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Friday Night Photos: Two Reasons this is an Exciting Day!

After thinking about it for years, I’ve finally taken the plunge and switched to MAC!

I know it’s not Friday night just yet, but there’s a very good reason I’m not waiting until later tonight to tell you how excited I am about my new iMAC computer.  Tonight my beautiful niece Alyson is getting married to a great guy named Nick, so I’ll be too busy congratulating them to be posting anything on the blog.  It will be one of those wonderful family weddings with many of the 100+ first and second generation Denny family members attending, so even if I didn’t have a new iMAC, this would be a pretty exciting day!  But no denying it, I am pretty darn excited about the new computer.  I’ve contemplated switching to MAC for years, and after months of computer issues I’ve taken the plunge. 

Much thanks to my brother Rand for help with this transition into the world of MAC.  He knows better than anyone just how (ahem) technology impaired I am, yet he bravely offered to help me get the iMAC set up and start the process of learning it.  Rand is one of the biggest MAC fans I know, and after less than 24 hours with the new computer I’m starting to see why he likes it so much!

I’ve noticed for a long time that everyone I know who has a MAC highly recommends it.  In fact, some of my best blogging friends have been urging me to get one for years.   That’s why I find it fascinating that overall, far more people use PCs.

Let’s have an informal poll in the comments here:   Do you have a MAC or a PC, and why did you pick one over the other?

(And if you have any marriage advice for Nick and Alyson, please share that in the comments as well.)
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    84 Comments on “Friday Night Photos: Two Reasons this is an Exciting Day!”

  1. My family has had MACs since my retired father-in-law learned to use his at a local community college. The term "user friendly" doesn't cover the intuitive capability you can have with your computer.

  2. I had a MAC my entire Gov't career then retired and hooked up with a software engineer, who pulled me kicking and screaming into the PC world. I still lanquish there, but someday . . . I'll return!!!!!! Never was computing SO easy and user-friendly. PC's have spent their entire lives trying to be MAC's in my opinion.

  3. I switched to a MacBook Pro today thanks to an extended warranty refund for (yet another) broken PC. Like you, I've been intrigued by how passionate people are for their Macs yet so many use PCs. I'm going to check out a free workshop at the Apple store soon.

    Marriage advice: There will be disagreements. No matter what – fight fairly. Always apologize and mean it.

  4. I'm sure I won't ever go back either!