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World’s Easiest Roasted Tilapia Recipe

Roasted TilapiaI’ve been a fan of Tilapia for a long time, and have a few other Tilapia recipes in my archives (a couple of which are tasty but seriously need an update!) I’ve been happily re-discovering Tilapia since it showed up again at my Costco. When I picked up some Highliner Tilapia Loins (no web site found) I happened to notice the cooking suggestions recommended roasting the fish at a high temperature. This stuck in my mind, and the next time I needed an easy dinner, I adapted the directions to come up with this recipe. Since then I’ve cooked this several times, including once for my dad and stepmother who confirmed it’s a definite keeper. I especially like this served with Double Dill South Beach Diet Friendly Tartar Sauce.

I don’t have to spend much time looking at blog stats to notice how popular the Easy South Beach Recipes are, and this is a perfect example of the “five ingredients or less” and “simple cooking instructions” dishes that so many of you obviously love. Just rub on a bit of olive oil and fish rub and roast for 25 minutes, and dinner is ready! I used Pride of Szeged Fish Rub on the Tilapia in this photo, but I’ve also made it with Kirkland Herbed Seafood Rub from Costco. Any type of pre-mixed fish rub would certainly work, or you can make your own herbed seafood rub, maybe adding a bit of paprika if you’re using it for Tilapia.

Thaw Tilapia, then put in non-stick roasting pan and rub on both sides with a small amount of olive oil and fish rub.

Roast at 400 F for about 25 minutes, or until the fish looks slightly browned and is starting to flake apart. Be sure to eat with plenty of Double Dill South Beach Diet Friendly Tartar Sauce.

World’s Easiest Roasted Tilapia
(Use one piece of Tilapia per person, recipe created by Kalyn with inspiration from the cooking instructions on Highliner Tilapia Loins.)

Tilapia pieces, one per person
olive oil, about 1 tsp. per piece of fish
fish rub of your choice, like Szeged Fish Rub or Kirkland Herbed Seafood Rub, about 1/2 tsp. per piece of fish


Thaw frozen Tilapia over night in the refrigerator. Remove from refrigerator and let come to room temperature for at least 30 minutes before cooking. (If using Tilapia loins that are individually sealed in plastic bags, you can put the bags in hot water for a few minutes to warm the fish instead of waiting.)

Preheat oven or toaster oven to 400 F. Put fish pieces in non-stick roasting pan (or spray pan with non-stick spray.) Drizzle fish on both sides with olive oil, and rub to coat entire surface of the fish, then sprinkle with fish rub and rub around with fingers.

Roast fish 25 minutes or until it looks slightly browned and is starting to flake apart a little. (The package directions recommended 30-32 minutes cooking time, which I found was a bit too long.) Serve hot, with Double Dill South Beach Diet Friendly Tartar Sauce if desired.

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 South Beach Diet Suggestions:
Fish cooked like this is a perfect main dish for any phase of the South Beach Diet, or any low-glycemic eating plan. This would taste great with Spicy Mexican Slaw with Lime and Cilantro and Roasted Asparagus with Garlic for phase one. For phase two or three, switch one of the veggies for Basil and Parmesan Rice with Pine Nuts.

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26 comments on “World’s Easiest Roasted Tilapia Recipe”

  1. Jaime, how fun that my face looked familiar. One of my nieces want me to get a new blog photo, and I keep telling her it’s better to have a picture that people are used to! Fun “meeting” you too.

  2. thanks for linking to my blog! you know… i saw the picture of you and susan (food blogga) on her blog recently and felt like i had seen you already somewhere… like we had met. then i realized that we had never met before but i “knew” your face from the comments you leave on other blogs that we both visit frequently 🙂 so it’s nice to finally “meet” you – your blog looks very nice, with lots of useful links 🙂 i’ll be back to visit again…

  3. Another great technique, thanks Kalyn!

  4. The fish looks delightful. I enjoy tilapia and make it frequently myself.

    Sharona May

  5. ~m, lucky you to have fresh Tilapia. I’ve never had it fresh but I bet it’s wonderful. Since I’m letting the frozen salmon thaw completely and then come to room temperature before I roast it, I bet the cooking time is not that much different. I was very surprised that the package recommended such a long cooking time (30-32 minutes) but I did think 25 minutes was about right.

