As you can see, it’s pretty much still a construction zone around Chez Kalyn. Last time I reported on the progress, I was thrilled to have sheetrock, and there’ve been many more exciting developments since then. Above are shelves for cookbooks along the west wall of my office, which some of you already saw when I posted a sneak preview. I’m definitely excited to have these bookshelves!

Ben is doing a beautiful job on the finish work, and this shows how the top of the bookshelves fits with the molding around my ceiling. Love the lightly textured ceiling too.

Right around this time, the window trim was finished, and eventually all this wood will be painted white. This photo looks a bit odd because the house next door is getting a new roof, so besides seeing all the labels on the windows, you can see construction stuff on the roof next door!

These shelves are in the hall leading into my office from the kitchen. There’s actually a doorway between the two shelves, but you can’t really tell that in the photo. The larger shelf is to store blog dishes, but I haven’t decided for sure what I’ll use the smaller ones for. (No idea what gives the top of the photo an orange glow, but they’re both the same pressed wood, to be painted white.)

On the other side of that hall there are two pantries, on either side of the doorway that leads into the tiny laundry room. Each pantry will have an upper and lower set of doors eventually. In this photo, the doorway to the left goes into my kitchen and the one on the right goes into the laundry room.

Finally, not especially exciting or fancy, but I’m having some very functional shelves and an area for hanging clothes built into the laundry room. This set of three shelves will be above the washer and dryer.
And on the other side of that little room will be this other set of shelves, with an area on the left where there’ll be a rod for hanging clothes when they come out of the dryer. Believe me, when the laundry room has paint and carpet and I can have my washer and dryer moved back in, that will be a happy day!

(If anyone is interested, you can see my whole set of House Renovations Photos on Flickr or use the label House Ronovations to see all the posts.)

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