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WHB Giveaway #3: Tell Us Your Favorite Fruit of 2008 You Might Win a Fantastic Prize!

Fruits with Ponderosa LemonHopefully you’ve already taken time to tell us about your favorite herb and your favorite vegetable. Now, leave one more comment on this post telling us about your favorite fruit of 2008, for your final chance to win one of three valuable prizes. The give-aways are just part of our Week-Long Celebration for the three year anniversary of Weekend Herb Blogging. Thanks to New West KnifeWorks and Fissler USA who have donated two wonderful prizes. I’m also is giving away a set of my three favorite cookbooks of 2008, so keep reading to see how to enter.

How to Enter

It’s easy to enter! First, read more about the prizes at the post announcing the anniversary celebrations. Then come back to this post and leave a comment naming your favorite fruit of 2008. If you’re a blogger, you must sign in using Open ID or name/url so we can contact you if you’re the winner. Readers who are not bloggers must leave an e-mail address typed into the body of the comment. Use the format kalynskitchen (at) comcast (dot) net to protect your e-mail from spammers. (Remember comments are moderated, so you won’t see your comment until I approve it. If you’re in Europe or Asia and I’m asleep in my part of the world, that might take a while!)

You MUST either sign in and create a link to your blog or leave an e-mail address if you’re not a blogger. Comments that don’t have either of those ways to notify the winner will be deleted, since I have no way to verify who left the comment. There are a few people who have had comments deleted on all three give-aways because they are not leaving an e-mail address or blog link. Please be sure you’re including that information because I hate having to delete the comments.

More Chances to Win!
We’ve already had voting for favorite herb (Tuesday) and favorite vegetable (Wednesday) so if you missed out, visit those posts and leave more comments! Comments on all posts will close at 10:00 P.M. (MST) on Friday, October 31, and the winners will be announced in the Anniversary Edition of Weekend Herb Blogging on Sunday evening. (Duplicate entries on the same post will result in all comments from that person being deleted, so please be careful to enter only once on each post.)

Kalyn Recommends:
Of course I can’t enter to win prizes, but nothing can stop me from doing a little campaigning, can it? Favorite fruit is a tough one for me, because, as my niece Elizabeth told me when she was five and I was trying to get her to eat a banana “I’ve never been much of a fruit eater.” This isn’t a South Beach Diet thing; from an early age I preferred vegetables to fruits. Of course I could pick tomatoes, since they’re fruits and I love them, but instead I’m voting for the one fruit I couldn’t cook without: lemons! Here’s a few recipes where lemon juice made all the difference.

I was crazy over Merritt’s Cannellini Beans in Mint Marinade, and this is a dish where lemon juice really made all the difference.

It’s an easy recipe, but fresh lemon juice adds a delightful note to this Low Sugar Cocktail Sauce that’s so great with delicious shrimp.

Finally, lemon juice was really important for this Roasted Butternut Squash with Lemon, Thyme, and Parmesan.

Are You Blogging About Fruits?
Of course, Weekend Herb Blogging is really about the posts that are submitted each week, by great bloggers from all over the world, so here is information about how to submit a post if you’d like to join in for the anniversary edition.

(P.S. I can’t publish off-topic comments or respond to questions in comments on these give-away posts because it will foul up the numbering system for the random number selection.)

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    162 Comments on “WHB Giveaway #3: Tell Us Your Favorite Fruit of 2008 You Might Win a Fantastic Prize!”

  1. Strawberries! It was my first, and still my all time favorite fruit!

  2. An easy one. Tomato. I took the easy road as there is no way of splitting Peach, Apricot, Mango, Paw Paw, Custard Apple, Apple, Grape…….
    Yep, I have a sweet tooth.

  3. In my kitchen, the coconut rules!

  4. I’m very fond of apples!


  5. I love a lot of fruits and it’s really difficult to choose. However, I have to choose only one and that will be FIGGGGGGGGGGGS!!!!!

  6. It’s tough to choose just 1, I LOVE fruit!

    I love to eat apples but the fruit I seem to grab the most is the Lime.

    I have been cooking a lot of things that always seems to list Lime as an ingredient.
    One of my favorites is a Honey, Lime, Cilantro Vinaigrette that I pulled out of the local newspaper!

  7. I guess lemons are the unsung hero. I always have a bunch on hand because they certainly bring other foods to life…but the one fruit I wait for eagerly for its too-short visit is the cherry. Purple stained fingers, lips and tongue are my badge of honor.

  8. Tempting to say pomegranate which I have discovered this year but I think I have to stick to one of my favourite fruits nectarines because I am just so looking forward to them being in season (not too long in our neck of the woods).

    Not really commenting to win but wanted to join in the WHB celebrations because it is such a great event – am hoping to get something in for the anniversary but will just have to see how I go – the spirit is willing …

    Congratulations on 3 years

  9. wow I am first!!!Fruit is hard for me because I like it cooked, so put me down for grapefruit since that is the one i like raw. Oh yeah it is my favorite flavor of vodka too! food(at)Stephaniesells(dot)com

  10. I think my favorite fruit is the tomato (I know many people think it’s a veggie). I love big yellow beefsteak tomatoes. We’ve been eating one almost every meal since they started coming ripe in the garden.

  11. My most favorite fruit definitely is lime (closely followed by strawberries I must admit) :o)

  12. Fruits are good food! I love bananas. They’re healthy, portable, and even when they get overripe you can make banana bread (with chocolate!). And banana milkshakes are the best.

    Thanks for the giveaway! And your great blog.

  13. Tis one is hard for me! But if I had to choose, it would be banana! Don’t know why, other than the taste!

    Have a good day!

  14. I personally spend the year dreaming of mangoes – can’t go past them, although lemons are handy.

  15. Quince! I made my first quince tart this year, and I was blown away. Apples turn to mush when you bake them, but the quince held it shape and tasted so much better.


  16. I totally want to say Michael Jackson, but I wont.

    And then I want to say Fruit Salad. But I won’t.

    Strawberries. In a smoothie. Covered in chocolate. Stirred through icecream. Macerated. Frozen. Fresh.


  17. Definitely, the yummy, sweet, golden yellow, succulent, juicy, MANGOES! Doesn’t the description make you drool already? Our family favorite fruit for all seasons! 🙂

  18. My favorite fruit has to be dragonfruit. Fuchsia skin with green scales. Can’t get prettier than that.

  19. Nothing beats Minnola Tangelos! I am simply addicted to them!!!

  20. Peaches. Love peaches.