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Kalyn’s Kitchen Picks: Spike Seasoning

Kalyn's Kitchen Picks: Spike Seasoning found on Kalyn's Kitchen.com.

Recently I created an archives page for all the Kalyn’s Kitchen Picks posts I’ve written (featuring products I love and buy over and over again) and I was surprised to realize I’d never written an official pick for Spike Seasoning. How did that happen, when this blend of spices is something I use almost daily? Then I found a post back in 2005 where I’d written about Spike, so I’m just updating that post here instead of cluttering up the interwebs! Truly my love for Spike has not wavered to the current day, despite some of the anti-Spike comments (which are still there from the original post.) Spike has been sold for more than 50 years, so I think it’s safe to say I’m not the only one who likes enjoys it!

I like the flavor Spike adds to egg dishes, salads, stews and soups, marinades, and roasted vegetables. I think it adds a little extra something to dishes where you want a complex blend of flavors; I probably wouldn’t use it for a dish where you want one flavor to dominate. Spike was originally created by Gayelord Hauser and is made by Modern Products.

What Ingredients are in Spike Seasoning?

Here’s a list of the 39 ingredients that are in Spike Seasoning: Salt and sea salt, de-fatted nutri-soy granules, granular toasted onion, nutritional yeast, granular garlic, celery root granules, ground dill, horseradish granules, mustard powder, lemon peel, orange powder, parsley flakes, red bell peppers, green bell peppers, white pepper, rose hips powder, summer savory, mushroom powder, safflower, parsley powder, white onion powder, spinach powder, tomato powder, sweet Hungarian paprika, ground celery seed, cayenne pepper, ground turmeric, ground cumin, ground ginger, ground coriander, ground fenugreek, ground cloves, cinnamon powder, plus a delightful herbal bouquet of the best Greek oregano, French tarragon, French sweet basil, French marjoram, French rosemary and Spanish Thyme.

Spike comes with or without salt. It contains no chemical free flowing agents and the label says “No added MSG.” There is 24 mg. potassium in the salt free variety per serving. Spike has quite a collection of flavors, but it works amazingly well. Spike is often sold near the health foods, although some grocery stores carry it near the spices in Utah.

(Edit – read the debate in the comments about “no added” MSG for clarification. I personally am not concerned about MSG or sensitive to it, and based on what I learned when I wrote this post about MSG for Blogher I consider it to be safe. However, Spike is not Paleo or Whole 30 because it contains soy granules, so substitute another all-purpose seasoning for it if you’re following one of those.)

If you live in the U.S. you can probably find Spike near health foods in your grocery store, or in a health food store. If not, you can buy Spike Seasoning from Amazon.com.

More about Spike Seasoning:

Lydia from The Perfect Pantry also wrote about Spike Seasoning.

Some of Kalyn’s Favorite Recipes Using Spike Seasoning:

Roasted Asparagus and Mushrooms with Spike Seasoning
Cottage Cheese and Egg Breakfast Muffins with Mushrooms and Feta Cheese
Roasted Mushrooms with Tarragon Vinaigrette
Foil-Wrapped Grilled Butternut Squash with Sage
Grilled Eggplant with Garlic-Cumin Vinaigrette, Feta, and Two Herbs
Mushroom Lover’s Frittata with Spinach and Cheese
Chickpea Salad with Olives and Herbs
Grilled Chicken with Tarragon-Mustard Marinade
Breakfast Casserole with Mushrooms, Bell Peppers, and Feta
Stuffed Zucchini with Brown Rice, Ground Beef, Red Pepper, and Basil
Swiss Chard and Mushroom Squares

Are you a fan of Spike Seasoning?

If you have your own favorite recipe using Spike Seasoning, please share the link or your recipe idea in the comments!

More about Kalyn’s Kitchen Picks

I purchased Spike Seasoning myself and this company has no idea whatsoever that I’m writing about their product. All items featured as Kalyn’s Kitchen Picks are things I happily buy over and over, and so readers will know that my opinions are completely unbiased, I don’t accept review products from the many companies who offer to send them to me. You can see the complete list of products I’ve chosen to feature at Kalyn’s Kitchen Picks.

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77 comments on “Kalyn’s Kitchen Picks: Spike Seasoning”

  1. Looking for the best recipe for a “Bibble Bread Sandwich”. Cabbbage slaw, with Spike Seasonings, white cheese, sunflower seeds, sprouts (or other vegetables on a wheat pita or wrap type bread. There are a couple online. I like the ones that have mashed avacado, and mayo as the base to start. i found two recipes, but there has to be others! I love the sandwiches. I bought them at Larsen Herb Shop in Orem, Utah. Original recipe lost. They are all good, but just have not got the right combination yet. I just make them to taste right niw.

