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Kalyn’s Kitchen Picks: Hearts of Palm

Hearts of Palm are one of my favorite salad ingredients any time of year and it doesn’t take too many to really make a salad special!

I may have let out a tiny squeal yesterday when I saw that Costco had these Sun Pix Hearts of Palm back in stock! If you’re not familiar with with them, this is a tender and flavorful vegetable that come from the center of the stems of palm plants. They’re labor intensive to harvest, so even though domesticated Palms are now grown for this crop, they’re still not that common.

I always buy some  for the pantry when these big jars show up at Costco. And even when I have to pay more for them at the regular grocery store, this is something I love to add to salads all year long.

A peek at the nutritional information shows why this is such a nutritious ingredient. Hearts of palm are cholesterol and sugar-free, very low in calories, fat, and carbs, and high in fiber. The canned ones are relatively high in sodium, so if that’s an issue for you don’t add salt or use with salty ingredients in recipes.

I’ve been experimenting with this ingredient for a few years, ever since my Costco started carrying them in the reasonably-priced two-packs, and below are links to help you find some of my favorite recipes using them.

Favorite Salads with Hearts of Palm:

Hearts of Palm Salad with Avocado and Radicchio
Heart of Palm and Avocado Salad with Cilantro
Tomatoes Salad with Hearts of Palm, Olives, and Feta
Check out Low-Carb Salads with Hearts of Palm to see more tasty salad ideas!

Other Bloggers’ Ideas for Hearts of Palm:

Hearts of Palm, Shrimp, and Cheese Pizza from The Perfect Pantry
Pita Sandwich with Chicken, Hearts of Palm, and Chimichurri from Cookin’ Canuck
Katie’s Quinoa with Hearts of Palm, Cucumber, and Feta from The Naptime Chef
Marinated Asparagus and Hearts of Palm from The Pioneer Woman Cooks

About Products Featured for Kalyn’s Kitchen Picks:

I purchased the hearts of palm myself and Costco and this company have no idea whatsoever that I’m writing about their product. I love to feature products that are really a wow for me, and items featured as Kalyn’s Kitchen Picks are always things I’d happily buy over and over. So readers will know that my opinions are completely unbiased, I don’t accept review products from the many companies who offer to send them to me. You can see the complete list of products I’ve chosen to feature at Kalyn’s Kitchen Picks.

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    17 Comments on “Kalyn’s Kitchen Picks: Hearts of Palm”

  1. How long can they be kept in the fridge after opening the jar?

    • I don’t really know; I don’t think I’ve kept them longer than 3-5 days, but probably longer than that. I just haven’t tried it.

  2. Hi this summer Costco sold them only for one month, so I had to stock myself and today I am doing a recipe with thw last one

  3. Marge, welcome and so glad you are liking the blog!

  4. It's fate!
    I just bought these H of P at my Costco and was searching the 'Net to find a new recipe for them when I discovered your blog–and I'm so excited! I've been looking for SB-friendly recipes and here I hit the mother-lode.
    I'm getting the ingredients for the avocado-hearts of palm recipe NOW and hitting Costco to stock up on more Sun Pix, as I didn't know they were seasonal. It's very unusual to find them in glass jars, which is why I bought them in the first place. Kalyn, I think this is the beginning of a very beautiful friendship! LOL…

  5. Barb, interesting. I suppose Costco in each area gets the ones they can find at the lowest price.

  6. Hi Kalyn…..I just bought a 2 pack at my Costco (Frisco, Tx) but the brand is Del Destino. I just love them! yum!

  7. Barbara, that's fun because I also remember the first time I tried them!

  8. Kalyn you are so lucky to have such easy access to them. I can still remember the moment I discovered hearts of palm. It was at a party 40 years ago.

  9. They do taste a little like artichokes, with a texture that's like cooked asparagus. I think the taste is mild, fresh tasting, and delicious.

  10. how would you describe the taste? are they like artichokes?

  11. They're definitely worth squealing about!

  12. Oh BOY!!! Kalyn I let out a tiny squeal when I read your post……….time to stock up on these and the jarred artichokes

  13. Janetha, I buy them at the Costco on 300 West and 1800 South in Salt Lake. They show up about this time every year and they usually have them until fall.

  14. I live in Bountiful, but haven't seen these! Which Costco do you get these at?

  15. Debby, they are so tasty; hope you enjoy!

  16. Thanks, I am going to put these down on my Costco list!