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Kalyn’s Kitchen Turns Five Years Old (and five questions for readers to answer in the comments)

Kalyn's Kitchen five year birthday cakePhoto of five year birthday cake from ABCteach.com

On April 24, 2005 I wrote the first post on Kalyn’s Kitchen, never imagining for a moment how starting a food blog would change my life. Now I’m retired from my teaching job and spend at least a few hours every day cooking, photographing, or writing up recipes for the blog. It’s been a great five years with new blogging friends, new foods to try, and new things to learn all the time. To celebrate five years of blogging, I’m going on a road trip with my friend Bonnie, but in the meantime, I’d love it if readers would answer some or all of the questions below the comments.

Thanks for your support of Kalyn’s Kitchen! Here are some things I’d really love to hear about from everyone who’s reading:

1) What’s your name and where do you live? Anything else you feel like sharing about yourself?

2) How did you find Kalyn’s Kitchen, and how long have you been reading?

3) How would you describe your food/cooking personality? What kind of recipes interest you most? (And if you’re a food blogger, be sure to tell us about your blog!)

4) What are five foods/dishes you’d like to see featured regularly on Kalyn’s Kitchen?

5) What are five foods/dishes you’d never want to eat or read about on a food blog?

Thanks for participating everyone! I’ll be back on Tuesday with a new recipe. Meanwhile, I’m not even taking my computer on the trip (gasp), but I’ll have my iPhone to read the comments as people respond.

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    127 Comments on “Kalyn’s Kitchen Turns Five Years Old (and five questions for readers to answer in the comments)”

  1. I'm still on vacation but am enjoying reading the comments on my iPhone. I love hearing from people who've had good success with this way of eating. (I'm happy if people let us know about their personal food blogs in these comments, but I am not going to publish comments with links to other commercial sites.)

  2. oh and i always love seeing your garden updates!

  3. Congratulations on celebrating 5 years of blogging, Kalyn! Wishing you many many more blog-versaries.

    My name is Prajakta (shortened to PJ) and I live in south bay area, CA near San Jose.

    I have been following your blog for over a couple of years now. I think I landed here through Googling for a recipe and have been hooked on ever since. In many ways I can truly say that your blog has defined my way of cooking because when I found your blog, your food was exactly what I was looking for. Though I wasn't over-weight, I wasn't exactly happy with my weight either and definitely had unhappy cholesterol. Being a foodie, I knew the way to get healthier is to just start making healthy and yummy food.. which is what I found on your blog!

    My cooking style is: healthy, local, fresh, largely vegetarian (though Seafood makes its appearance once in a while).

    5 dishes I would like to see: fresh vegetable dishes, more whole grains, love your soups and salads, healthy desserts.

    5 foods don't want to see: nothing really.

  4. Kalyn, your blog is a reference. Congratulations on this big day! I discovered your blog a long time ago – more than 3 years for sure. I am based in south England – a lovely town called Guildford, but I am originally from Brasil.I love leaning new ways of preparing old favourite ingredients but I also love to learn about new ones. I am a curious cook.The only thing that i would never want to read about is food with snake meat. I have a snake phobia.

  5. Hi Kalyn, My name is Arica and I am in Israel. I found your site when I was searching for a South Beach recipe on Google. I have found many wonderful recipes on your site which I use on a regular basis. I LOVE your soup recipes and would love to see more. I also like vegetable recipes(without meat or fish-just plain veggies). Thanks for your blog and congratulations on your birthday!

  6. Hi Kayln, and happy 5 year anniversary!!!!

    1) Joyce – Phoenix, AZ

    2) I found Kalyn's Kitchen I think while doing a search of SBD recipes, but it may have been from the Yahoo group I belong to as well. I have searched your blog several times over the past almost 2 years, but I didn't start subscribing until about 6-9 months ago.

    3) My food/cooking personality would be fix it fast, but I like to try things that are different & possibly time consuming on occasion. SBD recipes interest me most,as I am commited to this plan for the rest of my life. I have to be as my husband was diagnosed as diabetic, and the doctor recommended this plan. The great news is that since he was diagnosed in 09/08, he has not had to take any medication for it. He is completely controlled by diet.