  2. I always add it when I sauté cauliflower rice.  It makes the cauliflower sing!!

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  5. I use Spike in rice. I add more butter to the rice and then add spike ( to taste). I usually serve the rice with beef kabobs and vegetables ( tomato, mushroom, onion quarters and green or other colored peppers) It’s awesome and puts the dish over the top.

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  7. General RULE OF THUMB is if SPIKE is only available in the HEALTH FOOD SECTIONS or HEALTH FOOD STORES then it's a lot less harmful to you then all the GMO ( Genetically Modified Organisms) your consuming within a minimum of 80% of your DAILY DIETS, which are cancer, sterilization ( normally by the third generation ), etc … If your NOT using SPIKE at every meal, every day of your life … chances are it's NOT that bad for you unless you have ALLERGIES. I'm NOT a hippie, but very concerned about WHERE my families FOOD comes from? Along with creating our meals from SCRATCH, not PROCESSED.

    Thanks Kalyn

  8. My grandmother used to use Spike for everything. When I was a little girl, (and we're talking like 45 years ago, or so) she would make me Sourdough toast (lightly buttered) and spread some avocado on it and sprinkle Spike (the no salt version) on it. It was SO delicious! That was the only way I would eat avocados back then, except for guacamole 🙂 I hadn't had it in many, many years and just recently came across Spike in the store. I thought, for sure, that it didn't even exist any more! I made the delicious toast that my grandmother made me so long ago and I was flooded with memories and great feelings 🙂 I made some at work one day and everyone asked it. I let them taste it and EVERYONE absolutely LOVED it. Nobody has ever heard of Spike before except for one 25 year old girl who, shockingly, told me that HER grandmother used to make the very same thing for her when SHE was a little girl! Sourdough toast (lightly buttered), avocado and Spike! I highly recommend trying it. I like the Cracked Wheat Sourdough but any kind will do. It's nice to see another Spike lover, Kalyn 🙂 Everyone at my work are running out to buy some now too! hee hee

  9. Please tell people if you use this in your food. My throat swells and I have to use an Epi-Pen if I get too much. My sister and daughter get migraines. If it says MSG or hydrolyzed …protein, then it is the same. Please be cautious about food allergies as it may keep someone from going to the hospital or death. Thank you.

    • I've used this product and recommended it for at least 30 years and never heard of anyone having a problem with it. But obviously if it has an ingredient you're sensitive to you shouldn't use it.

  10. Kristin, so glad you like it. I have been a fan of Spike for years and years now!

  11. I made your cheesy cauliflower tots for dinner last night. The recipe calls for Spike, so I went out and bought some. I used it on my ham and egg muffins this morning. Incredible flavor!!! It's got to be the Spike seasoning! Thank you!

  12. I do think it adds flavor to a lot of goods, glad you like it!

  13. I admit that I bought Spike seasoning for one of your recipes, and then it got lost in my spice shelf.

    After reading these comments, I will definitely consider using it more broadly than I have. Thanks for your blog!

  14. People who don't want to buy this or use it, feel free to do whatever works for you. But no need to leave comments here convincing the rest of us why we should not like it. Those kinds of comments won't be published.

  15. I definitely think it's an ingredient to be added as things cook; I never use it to sprinkle on cooked foods.

    • My kids love it on hash browns and scrambled eggs, sprinkled on at the table. I've never cooked with it, though I've been using it for over twenty years. I never even thought of using it at the stove! Now I have to try that! -jennifer

    • So interesting how we have used it completely differently. Now I have to try your way of sprinkling it on foods too!

  16. Is Spike more for cooking with and not adding at the table??? We made some vegetable soup and sprinkled it on it. More like Italian seasoning to me which we don't care for, so wondering if cooking with it is better once it gets blended with other ingredients.

  17. Just tried this tonight and I loved it! I had made the pilgrimage to Whole Foods after work looking for brown rice tortillas (I don't eat wheat at all, not a no-gluten thing, just no wheat). Struck out on that, but I happened by the spices and saw both Spike and the chipotle chile, neither of which is available in the small town I live in. I figured it was meant to be. I did leave out cilantro because I don't care for it, but otherwise made it exactly to your directions. It was delicious! I will definitely be making it again, and plan to share the recipe with some coworkers who also love chickpeas. Btw, saw about your arm on Facebook- yikes! Hope you heal up quickly.

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