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Mother’s Day 2012 and Missing My Mom

A Mother’s Day Message for every day of the year.

When you’re a kid you never imagine growing up and having your mother (and father) be gone.  When that time comes it brings a pain that takes a long time to settle into the dull everyday ache of missing someone who was a big part of your life.  My mother died in 1998, and every Mother’s Day since then I have given thanks for how blessed I was to have her for a mother.  I hope she’s proud of what fine adults all her children have grown into and how much we love each other, and on this day and every day my heart is always full when I think of her.

(The Mother’s Day graphic was created by my brother Rand as part of this shareable Facebook campaign for Manduka Yoga.)


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    22 Comments on “Mother’s Day 2012 and Missing My Mom”

  1. Yes, it sounds like we're about the same age, and I can't imagine being without my mom for so long. My heart goes out to you for that. And I miss my mom every day as well.

  2. I think we're about the same age and my mom died when I was 16. While it's hard to lose your mother then, I think it must be even harder when you're older if only because she's always been there. I do think that those of us who lose our mothers young miss so much, if only knowing them as adults.

    It's been 47 years and I still think of her nearly daily.