!

  11. Such a fun picture of your new fun car. Thanks for the shout out!

  12. Thanks Katharine!

    Nupur, I bet you could. The Countryman is surprisingly roomy.

  13. The car is super cute- congrats! I love small cute cars. It is another thing that I could never fit my enormous puppy and my toddler's enormous car seat in here 🙂

  14. Yep, teared up!!
    And like your car. 🙂

  15. The Mini is getting more and more popular here. I think I'd love wood on the sides, but haven't seen that here.

  16. Now that is something different, a Mini Cooper Countryman in Utah! 😉 I remember a friend in Rome who drove around with a Mini Cooper "Familiare" (station wagon) that had wood panels on the sides.

  17. Thanks Renie, I am definitely in love.

  18. Oh I love the Mini Countryman! Congratulations!

  19. Thanks Mimi! I am pretty crazy about it!

  20. Love your new vehicle! That is one gorgeous car.