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Friday Night Photos: Two Reasons this is an Exciting Day!

After thinking about it for years, I’ve finally taken the plunge and switched to MAC!

I know it’s not Friday night just yet, but there’s a very good reason I’m not waiting until later tonight to tell you how excited I am about my new iMAC computer.  Tonight my beautiful niece Alyson is getting married to a great guy named Nick, so I’ll be too busy congratulating them to be posting anything on the blog.  It will be one of those wonderful family weddings with many of the 100+ first and second generation Denny family members attending, so even if I didn’t have a new iMAC, this would be a pretty exciting day!  But no denying it, I am pretty darn excited about the new computer.  I’ve contemplated switching to MAC for years, and after months of computer issues I’ve taken the plunge. 

Much thanks to my brother Rand for help with this transition into the world of MAC.  He knows better than anyone just how (ahem) technology impaired I am, yet he bravely offered to help me get the iMAC set up and start the process of learning it.  Rand is one of the biggest MAC fans I know, and after less than 24 hours with the new computer I’m starting to see why he likes it so much!

I’ve noticed for a long time that everyone I know who has a MAC highly recommends it.  In fact, some of my best blogging friends have been urging me to get one for years.   That’s why I find it fascinating that overall, far more people use PCs.

Let’s have an informal poll in the comments here:   Do you have a MAC or a PC, and why did you pick one over the other?

(And if you have any marriage advice for Nick and Alyson, please share that in the comments as well.)
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84 comments on “Friday Night Photos: Two Reasons this is an Exciting Day!”

  1. My family has had MACs since my retired father-in-law learned to use his at a local community college. The term "user friendly" doesn't cover the intuitive capability you can have with your computer.

  2. I had a MAC my entire Gov't career then retired and hooked up with a software engineer, who pulled me kicking and screaming into the PC world. I still lanquish there, but someday . . . I'll return!!!!!! Never was computing SO easy and user-friendly. PC's have spent their entire lives trying to be MAC's in my opinion.

  3. I switched to a MacBook Pro today thanks to an extended warranty refund for (yet another) broken PC. Like you, I've been intrigued by how passionate people are for their Macs yet so many use PCs. I'm going to check out a free workshop at the Apple store soon.

    Marriage advice: There will be disagreements. No matter what – fight fairly. Always apologize and mean it.

  4. I'm sure I won't ever go back either!

  5. I am also a converted Mac user, and I won't go back [I'll just save a little longer for them]. I'm a rather heavy computer user. Even with my computer tech husband doing my repairs, my PC's only lasted about 2 years. I switched to a Mac about 4 years ago [my husband begged me not too because he wasn't sure he could repair it]. That computer is still going strong. It's much more cost effective in the long run. Now he has switched and we have 3 in the house …. i hope you enjoy yours as much!

  6. Thanks Kelly. I am definitely a convert already. I might take you up on that offer of help; will keep you posted!

  7. Congrats! Very exciting. I'm willing to help with anything you have questions about 🙂

    I've used both Macs and PCs for years — Macs because of school, and PCs because my husband uses them for work, so we actually had one of those at home before I could get my own Mac years ago when the very first iBook came around. Although I can and do use both (my husband and son use PCs still) I will always be a devout Mac user. It's just less trouble to do everything and aesthetically, they appeal to me.

    On the marriage advise: compromise, compromise, compromise. Learn to appreciate what your spouse's interests are and share yours with him/her. Works!

  8. Katie, I don't use any kind of software, just write my posts in the Blogger Dashboard.

  9. I'm a huge Mac girl! I love my MacBook and will never go back to PCs – I even hate that I have to use one for work!

    Can I ask, what blogging software are you using with the Mac? I've heard there's not a good Mac equivalent for Windows Live Writer.

  10. Hi,

    I've been a mac user for many years now. I started with a mini – small but powerful and affordable for first timer. Then graduated to an imac – bigger, more powerful and more eye-candy. Love them!

    All my macs have been refurbished which makes them much more affordable for a single technology- loving parent (look on apple site) and have worked wonderfully out of the box – well worth it…

    Kalyn, I love your site. Being a vegetarian, there are some adjustments I have to make, obviously, on some of the recipes. But everything I have made has been wonderful! Keep on posting. I look forward to opening the posts…

  11. Hi, I converted to Mac 6 years ago, started with a mini, which I fell in love with. It didn't look like much but could do a lot, and was a great starter. Then I graduated to an imac (it's prettier and more powerful)
    Look for the 'refurbished' section in the site – it's well worth the look because it makes them much more affordable!

    Kalyn, love your site. As a vegetarian, I'm limited in what works for me, but I love your flavour combinations and every recipe I've ever tried has been wonderful!

  12. I have a PC now. After being amazed at my wonderful iPhone, my next computer will be a Mac.

    On marriage, thoughtful communication and respect for each other are critical to success.

  13. I'm a professional software developer, have no trouble with PCs at all for years and years. When forced to use Apple products, I always remember the mantra, "Don't compute with fruit!" 🙂 Seriously, my brain seems better wired for doing things on a computer where you have access to every detail, rather than Apple's "just does it for you" style. That said, several of the other developers in my office use Apple computers, and Linux. Everyone seems to get work accomplished… but I've always found it impossible to figure out Apples.

  14. Kalyn, congrats on your first Mac! I switched over a few years because my kids were using them for school. It took a little bit getting used to, but I love it now and would not go back to a PC. As for a piece of marriage advice – communication is so important, even when you think you know what the other person is thinking.

