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How About a Month of Daily Phase One Recipes to Start the New Year!

It’s time for Phase One Recipes like these Asian Lettuce Wraps with Spicy Ground Turkey Filling And if you’re thinking about doing Phase One this month, this post can help you find those recipes.

When the calendar flips to a new year, lots of us take stock of our lives and decide what needs to change. I don’t talk much about my personal goals on the blog, but pretty much every January I’m doing a return to Phase One of the South Beach Diet for a few weeks. Every year I post only Phase One recipes during January to help with that.

This year I’m taking it a step farther by making a commitment to feature a tasty Phase One Recipe on Kalyn’s Kitchen every day for the month of January. And I feel like I should talk about one of the reasons I decided to do that. I say “should talk about” because this post is not something I wanted to write. When you have a blog that helps other people lose weight, it’s hard write a post saying you have gained weight yourself.

I started Kalyn’s Kitchen in 2005 after I’d lost 42 pounds on the South Beach Diet and was excited to share the recipes that helped me do it. On my About Page it claims that “I’ve managed to maintain my weight loss” and for many years that was completely true. Then in 2010 I started gaining/losing weight but never losing quite as much as I gained (sound familiar?) And although I’m certainly not fat, (and most people don’t seem to really notice I’ve gained weight), currently I am definitely heavier than I’d like to be. And when I realized I was starting to feel a little dishonest every time I saw that About Page, I knew I had to talk about it on the blog.

I could blame the weight gain on two years of stressful events in my life, including a few health issues and the death of my father in January of 2011, but the truth is the reason I gained weight is because I made bad choices about what I ate too many times until I started to lose the good habits I had maintained for so long. For several months now I’ve been planning how to get out of this slump and make 2012 be the year when I get back to the weight that makes me feel best.

I realized how it would help me stay motivated if I committed to post a Phase One recipe each day during January, and when I mentioned it on the Kalyn’s Kitchen Facebook Page there was overwhelming support for the idea. Some days there will be new recipes and some days I’ll feature one of my favorite Phase One recipes from the past.

Of course, there’s the text Index of Phase One Recipes and a South Beach Diet Phase One Photo Index Page on the blog, but I hope this month of Phase One recipes will be extra helpful for readers who are starting Phase One in January, which I know many people do every year.

There are a couple of ways to make sure you see all my Recipes:

~The easiest way is to become an e-mail subscriber to Kalyn’s Kitchen and you’ll get the photo and first paragraph of each new recipe once a day by e-mail. (You can click through when you want to read the rest.)

~You can also follow me on Twitter or Like Kalyn’s Kitchen on Facebook to see announcements of each recipe.

For anyone reading this who may be new to the South Beach Diet or new to my blog, you can see more posts that might be helpful in this page about South Beach Diet info.

Now that I’ve written this I am going to take a big deep breath, regroup, and start my plans for a healthier year. Thanks in advance for the ongoing support for me and my blog. I know 2012 is the year when I’ll get back to the weight where I feel best, and that the support from readers will be one of the things that helps me to do it.

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    59 Comments on “How About a Month of Daily Phase One Recipes to Start the New Year!”

  1. Hi Kalyn,
    I did a search on Pinterest for phase 1 south beach diet recipes and came across your blog and some pictures of foods I’d like Ike tin make. I see you wrote this 8 years ago. How can I gain access to your South Beach recipes now? My husband an I are starting south beach again. We have done south beach in the past, but it’s been awhile and I need a new lot of recipes. 


    • Hi Terri,
      I am in a dilemma about how to feature the South Beach recipes on my site (since the NEW SBD plan is more like Keto) so let me be clear that all my recipes are for the original South Beach Diet. If you go to this page and scroll down a bit you can see links to the index for South Beach Diet Phase One and South Beach Diet Phase Two!

  2. South Beach has worked well before. I am going to apply your receipes and go for the huge weight loss again.

    • Good luck Mary! As you can see, this post is from 2011. Now my recipes are not always South Beach Diet friendly, but use the orange tags at the top of each recipe to see what diet it’s suitable for!

  3. Johanna, hope you see some good veggie options.

    Thanks Helen. Comments like that really make my day.

  4. Your the best. You pretty much guide all of my meal planning! Here is to an awesome 2012. Thanks for the help and honesty!

  5. good luck kalyn – eating well is a constant challenge – in my experience sometimes there are more important things in life than good food choices but hopefully when we need to take time out from eating well that we can get back on the wagon – will try and keep an eye on your january foods

  6. When I transition to phase two, I usually start by adding one thing per day like some rice, a piece of toast, or some fruit. Sometimes (if I still want to lose more) I do what I call phase 1.5, where I do phase one most of the time but occasionally eat a higher carb food. This is only for short periods of time though.

    I do eat on phase two most of the time, where I'm usually eating one or two things a day that are whole grains, fruit, or low-carb pasta.

  7. I love all the recipes that I have tried on your sight and look forward to getting back on track this year. I would also be curious to know how you transition to phase two. I have always struggled with this because I like the discipline of phase one and because I really like the phase one recipes that I have found, mostly from this sight. Thank you!

  8. A, if you check the Phase One Index that's linked on the left sidebar, there is a section for phase one vegetarian dishes.

  9. I love the daily recipes!! I try to adapt alot of yours for vegetarian, but if you think of a few good phase 1 vegetarian dishes I'd love to hear them!

  10. I'm so glad the recipes have been helpful for you!

  11. Your recipes and insights have proven quite helpful. Recovering from back surgery, lots of exercises are no longer an option. My 2 kids are dairy intolerant and your recipes allow me to prepare 1 meal. Yeah!!!! They just get to eat lots of carbs after meals while I do dishes because they are skinny : )

  12. Thanks to all for the nice thoughts in these comments. Together we can all get back on track.

  13. Kalyn, I've been enjoying your recipes for years now and have followed a "semi" South Beach Diet. Eight years ago I lost 15 pounds on SBD, but have gained back twice that, despite healthy eating and regular exercise. Some of this is my genetic destiny, much of it is post-menopausal, but I am committed to get back to two weeks of Phase One and see what happens. Not ready to start just yet, but will sometime in the next week or so, and can do it with your help. We're all in this together. Best of luck, and thanks for your great recipes

  14. These were fantastic! I topped them with some Sriracha hot sauce and Thai peanut sauce (with Splenda in place of the sugar). We loved them!

  15. Happy New Year Kalyn. Looking forward to getting
    back on track. So very grateful to have you. All the very best for 2012.

  16. Happy New Year, Kalyn, and thank you for sharing with us! I am looking forward to reversing an "upward" trend, much like you, and I know I can count on the 100 Days to help me get started on my way!

  17. Thank you for your inspiration! Your story pretty much mimicks mine. I did great on South Beach, losing 20 pounds and keeping it off for a couple of years but then I slowly started to gain and then lose, but never losing as much as I gained. Stressful events led to bad eating, but like you I need to stop using that as an excuse for bad choices. Most people would not consider me heavy, but I know I feel better when I'm in the ideal weight range for my height. So I'm going to start again with you! Thanks for givng a place to look for for support.