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San Francisco Bloggers: Let’s Do Lunch

If you’re new to this blog you won’t know that last year I had a great time in San Francisco with my friends Mary and Jacque. Not only did we have a fun trip, we decided to meet there every summer for a few days. We’re visiting this year on June 22-25, which we found out after-the-fact is probably going to be a very busy weekend in the city!

San Francisco has lots and lots of food bloggers, so last year I didn’t even try to meet up with anyone while I was there. But this year Mary and Jacque have agreed they will allow me to slip into my blogger identity for a short time. (They aren’t bloggers, but they’re pretty patient about listening to all the latest blog developments even if they they wouldn’t know a permalink from an rss feed.) I’m planning to be at the Ferry Building Farmer’s Market on Saturday morning, June 23, and then have lunch that day with anyone who’s willing to brave the crowds.

The plan is to meet inside by Cowgirl Creamery at 10:30, chat and shop for a few hours, and then walk to Yank Sing (101 Spear Street) for lunch at 1:00. If you’re a San Francisco blogger (or someone who reads this blog) and you have any interest in stopping by, please let me know. Leave a comment or send an e-mail to kalynskitchen AT comcast DOT net if you want to join us, either at the Ferry Building, or at Yank Sing for lunch.

You’ll know it’s me from the photo, taken by Elise, who also took the one in my sidebar. (It’s a good thing Elise takes my picture once in a while or no one would ever be able to recognize me at the market, I’m so camera phobic!) Really looking forward to meeting people!

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    13 Comments on “San Francisco Bloggers: Let’s Do Lunch”

  1. Sam, sending you the number in an e-mail. I have my fingers crossed that all will work out so you can come.

  2. Hi Kalyn. You know I will try my best to be there for all or some of it.
    Do you have a cell phone?


  3. Tanna, or come to Salt Lake for a visit. (Second hint!)

    Sean, hooray! Really looking forward to meeting you.

  4. I’ll keep an eye out for you — I’m usually wrapping things up by around 10:30, so I might be laden with a huge bag full of produce, but it would be great to shake your hand at long last.

  5. Oh, would that be ever so much fun! Not this year but San Fran is a place we get to sometimes so maybe that can happen.

  6. Naudee, thanks. I do like that picture of me, but I still am a bit camera phobic. Too many bad photos through the years.

    Paz, thanks. NYC someday, and then I can finally meet you!

  7. Have a fun time!


  8. I like your photo on this post Kalyn – you are lovely! Have a save and wonderful time!!!

  9. Nicole, I wish you could come too, but we will see you in Chicago. Hooray!

    CC, so excited to finally meet you.

    Simona, wish you were there that day. Maybe next year?

    Christine, ditto what I wrote to CC for you too!

  10. See you there Kalyn!

  11. If I were in Berkeley I would certainly cross the bridge (well, actually, I take BART, so I go underground) and meet you. Since I am not there that day, I wish you a pleasant and fog-less stay in the city.

  12. You already know I’ll be there!

  13. Wish I could make it! San Francisco is one of my favorite cities!