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Friday Night Photos: House Renovations v. 2.0.2

It’s been more than a month since I shared the last photos of my house renovations, and you can see why from this picture of the contractor’s truck in my neighbor’s driveway, where we’re paying them to store equipment and materials. For me, just another reminder of why I don’t like winter in Utah, and not much work was happening during the early part of December.

Finally a few weeks ago I started to see progress again. One day I went out for a few hours, and when I came home my cement front steps were gone. (Between the two posts is where the steps used to be leading to my front door.)

I find it rather amazing that large cement steps could be reduced to a pile of rubble like this in a few short hours. I always hated the steps, which were covered with snow all winter since they faced north and the cement stayed cold. My new steps will be made of Trex, with a railing!

Then a few days later the new porch started to get framed in. Those pieces of Trex laying on the porch frame show the color of the new porch if anyone is interested. (I thought I had some photos of the new posts being set in cement, but I don’t know what happened to them, so you’ll just have to take my word for it about that happening sometime in mid December too.)

And finally, just to show you how hardy my contractor and his workers are, all this work is continuing even though there is still snow, as you can see on the roof. My mailbox has been moved several times during the porch renovating, but the mail seems to still be getting here. Meanwhile, I’m getting rather tired of having to carry everything around to the back door, and am eagerly looking forward to the porch being finished so I can use the front door again.

(If anyone is interested, you can see my whole set of House Renovations Photos on Flickr.)

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    18 Comments on “Friday Night Photos: House Renovations v. 2.0.2”

  1. Katie, yaaay, I am finally using my front door again.

  2. I know it’s late— and you are probably already using your front door…. I just had to say OMG! all that snow and they’re working! I’ll stop complaining now!

  3. Good article, good things, good feelings, good BLOG!

  4. Hardy guys to keep this one going! Just keep you eye on the prize – oh what joy when it’s all done. Exciting!

  5. Looks like there has been quite a bit of progress. You sure are a brave soul, Kalyn! Remodeling is always a pain, especially in snowy weather. Just keep thinking about how much you’ll love it when it’s all finished!

    BTW, Thanks so much for the calendar. It is beautiful and I love it!

  6. That’s the first thing I noticed, Kalyn – the cool new blog header. The second thing I noticed were the icicles hanging from your roof. And I thought it was cold here this winter! This summer, when all the work is done and you can walk up to and through your front door, all the ruckus you are now experiencing will be but a dream. I’m so happy for you that you are making these changes.

  7. Doesn’t look like fun winter work! But great progress, considering the weather. We live in Kansas and were going to come home to Utah for Christmas, but because of all the snow, decided not to make the trip. We’d have loved to play in the snow for a day or two, we just keep getting icy rain here!
    Hope it all keeps going well with the house!
    Happy New Year.

  8. Forgot to say, or course it’s my fabulous brother Rand who designs the new blog headers. I’m really loving this January one.

  9. This is ESP because I was writing an e-mail to Ilva just as she was leaving her comment! Thanks everyone for the encouragement. The only bad thing about this kind of project (besides the cost and the mess of course) is how long it takes. But I do feel good about the work they’re doing. Yes, Utah is very cold, and lots more snow last night so who knows how much they can do this next week. I’m just trying to stay focused on the long term goal.

    And at the end one of the things I’ll have inside is a whole wall of shelves for all my blog dishes and props! I’m very excited about that. Of course a lot has to happen before we get to that stage!

  10. I was wondering how it was going on so Thanks for posting this!

  11. It is gray and dreary and 50 degrees at my house today, but when I see those icicles and all that snow, I’m not complaining anymore about my weather. Gotta love those dedicated builders!

  12. Looking good! The finished product is going to be awesome!


  13. It will be so worth it when it’s done! I enjoy seeing your progress photos.

  14. What fun it must be to see all of this taking place. Lovely new banner as well!

  15. I looks like it is coming along. I know for a fact that Utah winters are hard on contractors. Can’t wait to see the finished product.

  16. Great that the workers are continuing, even in the snow. Soon you’ll have a nice front porch and much safer steps!

  17. I’m impressed by those icicles and I’m also impressed that your guys are able to get that much done in that weather. Utah looks seriously wintry.

  18. Wow — this is progress! Your contractors are indeed hardy, to work through this weather. Thanks for the photo update.