    4) You have done a phenomenal job on Kalyn's Kitchen, and I wouldn't change a thing. This also answers #5. I simply pick & choose what I want to read & what I don't.

    I have truly enjoyed being able to do a searh on your site, and always finding something that meets my search needs.

    Thanks for all you do, and have a fabulous vacation. Look at your iphone at little as possible, or your vacation will not be a vacation. All the posts will be there when you return home.

  7. Congrats on your 5 years!

    I honestly cannot remember how I came upon your website, probably some procrastination googling, but I have been following for about 2 years. In fact just last week I finally put all of the recipes that I love from your website in a binder that stays on my kitchen counter at all times!

    I have been wavering back and forth on South Beach for about 5 years. I find your website to be an inspiration and often the excitement of finding a new recipe keeps my eating on track. I get bored with food very easily and find myself always looking for something new and exciting in order to stay on track!Your blog never fails me 🙂

    I personally tend to be a non "funky" foods person. I am on a pretty limited income and often have difficulty even finding many of your ingredients. I live in a small upstate NY town which lacks diversity in many ways, escpecially at the grocery store. Therefore I tend to look for recipes that take more "run of the mill" ingredients. I've never been to a Costco but man do I wish we had one here!

    I am really skeptical about Kale. I feed it to my bearded dragon everyday and because it is always in abundance in my house, have contemplated attempting some of the kale recipes. I'm still on the fence though….maybe some inspiration to do so?

    I would love to see you do a recipe for veggie chips. You know like the yummy ones found at farmers market that pretty much just look like veggies cut up and dried? I have always wanted to make them!

    Thank you for all the wonderful recipes and inspiration to keep eating wholesome and healthy!

  8. Living at 7,000 feet, we eat in most of the time. Having lost 30# between a 42-day round of HCG and a Phase I SBD, i found you doing my research on HCG, the most best-kept secret of weightloss in America. It destroys the fat cells we've been sheltering our whole lives. Lyses them. Look it up! Google HCG. Read Kevin Trudeau's book (this is not KT posting).

    It changed my habits forever and I seek respite from the too well-loved Mastering the Art of French Cooking I and II. I still make Bouef Bourginon once a month. The Julia Child version. But you Kaylyn, make this new type of cooking a pleasure.

    Your photos are stunning; your choices of foods vast; and your spices WELL APPRECIATED. More options to kick it up is the only change I offer.

    I'm a nearly cult-wise follower of the Christoper Kimball books; those basics are beyond reproach. But you've taken healthy basics to that level.

    What am I doing wrong with sweet potato fries that they are … unpleasant. Yours look so good. The kale chips ROCK!!!!!!

    veal. no veal. never any veal. free-range veal only. you must tell people the story of the importance of choosing free-range veal.

    foi gra. no foi gra. never any foi gra. never. actually a paragraph or two about why no foi gra just as a public service announcement would be so informative.

    ok. i'm done. see. don't get me started.


    marcia in colorado

  9. Congrats on such a milestone, Kalyn. First for keeping up your healthy weight, and second, for blogging for so long!

    My name is debbie and I am from New England. I recently lost 45 pounds, & although I don't follow any specific diet, I do try to eat as clean as possible.

    I've only been reading your blog for a little while. I am not sure how I found you, I think I must have been searching for bread. I wish I could remember.

    I keep your blog on my iPhone as one of my Safari pages, and every day or so, I click on the page to see what new recipe you've posted.

    I do have my own food blog, documenting my weight loss, some recipes, book reviews.

    I just love all your healthy recipes. salads, breads, meat, desserts, anything healthy and delish.

    I really dislike artificial sweeteners, shortcut foods (like cream of mushroom soup), liver.

    Keep up the good work, I will be coming back!

  10. Congrats! I am Poornima from Melbourne.Just stumbled upon your blog last year.Been a regular from then onwards.Love your recipes coz they are healthy.And creative.Keep it up for us all! And good luck with your trip.

