It’s Mother’s Day weekend, a time which makes me think about my loving and generous mother who died in 1998. I definitely hit the jackpot in the parents department, and this week when I went to make lunch for my dad, we talked about my mom and how much we miss her. Then today a friend sent me a poem about invisible work, and it made me think of my mom once again. It’s a bit more serious than some of the things I usually share for these Friday Fun things, but if you like poetry, click through and I bet you’ll like the poem.

Fun Thing #1: Invisible Work

From my wonderful friend Bonnie, a poem about Invisible Work, the kind that mothers do. For me, this poem is the kind you want to save and read over and over.

Fun Thing #2: 40 Foods to Try in Tokyo

I loved this list of 40 Tokyo Foods We Can’t Live Without so I thought I’d post it here for my nephew Matt (who’s in the Marines in Okinawa) and my friend Jacque (who’s going on a trip to Japan very soon.) I haven’t been to Japan, but it’s on my “must visit” list, and most of these foods sound like something I’d love to try!

Fun Thing #3: The Next Best Thing to a Garden

If you don’t have your own backyard garden, the next best thing is signing up for a CSA or Community Supported Agriculture delivery. If you live in Utah, sign up through CSA Utah, or visit Local Harvest to find a CSA where you live.

Fun Thing #4: Why We Like Fatty Foods

I’m one of those people who could never stick to a diet that made you count every gram of fat you consumed, and now I know there’s a good reason people like fatty foods.

Fun Thing #5: My Blog Mentioned on

For bloggers, it’s always lovely when you find out another blogger you admire is a fan of your own blog, so I was pleased that Mansi from Fun and Food Cafe mentioned Kalyn’s Kitchen as one of her favorite blogs when she was interviewed in a feature about mom bloggers on Thanks Mansi! (Even more fun, the other two blogs Mansi mentioned were Food Blogga and Tartelette, both blogging friends of mine.)

Now it’s time for the weekend to officially begin, but if you happened upon something fun on the net this week, please share with a link in the comments!    If you need just a little more Friday Fun, you can use the label for Five Fun Things on Friday to see fun things I’ve shared on other Fridays!

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