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Five Fun Things on Friday (5-6-11)

On Mondays I’ll be spotlighting meatless main dishes on BlogHer.com.

It’s Friday, and if I was still teaching school I’d definitely be counting how many more Fridays were left in the school year.  (Anybody out there doing that student or teacher countdown?)  Even when you’re “retired” Friday has a different feel to it than other days of the week and we can all use something fun on Friday, so here’s another list of things I’ve spotted online.  Hope one of them might make your Friday just a bit more fun.

Fun Thing #1:  Meatless Mondays on BlogHer.com

Unless you’re brand new to my blog, you probably know I’m a Contributing Editor at BlogHer.com. This week I started a new feature on BlogHer where every Monday I’ll be featuring an outstanding meatless main dish recipe, usually from another blog but occasionally from Kalyn’s Kitchen.  We could all benefit from eating less meat, so bookmark the tag for Meatless Monday if you’d like to check out my meatless recipe finds.  Other food bloggers are also encouraged to visit BlogHer.com’s Meatless Monday every week and post a link in the comments to any meatless recipes you’ve posted that week.  (And if anyone is wondering, my meatless main dish in the top photo is Whole Wheat Spaghetti with Garlic, Chard, and Pecorino Romano Cheese.)

Fun Thing #2:  Yes, I think They Can Dance!
I don’t spend a lot of time on You Tube, but I love the way it allows people to share their talents.  And of course I’m  a sucker for any video that shows talented kids, so I loved this Dual Mix Dance Free Step featuring two of the best amateur kid dancers I’ve seen for a long time.  (Via Nicole from Pinch My Salt on Twitter.)

Fun Thing #3:  Ten Historic Tweets that Captivated the World

I am on Twitter, although I don’t stay on there all day updating my activities like some people do.  The truth is, I’m more of a Twitter observer than anything, but it can be fun.  If you don’t quite get Twitter or have been slow to appreciate the appeal, you might like this post about 10 Historic Tweets that Captivated the World.  Some are more of what I’d call “historic” than others, but be sure to click clear to number 10.  (Via Virginia DeBolt from Web Teacher on Twitter.)
Fun Thing #4: Cursive and Teacher Pay in the New York Times
With schools spending so much time preparing students for standardized tests, cursive is getting short shrift these days, but Katie Zezima makes The Case for Cursive in the New York Times.   And in the Times Op-Ed section Dave Eggars and Nineve Clements Calegari talk about The High Cost of Low Teacher Salaries.
Fun Thing #5:  How to Fix Any Computer
From The Oatmeal, who I think is pretty much always funny, comes a great piece on How to Fix Any Computer.  I promise, you will laugh out loud.
That’s it for this Friday, but if you’ve spotted anything fun this week, I hope you’ll take time to share with us in the comments.    If you need just a little more Friday Fun, you can use the label for Five Fun Things on Friday to see fun things I’ve shared on other Fridays!
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    8 Comments on “Five Fun Things on Friday (5-6-11)”

  1. Cyndi, congratulations! It's pretty exciting, that's for sure.

  2. I'm counting the days 'til retirement-17 work days!

  3. Glad people are enjoying the links. And Sally, thanks for that extra info about the dancing brothers. They are just charming!

  4. The dancing guys…. I think they are Brazilian, but could not quite find the location of the youtube. Some comments are in Portuguese, though, and one seems to be from the big guy, they are brothers

    Loved this post, Kalyn!

  5. Its awesome all of the time to view how folks can compose wonderful stuff about people topics! Thank you and I ve bookmarked you

  6. Lydia, wasn't that funny!

    Pam, hang in there. How I remember those days.

  7. 19 days…3 Mondays,4 Fridays!