    So glad to hear you enjoyed the roasted salmon, and I’m honored you would serve it for a special occasion like that.

  6. Hi Kalyn!
    If you were using fresh tilapia, instead of frozen, how long would you bake it? This easy recipe will be great for me in the summer while I’m studying for the bar exam.

    By the way, I served you roasted salmon last night at my seder and everyone there kept repeating how wonderful it was. I cooked the 7 6oz fillets in a pyrex at 450º for 12 minutes, and they were still moist, but cooked. YUM! Thanks!

  7. tilapia is such a great and easy fish to cook, i love it!
    i have a recipe to share with you, i think you’ll love!


  8. Oh man I am stopping by the store on the way home tonight!

  9. Hangs head in shame. I have never tried tilapia. Must fix that. You’ve inspired me!

  10. We’ve been enjoying the heck out of cod fillets lately, which suddenly seem plentiful. But I agree that tilapia is a great mild tasting choice too. And simple preparations like this one are often the best. I like to just sprinkle tilapia fillets with salt, pepper and a little dried tarragon and then sauté them quickly in a little olive oil [maybe with a dot of butter mixed in for added flavor].

  11. Catherine, thanks for the nice feedback, and thanks to everyone for appreciating this ultra-simple recipe!

  12. I love the simplicity of this – and its presentation!

  13. I just discovered this blog last week, and I’m already in love. I only need to lose 8-10 lbs tops, but I always feel better when I eat fewer bad carbs so a lifestyle of SBD ought to be perfect for me (an admitted bread addict). I made your “goat cheese and tomato-basil pesto stuffed chicken” last week, served it with “green beans with lemon, parmesan & pinenuts,” and felt like I was in heaven!

    So I grilled tilapia (seasoned with lemon pepper, italian spices, and garlic powder) last night and served it along with your double dill tartar sauce, and it was INCREDIBLE. Side of black beans (topped with dollop of sour cream and slice of avocado) and a sugar-free no-bake cheesecake for dessert.

    Success = knowing I just made a simple, delicious, healthy meal, and my boyfriend saying 3 times that all of it is “incredibly, incredibly good.”

    Thank you, Kalyn!

  14. I love easy and tasty recipes! Thanks!

  15. The Szeged Fish Rub lists paprika, pepper, salt, lemon juice and spices as ingredients. I wish I knew what the spices were! This is great on every kind of fish I’ve ever tried it on.

  16. thanks for sharing this recipe. What are some ingerdients in Szeged’s fish rub? I’ve never seen or heard of it therfore was wondering.

    great picture. it’s 8:40 and my mouth’s watering for fish.

  17. I love tilapia made just this way. Lots of pepper, too. Nothing beats that brown crust,,,

    Nice post.

  18. yum!! I am a HUGE fan of tilapia. I have to check out Szeged’s seafood rub.

  19. That roasted tilapia looks good. I bet it went really well with that tartart sauce!

  20. It is very easy and I love how golden it looks, Kalyn!

  21. Looks fantastic…I do something similar. And although I’ve never tried Szeged’s seafood rub, I love their paprika – my faves.

    If I sound incoherent, it’s the pneumonia talking ;-(

    Thanks for sharing.

  22. Absolutely will add this to my tilapia file!! Looks beautiful Kalyn.

  23. Thanks guys. Helen, it’s a very mild-flavored white fish, similar in texture to cod but much milder in flavor. I’d say the flavor is close to halibut, but a bit milder and sweeter tasting.

  24. We don’t get tilapia here in the UK but I am so itching to try it! It looks like a meaty white fish? So I guess I can subsitute any available.

  25. I love tilapia and this does look easy! Thanks! 😉


  26. Yummy! Sounds like what I might make for dinner tonight–thanks for the inspiration.

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