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Things I’m Thinking About (3-18-2014)

Thanks to the kindness and generosity of my niece-by-marriage Sara, who organized this surprise!

I promised to be more consistent sharing Things I’m Thinking About, and lately I’ve been thinking over and over about how blessed I am to have such a wonderful extended family.  If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter you might have seen the surprise above that was a generous Christmas gift from the entire Denny family, but I want to document it here and formally thank my wonderful niece Sara who organized the purchase and delivery of Aunt Kalyn’s Kitchen to the playroom that’s in the unfinished basement of my new house.  (It was fun to notice that a few of the little ones were even sharp enough to get the joke in the name; some of them have seen Kalyn’s Kitchen on the iPad!)

A few years ago another delightful surprise gift that was organized by Sara also made the blog, and as you can see, she’s as creative as she is thoughtful.  Thank you so much Sara, for organizing this and helping to make Aunt Kalyn’s playroom even better for all the little ones in the family.

Here are a few more things I’m thinking about this week.

I had another fun surprise recently when fellow Utahn and social media guru Newspaper Girl visited my house on a cooking day and then posted Behind the Scenes of a Successful Food Blogger.  That post will give you a little peek into my *real* kitchen if you’re interested and also spotlights my nephew Jake who cooks with me occasionally.

My fondness for Greek food is pretty obvious on the blog, so I loved this post about 16 Reasons Greeks are Better at Life.  I disagree with a couple of them, but mostly I think they’re spot on; what do you think?
I loved the wisdom and creativity behind this thought-provoking poem written by a 14 year old that can be read both forwards or backwards.  Be sure to read it both ways to get the full impact!
Some people are surprised to hear I’m an introvert, because I’m not shy.  But even though I treasure time with my family and friends, I love to spend time hanging around the house alone, and this post on 21 Things Introverts Love has a lot of things that ring true for me.  For the record though, I definitely disagree with a few of them!
So much wisdom in these 10 Quotes from Mister Rogers.  Don’t just save them for bad days!
And finally, via my friend David Lebovitz, The Ultimate Guide to Hashtags.

(You can use the label Things I’m Thinking About to see more round-ups like this one.) 

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    7 Comments on “Things I’m Thinking About (3-18-2014)”

  1. Suze, so glad you enjoyed the post. The kids kitchen is so much fun! Eventually I'm going to finish the room and have it built into a little space next to a "bedroom" and "living room"!

  2. Dear Kalyn,

    Enjoy your 'Things I'm Thinking about on Tuesday'. Especially the comments about introverts and Mr. Rogers. Please keep us posted about what you are thinking.
    PS Love your 'new' kitchen too cute!

  3. Thanks Nupur; I really do love my new kitchen. It's actually almost too light some days for photos, so that's a new challenge. I'd love to have you come and visit and your little cutie could enjoy the play kitchen all she wants!

  4. I loved reading the "behind the scenes"- you do have a lovely kitchen, Kalyn. I like how well-stocked it is and all that natural light.

    The introvert list was funny and true- I have extrovert moments but need it to be buffered with lots of alone time or I get very grumpy.

    My toddler would be all over Aunt Kalyn's Play Kitchen 🙂

  5. Lydia, one of the most fun things about the kitchen is that it plugs in, so stove burners light up and lights go on. I haven't checked the remote control devices though, but I think they are just pretend!

    Vicki, glad you like the links, and fun hearing from a fellow introvert!

  6. Wow what a great post! I love hearing your thoughts and this week's was particularly inspiring.

    First let me thank you for speaking out for introverts, one of the most misunderstood groups of people. I consider myself an introvert and know that introvert and shy are not synonymous! The post you referenced stated some items that I think are more shyness but many I could relate to.

    I also loved the Mr Rogers quotes. Mr Rogers came on the air when I was 9 and I was never a fan but after reading these, I realize I probably should have been. I will be printing out and posting on my office bulletin board.


  7. Lots of fun links this week! And I just noticed how many remote control devices there are in Aunt Kalyn's Kitchen!