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Friday Night Photos: Fall Colors in the Garden and Still a Few Veggies (2010 Garden Update #16 )

fall leavesIt’s looking like fall, and the garden is winding down at my house. The weather in Utah has been glorious so far this fall, and the last few days I’ve been outside trimming the perennials, pulling a few weeds, and making an attempt to clean up the garden beds. I’m enjoying the fall garden colors, and although during the summer I don’t love these vines that creep over into my garden from the neighbors yard, they’re beautiful right now.

I’m not good at holding the camera still without a tripod, but even though the photo’s a bit fuzzy, I love the colors of these mums, the last flowers left in bloom.

There are also a few patches of purple mums growing along the fence in the back yard.

My three plants of Green Zebra Tomatoes are still pretty loaded, and a few tomatoes are even getting ripe, but they don’t have that sun-kissed flavor any more. I’m thinking that tomorrow I’ll pick all the ripe ones and cook them with some canned red tomatoes to make pasta sauce, maybe adding some tomato powder to make sure the sauce is red!

There are still quite a few Brandywine tomatoes on the plant too, and they’re ripening but pretty slowly. I keep watching the news to make sure nights aren’t getting too cold for these last few tomatoes, but so far they’re hanging in there.

A couple of weeks ago I gave all the basil plants a vigorous trimming so I could freeze the basil and make basil pesto. A few basil leaves have grown back, but I’ll probably pick them all tomorrow for the pasta sauce.

There are also 4-5 peppers on each of my three plants, so they’re probably going into the pasta sauce too, along with some turkey Italian sausage.

Some herbs are still happy, especially the curly parsley and flat parsley, which are thriving with the cool nights and slightly-warm days.

And the funniest thing of all about this tomatillo peeking up is that I didn’t even plant tomatillos this year! When these “volunteers” started showing where I’d planted tomatillos last year I didn’t have the heart to pull them all out. I don’t know if any will get big enough to use, but they’re fun.

One reason I’ve been out cleaning out my garden a bit more vigorously than I do some years is that over the next two weeks I have two exciting projects starting in my back yard. First, in the main garden I’m adding one more raised bed, converting to drip sprinklers, and having black cloth covered with fine gravel put around the beds (no more weeds between beds, yaay!) At the same time the contractor who did my house renovations is building a shed on the east side of my yard. I’m more than a little psyched about these projects, both of which will help me have an easier time maintaining the garden in years to come.

You can use the label 2010 Garden Updates if you’d like to see all my garden updates for this year.

If you’re a fellow gardener, please share in the comments about what’s happening in the fall garden at your house.

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28 comments on “Friday Night Photos: Fall Colors in the Garden and Still a Few Veggies (2010 Garden Update #16 )”

  1. The leaves are some kind of vine that grows over the fence from my neighbor's yard, but I'm not sure what type it is.

  2. Gorgeous Leaves and Colors! What kind of leaves are those ?

  3. Maya, I love hearing that I've inspired you to try growing some things; hope you will do it.

  4. hey you have a picture perfect garden and you are the inspiration for us to go to the garden and grow something.Thanx a lot for the inspiration.

  5. Thanks Melissa. Hmm, I should get a rocking chair out on my deck!

  6. Wow, beautiful pics. I'd love to kick back in a nice rocking chair with some hot tea and enjoy the sites. 😉 Especially love the first pic.

  7. Thanks Shirley! I'm super excited about the shed and the drip irrigation, will share photos when we get started.

  8. Always so much fun to take a walk through your garden with you, Kalyn! I do love the colors of that vine, the mums, and the other goodies that remain or surprise. 😉 How exciting on your next two projects. I look forward to you sharing them with us as they progress. 🙂


  9. PJ, not sure why your market didn't have them because they certainly did grow here. You have to plant two plants so they pollinate each other, and they are VERY prolific, which is the only reason I didn't plant them this year.

  10. beautiful fall colors! this season i did not see any good tomatillos in farmers' markets at-all; perhaps because the summer was a mild one? i would make lots and lots of tomatillo-avocado salsa if i had a plant 🙂

  11. Karen, so glad you're enjoying the photos. I often wonder what it would be like to live somewhere that had warm weather all year, but maybe I would miss the changing seasons!

  12. I love seeing your garden and remembering our garden when we were living in Salt Lake City. I miss "my" mountains every time I look out my kitchen windows! I don't have the luxury or beauty of 4 distinct seasons where I am now so that makes your garden so much more wonderful to see!
    Thank you for sharing with us all.

  13. Simona, thanks. I'm excited about the shed. We had enough siding left from the house project to make it, so it will match my house.

  14. It is so very nice to enjoy the fruit of your effort well into the fall. Everything looks so very nice. I am also partial to the red color of autumn leaves. Good luck with the shed project.

  15. Bev I agree completely. I do love summer, but Fall is my absolute favorite time of the year.

  16. Love the beautiful photos and I love fall colors and weather-34 degrees here this morning but the days warm up nicely.

  17. Helen, thanks for noticing. The blog headers are done by my very talented brother Rand, who is the greatest!

    Merisi, it is the season for sweet potato fries isn't it? I was surprised to hear that sweet potatoes are hard to find in Austria.

  18. Your visitors are taking a star turn,
    beautifully captured!

    Thanks to Helen Chandler for reminding me of your sweet potato fries! Thank heaven, these tubers are now finding their way into most supermarkets here (not so at the beginning, my first Thanksgiving here, 5 years ago, I spent days searching for them). Interestingly, the tastiest ones are imported from Israel, a few organic ones from Italy.

  19. Forgot to mention that I like the new banner on your site. It looks nice with the photo of your fence and the fall colors cascading down towards the ground. Very creative.

  20. Barbara, didn't mean to ignore you. Comcast is driving me crazy, not getting the e-mails to me until after I've responded to earlier comments. I agree, the weather has been gorgeous lately.

  21. Helen, thanks, so glad you like the photos. And I made sweet potato fries this week for my dad. When I told him we were having them, he said "I don't like them." But after he ate a few he said "I guess they're growing on me." I just laughed!

  22. Thought of you tonight as I made one of my favorite recipes from your site – sweet potato fries! They were soooo good.
    The fall colors are so gorgeous! The leaves here in central Ohio are showing their colors too. We've had lots of sun shiney days which really shows off the their color.
    Love the pics of your garden too.

  23. Lydia, I actually did think about salsa, but my last container of freezer pasta sauce is gone, so I think pasta sauce it is!

  24. Beautiful fall colors. It's been so nice to have this gorgeous fall weather.

  25. There are still so many treasures in your garden. Those tomatoes will make a wonderful sauce, or maybe a green tomato salsa?

  26. Kristen, thanks. I think I love the red color of autumn leaves more than any other single color.

    Margaret, thanks, and I promise to take some wide shots. For sure I'll want to show the new shed, so I can do it then.

  27. Beautiful!

    Would love to see some wide shots of your garden.

  28. Look at the gorgeous fall colors, Kalyn!! Stunning!

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