  15. Anonymous, thanks for giving us the other side from a happy PC user's perspective!

    MaryKay, welcome. Hope you will enjoy the blog. (I am in love with Pinterest!)

  16. I recently found your blog through pinterest while looking for SBD recipes. I have only tried one so far but I am drooling over MANY!

    I am a MAC and will never go back!!!

  17. I've owned and used both Macs/Apples and PCs for over 20 years now. My favorite computers though, have always been PCs. I know everyone says that Macs are so much easier to use, but my PCs have always been easier, faster, and more reliable for me. I don't see myself ever buying a MAC again in the future because of all of the issues that my last one (bought in 2005) gave me.

    As for PCs, you can get a much better and cheaper machine if you build it yourself instead of buying the pre-fab computers at the stores. My current computer that my husband and I put together is a million times better than any PC or Mac that I've ever owned or used, including the new Mac that my friend recently bought. This option of course only works if you or someone you know are technologically inclined. If anyone does decide to take this route, you won't regret it!


  18. TW, I am having that exact same problem!

  19. Ha! We have made exactly the same switch – Your "desktop" looks identical to the new look in my home office! It really wasn't that hard to switch, and I'm loving it. A lot of the quirks I struggled with blogging on a PC don't seem to exist on the Mac. Problem is, I like it so much I'm sitting in front of it for hours!

  20. I will have to check out Yum. Right now I save recipes to Delicious, which I do like pretty well.

  21. I have always had Macs back to the Apple II. Love my new macbook. With iLife and iWork, I can do everything that I can do on the PC at work.
    By the way, I use YUM to keep my recipes – free to download and try. I use the first version because you can make separate cookbook for everything. I have too many recipes for the way the new one is set up.

  22. I am loving both the computer thoughts and the marriage advice. Just found out my niece is in the Bahamas on her honeymoon (it was a surprise!)

    Barbara, congratulations on the marriage of your son!

  23. I have only ever used PC, but may change to Mac if and when I upgrade. Congrats to the newly weds. My son got married last week. A small family only beach wedding here but they are now in Montreal where they will have a second wedding in the Greek Orthodox Church with Maria's family.

  24. Our first computer 18 hrs ago was a Mac, but when we started using pcs at work we switched over for software reasons. Though both my husband and I still have pcs at work and windows based laptops, our family is solidly Apple… On last count, we have 3iPhones, 1 iPad, 2 iPods, 1 Nano, 2 iPod shuffles, 2 iMacs, and 2 MacBooks between 4 people. I love all things Mac! There is no comparison!

    Marriage advice: never go to bed angry! Always apologize for your part, even when your spouse doesn't.

  25. You'll never look back! I got a MacBook Pro four years ago. I'm a techie and had an Apple II in the early eighties until the PC came out. It's been great!

    Marriage is hard work, but well worth the payoff as you grow and change to release the baggage each brings to the union. When you experience pain in a marriage, that's when the real change happens. ~Celebrating 23 years on the 18th of June and the real bliss has just begun!

  26. I bought my husband our very first computer for Christmas in 1985. We didn't have a lot of money then, but he knew he wanted a Mac and found someone who had just purchased one and then transferred overseas. Since then we've had several more Macs, large and small, but we passed each of them on to someone else, simply because we wanted a newer Mac. I'm always delighted to hear someone has bought their first Mac – you'll never look back! We're all Mac – iPhones, iTouch, iPods, MacBook Pros and even an iPad, which I love. Our Macs have never let us down!
    P.S. LOL I also feel just as stongly about my Keurig coffee maker!

  27. I love my Imac. When I had my daughter I bought a netbook and it was a cheap way to keep up with everyone while on the run with my daughter…however it didnt even last a year before it started having problems. So i upgraded to a macbook air. Love it! I love the programs. I use Iphoto/Itunes and i LOVE imovie for making slideshows of my family. Glad you like it…once you start exploring everything you will totally fall in love!

  28. Yea Mac. I have NEVER had a PC, been a Mac lover forever. Not only are they far easier to use, they have less problems. Their tech support is the best if you do have a problem and they are always so nice and helpful.

  29. You're going to LOVE your Mac! I've had mine a little more than a year and would never go back to a PC. I also have an iPhone 4 and an iPad 2. I'm a total convert!

  30. We have a PC and it is juuust fine, thanks. I can't get around the 'one button clicker' on the MAC mouse 😉
    Enjoy your new toy!

  31. I've always had PC's – usually built my own, and have always been happy with them. Friends and family have Mac and / or PC, sometimes one of each. I think they both have their place ;-))

    I do covet in iPad, tho…. most seriously……

  32. Just had to chime in with a little about switching to the MAC. Setting up the machine was super easy, I could have probably done that myself (although I would have been scared, no doubt about that.) I don't know anything about transferring data from PC to MAC though, most of my data that I want transferred is on an external hard drive and I haven't transferred it yet. When I did make the switch I was surprised to realize that most everything I had saved was stored somewhere online, either on Flickr, Delicious, or on the servers at Blogger.com, so I did not have all that much I needed to transfer.

  33. I have a MacBook and I love, love it. I always used a Mac while I was working and once I retired, I bought my MacBook. My husband has a PC and is always having some kind of computer problems. My Mac is so easy to use and of course the MacBook is also very portable. Congrats on your new purchase. I know you will be very, very happy.
    Marriage advice: hug your wife/husband everyday.

  34. I've always had a PC: my home desktop computer and
    PCs at work as well. Now that I've retired and had to turn in my office laptop, I've been flirting with the idea of getting a MacBook Air… $$$ is the main barrier to shifting to Mac.

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