For the many people still following the original South Beach Diet, it’s time for Phase One Recipes to get you back on track! I followed the South Beach Diet for many years, and my site has a lot of phase-one suitable recipes, like these amazing Asian Lettuce Wraps with Spicy Ground Turkey Filling 

Asian Lettuce Cups with Spicy Ground Turkey finished lettuce cups with peanuts

I started Kalyn’s Kitchen in 2005 after I’d lost 42 pounds on the South Beach Diet and was excited to share the recipes that helped me do it. This post was written many years ago when I posted a South Beach Diet Phase One Recipe every day for a whole month.

But things have changed since those days. The (original) South Beach Diet was sold in 2016 to a company that now sells packaged food, and they re-did the guidelines of the diet in some ways. And shortly after that I switched my blog to WordPress, and started focusing more on Easy Carb-Conscious Recipes, which includes recipes suitable for different types of carb-conscious eating plans. Now the site has nutritional information and recipes are organized into special diet categories for the following types of diets:

But there is still a robust community of people online following the original South Beach Diet! You can see lots more posts that might be helpful for South Beach Dieters on this page about South Beach Diet info.

And although my blog now features recipes for varied types of carb-conscious diets, most of the recipes I created for the original South Beach Diet are still on the site; sometimes a lower-carb version has been added. Here are some ways you can follow my site if you’re interested in the recipes here:

  • If you become an e-mail subscriber to Kalyn’s Kitchen you’ll get the photo and first paragraph of each new or updated recipe or the introduction to each recipe round-up sent to your inbox. You can click through from the e-mail when you want to read the rest of the post.
  • You can also follow Kalyn’s Kitchen on Pinterest, on Facebook, on Instagram, on TikTok, or on YouTube to see all the good recipes I’m sharing there. (Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram are updated more frequently than the others.)

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