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Exciting News For Kalyn: Kalyn’s Kitchen Featured in Woman’s World Magazine

If you’re a regular reader of Kalyn’s Kitchen you know I’ve been hinting for a while about some exciting news relating to a magazine, a photo shoot, and the reason I am no longer going to be able to keep my age a secret. Now it’s time to let you all in on it: Kalyn’s Kitchen was featured in an article about the South Beach Diet which appears in the March 14 issue of Woman’s World Magazine. The magazine showed up in stores today in Utah and other places too, judging from the number of blog visitors and e-mails I’ve been getting. Woman’s World is sold mostly in grocery stores near the checkstand if you want to see the article.

This exciting little adventure started a few months ago, when I got an e-mail from an editor at Woman’s World who was searching on the internet for South Beach Diet and stumbled on my humble little cooking blog. Within days, she had interviewed me and Utah photographer George Frey had come to my house for a photo shoot. (Thanks George, for making me look so good. You can contact him at georgefrey AT mac Dot com if you live in Utah and want a great photographer.)

I received a couple of copies of the magazine from Woman’s World a few days ago and my students were certainly excited to see their teacher in a magazine. One student even said, “Gee Ms. Denny, you sure aren’t fat any more.” Considering they’re only ten, I think that’s meant to be a compliment.

Welcome to anyone reading this who has found their way here from the article in Woman’s World. Kalyn’s Kitchen is my cooking blog, where I share recipes for the kind of delicious food that helped me lose 42 pounds, gain more energy than I’d ever had before, and stop taking cholesteral medicine. I love the South Beach Diet, and it has truly changed my life.

This is a food blog, not just a diet blog, so I also talk about other things related to good food here. If you’re not familiar with food blogs, the most recently published things are at the top of the main column. To see earlier recipes, go to the left sidebar and check out the Recipe Archives.

Leaving comments is part of the fun of a blog, and I’d love to hear from anyone visiting here. Just click on the word “comments” at the end of each post.

I’m not a diet expert, just an ordinary teacher who loves to cook, so I’m not qualified to give diet advice. I do recommend highly that you read The South Beach Diet book thoroughly before you start the diet.

If you have other questions about the site or any of the recipes, feel free to send me an e-mail (kalynskitchen AT comcast DOT net).

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72 comments on “Exciting News For Kalyn: Kalyn’s Kitchen Featured in Woman’s World Magazine”

  1. This is great…I haddnt seen this yet til the repost. LOVE your site still and you are Beautiful!

  2. Kalyn

    Hi from Alaska..I want to tell you ..your site is soooo awesome ..It is the best I have ever found on the internet…I hope it will always be free from charge …to visit..I am making a batch of the to die for breakfast burritos today…and I am thrilled to make them myself..I bought the frozen south beach diet ones..they were okay but expensive..and not much seasoning in them…I wonder when you freeze them if you just use seran wrap…wellll Hugggs to you ..I do not know you..but I am very proud to see you in womans world…my favorite mag


  3. ‘Congratulations’ just doesn’t seem like a big enough word for this (and you), Kalyn. It truly is exciting news. And am I the only one with a little tear in my eye after reading the article and all the comments? Joyful, inspiring, absolutely wonderful!

  4. I am also 50+ so am glad to come across this site. So many diet articles feature younger people. This is one of the best blogs I have ever seen and you must put a lot of time into it. I pick up Womans World every week. It is very good reading for a small price. Congratulations for being featured in it.

  5. Congratulations, Kalyn! and yes, I agree with everyone here, you do look terrific! 🙂

  6. Great news!…..you look terrific!
    I think you are getting more than your 15 minutes of fame that we have all been allotted. I love the look and spirit of your blog. I admire your tenacity in putting together a daily blog with no reward except one of accomplishment and wanting to share with others.
    Way to go, Kalyn.

  7. I was late for work and didn’t have time to make a sack lunch, so I stopped in Kroger, bought the magazine and South Beach Diet Wrap for breakfast, Peanut Butter Cereal Bar before exercising, and a South Beach Entree for lunch. I can’t believe I’m not hungry and don’t have any cravings. Thank you so much for your inspiration and recipes. I’m 56!

  8. kalyn,

    you’ll get your CSI appearance any day now. very happy for you!!

  9. WOW!!! You look fabulous in that picture. Congrats. Well, done!

  10. Hi Kalyn
    I picked up the magazine today and it led me right to your blog. I am a South Beach wanna be…i started, lost 10 lbs and then took a trip to CA (I’m cold in WI with snow) I ate about 6 tangelos fresh off the tree & have just struggled to give it all up again. I have high cholesterol & bp, hypothyroid & degenerative discs in my spine…all at the ripe old age of 35 : ) However, I know God’s mercies are new every day! the ONLY way I feel better is to lose about 40 lbs right now…your my hero : )
    I don’t even know where to start on your blog, except to say thank you!! I need recipes that I can cook one day & rely on the rest of the week….I homeschool my two children. I’ve been promised a new car & a vacation alone with my husband when i reach my goal!


  11. Wow – you look fantastic! Congrats on the article! [May I have your autograph?] 😉

  12. Hi again,

    I just read the updated post. This is good news indeed.

  13. Fantastic Kalyn! I’ll be looking to see if we can find the magazine here so we can read the article!

  14. A picture and an age reveal too! Wow! Congrats, Kalyn!

  15. Wow, Kalyn! That is seriously cool, and you look fabulous, m’dear!

  16. Congratuations! You really deserve this recognition for all of your hard work.

  17. Kalyn! Terrific about the magazine, but even more terrific about your hard work losing weight and living healthier. You are certainly a wonderful inspiration (and it’s so nice to see you in person!) Congrats.

  18. How cool Kalyn!!! Coangrats! Love your photo, you look great!

  19. Congratulations! You look so nice!

  20. Congratulations Kalyn ! You look great. I am sure you feel GREAT too.

    A year ago, I was on a similar diet where I lost 30 pounds in 2-3 months. It feels great. And people look at you differently !!

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