  11. Hello, My name is Linda Lee. I live in rural Pennsylvania in the Appalachian Foothills. I suffer from a form of arthritis called ,'Enteropathic Spondylitis' and microscopic Crohn's disease. I am housebound a lot and I am on a special low to no-starch diet to ward off the symptoms of these conditions. I search the internet a lot looking for recipes that meet the criteria for such a diet and happened on your site one day and am happy to say I have been able to use quite a few of your recipes. I laughed when I read your second question because I found you accidentally and I have been reading since I was 2 years old! I have been reading your blog for about one year of my 54 year span. I used to be a 'comfort food' addict and cook. I loved bread, rice, potatoes, pastas(of all kinds) thick gravies and lots of cakes and cookies. Now, I have NONE of those things. I can get away with a slice of 100% sprouted wheat bread a couple of times a week, but no more. If I eat a potato the pain in my shoulders and back and hips the next day is nearly unbearable. All my diet consists of now are low-starch vegetables, lots of meat and cheeses and salads and some fresh fruit. I eat almost no sugar at all and fight anemia constantly from the Crohn's and its devastating attacks on my intestines. I am getting better, slowly but surely. As long as I stay away from starch the pain is abated and the Crohn's is becoming less and less of a problem(thank goodness!) I am always on the hunt for salads, desserts that are free of starch, meat- main courses, and new ways to cook the old standby vegetables, like snow peas and green beans, and low-sugar drinks and smoothies to fill in the blanks. These are the 5 things I search out the most. If there is one thing I cannot bear to see another version of it would have to be macaroni and cheese. I MISS IT THE MOST!!!! Everyone has gotten so creative with it and it has morphed into so many wonderful alternatives that they always make me hungry for them. I cannot even have the gluten-free pastas as they are even more starchy than their alternatives. So, I try to avoid pasta recipes and pictures. But, thank-you for the many recipes I have garnered from you. It is people like you who give freely of their talents that make the lives of people like me easier. I send you good Karma and heart felt thanks. Enjoy your trip!

  12. Happy Blogaversary, Kalyn!

    I am Rebecca and I live in sunny South Florida.

    I honestly can't remember how I found your blog, but I've been reading via RSS for a looong time.

    I try to cook with real foods and as many vegetables as possible. Your recipes have been particularly helpful to me as I balance the bounty of produce from a CSA, and I love your product recommendations (esp since I am a fellow Costco lover).

    Regularly featured dishes: I'd love to see more quick breakfasts (since I struggle with this).

    I'm fairly omnivorous so I don't rule anything out, but I am not a fan of Splenda, so I tend to skip recipes that call for it.

    Thank you for doing what you do!

  13. Happy anniversary, Kalyn! I feel like we should all be sending you gifts because you're such a gift to us! Here you go:

    1. Melanie, from Virginia, happy wife and homeschooling mother of five great kids.

    2. I found you in January of this year, whilst despondently searching for "Phase I South Beach Diet recipes." Boy, was I thrilled to find your site! I loved reading all about you and looking over your extensive recipes. Wow, what a New Year's gift!

    3. I like cooking with natural, healthy ingredients, and my kids know they are very rarely going to find things like chips and soda in our kitchen (only when we are having a party). Growing up with healthy foods, my kids rarely get sick, and my oldest has taken her healthy habits to college with her – hurray!

    4. Oh my, you certainly don't need any suggestions from me – I like to read whatever you post.

    5. I abhor cauliflower, LOL. Testament to how much I like your blog – I kept coming back even when you had the cauliflower header. It was hard, though! But definitely worth it.

    Thank you, Kalyn, for being such a generous person and sharing your amazing culinary/photography/writing talent with all of us. Honestly, I make recipes from your blog several times a week and my family is so happy – me too!

  14. Congratulatons on 5 years. You provide a real service that is informative, enjoyable, and interesting. To answer the questions:
    1. I'm Toni from Yakima, Washington.

    2. I followed a link from some other site, and loved what I saw.

    3. I like most fresh and well prepared foods. I especially like salads, veggies, fish, and COOKIES. (I know, a no no for me.)

