Yes, that’s a huge pile of dirt! If you saw my first garden update for 2008, then you know about the Growboxes I now have in my garden. Getting them filled with soil was the job for this weekend. The easiest way to my garden is down my neighbor’s driveway, and I guess they remembered how I share my veggies because they generously let me have this huge load of compost-enriched topsoil delivered there on Friday night. The soil really was this black, and the fun was just beginning.

These two handsome guys are my nephews Jake and Matt who spent three hours on Saturday morning helping haul topsoil back to fill the boxes. It was quite a job, and I couldn’t have done it without them!

I was amazed the huge load of soil actually did fit into the boxes. We did use a tiny bit to spread on beds along a fence where I’m going to plant my tomatoes.

After it was carted back to the garden in wheelbarrows, the soil had to be spread around. You could use a rake . . .

But sometimes it just seemed easier to spread it around with your hands . . .

We also got in the box and stamped down the soil with our feet, which was pretty effective.

In Utah most garden veggies should be planted in early May, but I did find a few herbs at the garden center and decided to risk planting them.

Side view of the herb beds with flat parsley, rosemary, tarragon, and curly parsley planted. I also planted four packages of basil seeds. Of course I’ll also buy a couple of basil plants because I never can be patient enough to wait for the seeds.

Yes, this is evidence of my slightly OCD personality type, but I just adore those little sticks that you write on to label your plants. This year I found sticks of very light balsa wood, since I hate the plastic ones! Can you tell it says “Tarragon?”

Here’s a slightly cropped view of the growboxes, with the new herbs in the front. Tomorrow I’m going to plant some Rainbow Carrots and Swiss Chard seeds, and if the weather stays warm this week, I’ll be looking for more veggies to plant. Still interested in plant suggestions from other gardeners, so let me know in the comments what you like to grow if you have a garden.

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