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A Wonderful Family Celebration and a Great Dinner at Thai Siam

Last night was the family dinner and open house to celebrate my father’s 80th birthday. Thank you to all my food blog friends who have left comments sending good wishes to my father. My dad is a faithful reader of Kalyn’s Kitchen, although I am not sure if he reads the comments. But I’ll certainly pass on the good wishes to him.

Our family celebration was truly a wonderful evening. There are 84 members of the extended family, and most of them were able to be there. We did miss those who were far away and weren’t able to make it, but with a family that large we’re always excited when even most of us can get together. This was the first time all ten siblings were able to be together for quite a few years. We even managed to re-enact a group photo from many years ago to memoralize the event.

Since I’ve been busy coordinating this event and celebrating with my family, and also checking out the participants for Weekend Herb Blogging, I haven’t done much cooking for the last few days. For the party, I did make macaroni and shrimp salad, one of my dad’s all time favorites. My secret to this recipe is saving some of the “juice” from the frozen shrimp and mixing it with mayo, celery seed, and sometimes a bit of fish rub, smoked paprika, or Old Bay Seasoning to make the dressing. For the party I made the going all out “who cares about carbs or calories” version with regular pasta and full-fat mayo, but if you’d like to see a lower carb and lower fat version of my shrimp salad I posted it earlier this summer.

I did mention earlier in the weekend that Rand and Bradley were coming to town. For anyone who might not be a regular reader, my brother Rand and his partner Bradley have been my creative/technical advisors since I started this blog in April. They also have their own wireless technology blog, soon to be launching an online store featuring all kinds of wireless items. Friday I took them to dinner at my favorite Thai restaurant. Rand always claims he’s part Thai, but since he is well over six feet tall and has blondish hair, that seems doubtful. Joining us for the dinner were Bradley’s mom, Bonnie, my nephew, Jake, and my friend, Robin.

This dinner was at Thai Siam, a tiny little Thai restaurant smack in the middle of downtown Salt Lake. The food there is always fabulous. It’s a place I haven’t visited as frequently since I’ve been eating the lower carb way, but tonight I was pleased to learn that you can ask for “genuine” Thai when you’re ordering and they will prepare the dishes with less sugar. I’m sorry I didn’t remember to get a take-out menu so I could give you more authentic descriptions of each dish, but if you’re a Thai food lover, I’m sure you will recognize them. You can check out their online menu if you want to see what’s available. This is a restaurant where I’ve truly never had a meal that wasn’t just delicious. If you ever get a chance to visit Salt Lake, I greatly recommend a dinner at Thai Siam.

Tom Ka Soup

Green Papaya Salad

Red Curry With Chicken

Pad Thai Noodles

Chicken with Thai Basil

Thai Siam Restaurant
1435 South State Street, Salt Lake City, Utah 84115

Blogger Disclosure:

We paid for the meal at Thai Siam and they have no idea I’m writing this post about the restaurant. I don’t really write restaurant “reviews” but once in a while I talk about restaurants in Salt Lake and Restaurants in other cities where I’ve had great meals.
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    5 Comments on “A Wonderful Family Celebration and a Great Dinner at Thai Siam”

  1. Thanks for the fab dinner, the amazingly drool worthy book and the cases. I meant to do this sooner but I’ve been in a coma ever since the whirlwind trip and party. Much, much love

  2. Ten siblings!? Whew.
    (My dad reached age 82 in August. I told you I was older than you! Or, at least, my dad is older than yours.)

  3. Chicken and basil is one of my favorite thai dishes, along with Pad Thai. Happy birthday to your Dad, may he live many many more healthy and happy years 🙂 It’s always fun getting together with family like that, isn’t it? And also, beautiful pix, how come mine never look that good online 🙁

  4. Yowza–that looks good! I must get a camera with a food setting like yours!

  5. Hey fellow food blogger (and Utah resident) 🙂

    Thanks for dropping a line—it’s good to know there’s someone out there who’s writing about food, too. I know of only a few wine bloggers, but that’s it.

    Your posts look fabulous. And it’s terrific to hear that everyone enjoyed Thai Siam (and thank goodness they do Thai with less sugar, otherwise, I would never enjoy it). The lady who started Thai Siam is opening up a new place on South Temple called Sawadee…soon I believe. And Thai Garden in Murray is delicious too. Perhaps we can meet up for “Utah Food Blogger Forum” over a Thai feast? 🙂

    Many happy thoughts for your Dad on his 80th!