    4.So far, I have not seen any thing on your blog that I didn't like. Your recipes rock. Your salsas are mouth watering, and your veggie recipes have looked and been delicious. Your garden tips are very helpful.

    5. Well, since I enjoy trying new things, I cannot think of even 1 food I wouldn't want to see on your blog. I'm not nuts about cat fish, but all others are fine. Parsnips have a funny consistency to my mouth, but since they're so high in carbs, I would not expect to see much in the way of that.

  15. Congratulations on turning 5 here. That's a milestone and one I hope I can do with my blog.
    Here's wishing you many more birthdays to come.

    Birthday girls are supposed to get what they want, and so here are your 5 answers. 🙂

    1. I'm Aparna and I live in Goa, India. I'm vegetarian, a SAHM and love food! 😀

    2. I don't really remember , but I think it was when you linked your post to one of mine using chickpeas/ garbanzo beans.

    3. Vegetarian, mostly everyday healthy food, simple to cook. With blogging, I started exploring other cuisines even more. I also discovered baking, especially bread.

    4. Naturally, more vegetarian fare. Healthy and savoury snack options, natural/ fruit desserts

    5. For me, non-vegetarian food has no attraction. I also avoid recipes using processed foods and ingredients which aren't easilt available or expensive.

    I also tend to avoid recipes which call for 6 eggs and lots of sugar!

  16. Dear Kalyn: Congratulations on your blog anniversary! That's awesome. I don't remember how I found your blog but I'm glad that I did. I enjoy (and learn from) everything you post and have had the opportunity to try several of your dishes, which I love. I also love the way your brother has designed your banners. He always does a great job. Oh! And I love your weekend herb blogging weekly event, which you started. I'm not able to participate in it anymore but I still enjoy it and am glad you came up with that idea. I wish you many more years of fun food blogging.

    Have a fun and safe trip.

    Paz xoxox

    P.S. Oh! Oh! And let's not forget, I loved when you got those special greetings for me from Rocco DiSpirito and other fellow food bloggers after I had my surgery. Oh, that was the best! ;-)))))

  17. Happy Blog Birthday, Kalyn! Karina from Gluten-Free Goddess here. I live in Santa Monica, CA.

    Five years is a huge achievement. You've put so much work and creativity into your blog. It is a wealth of information, resources, and great recipes- for anyone (South Beach Diet or not- it's all tasty food!).

    I may have found you through Elise at Simply Recipes…or perhaps just via comments and clicking through to various food blogs. It was back in late 2005.

    I'm a toss-together, intuitive cook who just so happens to live gluten-free due to gluten intolerance/celiac disease. I like to experiment and ask, What if…? as I cook.

    I love your salmon, salsa, and salad recipes the most. Always looking for inspiration in those areas.

    What I don't want to read? I'm not into butchering, I admit.

    Again- congrats and much love! I look forward to your next five years of blogging. xox Karina

  18. Happy Birthday, Kalyn's Kitchen! I have been following your blog for over a year now. It is my favorite 'go to' place when I'm looking for a recipe. I am a Zone Diet gal and most of your recipes fit right in. Even though we live in Arizona, I'm a 'Gringo' at heart and tend to skip anything that looks too spicy and I hate cilantro with a passion- but that's just my own weird quirk. I love how responsive you are to questions and comments and the great resources you make available on your site. Guess what I'm saying is thank you! Love, love, love Kalyn's Kitchen and I'm always delighted to steer folks your way. Hope you're around for many more years!

  19. Hi Kalyn, Julie from Comox, Vancouver Island Canada. Congrats on 5 great years. I found You when I was looking for South Beach recipes. Now I only use your blog. I have made lots of your recipes, look forward to your emails. Have a great trip.

  20. Hi I'm Jill from Vancouver Canada. I found your blog maybe 2 years ago when I was probably searching South Beach Diet. As a working mom with small kids it's a challenge to find recipes everyone in the house will eat that don't take too long. I would like to see more crock-pot recipes if possible. I can't think of any recipes I don't like to see.